Remington selling Rugers

Remington subsidiary AAC will be selling integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22 rifles! This is incredibly clever and gutsy move for AAC. Many Customer will be demanding the popular Ruger 10/22 and many won’t accept the Freedom Group substitutes, the Remington 597 and Marlin 795, regardless of their technical merits.

The barrel has the suppressor baffles machined into it.

When Freedom Group (Remington et. al.) bought AAC, I was worried that the unique AAC culture and style would be ruined. Fortunately this has not been the case. They are still thinking outside the box and Remington seems to have given them a long leash.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bryan S

    Very cool. now if only we could get some of the NFA act turned around, and this could become a profitable mainstream business.

  • I’m a 10/22 owner and I’d sell it in a second if I could get much for it. I want a 795. However the used gun market in Canada leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Sian

    Now that’s a serious suburban squirrel and pest destroyer.

  • Chortles

    *sees a mini red dot sight (MRDS) atop the receiver, is overcome with brain freeze*

  • Komrad

    I love my 10/22, I get why people like other guns better out of personal preference, but why is there so much hate for the 10/22, whatever

    this is very cool, but I wish it had iron sights, I like all my rifles to have irons if possible because I don’t trust fragile scopes to last forever, hardened parkarized steel on the other hand… but I guess it would be hard to make sure the irons lined up each time the can was removed and replaced
    I think this gun would really come into it’s own with 25 round steel lip butler creek mags and Aguila 60gr Silent Super Sniper subsonics, no squirrel would be safe. Now the real question is, will they make 1:9 twist rate barrels to stabilize the 60gr projectiles? They probably won’t, but they definitely should.

  • Casey

    Me want!… Now if I could just get it with out months of hassle and fingerprints… etc etc….

  • Matt

    I don’t get it… Aren’t 22 cans the ones that get dirty so fast? If the can is part o the barrel how do you clean it?

    What if you have a baffle strike? Is the bullet stuck in there forever?

    I just don’t get the idea of integral suppression…wouldn’t it always be better to have a removable can?

  • Sian

    @matt Integral is almost always quieter and more solid.

    And if you look at the last picture, the shroud can be removed for direct access to the baffles.

  • Other Steve


    Integrals haven’t exactly been much quieter for a year or so. What they do offer is about 6″ shorter OAL, and a clean look. In pistols it allows you about 6″ more sight radius which is a pretty big deal.

    There would be zero issue with cleaning, maintenance, or a bullet getting stuck compared to a non-integral. Look at the pics!

  • Anon

    Kinda wonder why they didn’t go with aftermarket suppliers? Receivers, bolts, trigger groups, and small parts are all available. In quantity, wholesale, the incremental cost increase probably wouldn’t be too great.

  • Anon

    Also, will they offer it in 1:9 twist for the 60Gr Aguila sub-sonics?