AAC Super-Cool Suppressed Rifle

Yes, I did just use the word “Super-Cool” in a blog post title. I have run out of adjectives to describe this rifle. Let me just say that I could hardly put this gun down. I seriously contemplated grabbing it and doing a runner πŸ˜‰

Rachel with the rifle.

The rifle is a Remington 700 chambered in .300 AAC BLK. It features the fancy new Remington folding RACS stock (Remington Arms Chassis System) and an integrally suppressed barrel. It oozes cool.

The optic is sport is very nifty. It has a custom Leupold scope that features a custom front focal recticle ballistically matched to the subsonic .330 AAC BLK and the supersonic .300 AAC BLK.

It is a concept gun. If it was produced in this configuration it would be very expensive. The components alone would add up to a lot of dollars.

I just cannot express in words how cool this rifle was. It was AMAZING.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • spudfiles

    I can understand why one would be brought down to the use of prepubescent adjectives like “super-cool” when faced with AAC’s Rachel *sigh*

    AW5UM 5n1p3r d00d!!!!111 it r0xx0z!!!!11!!111


  • Rob N

    Forget the rifle who is the girl?
    haha but seriously
    This could replace the vintorez as my favorite suppressed rifle

  • Andy from CT

    That looks like something an imperial stormtrooper could be armed with.

    It is so effing cool that I would let Rachael shoot me with it.

    In the arm or leg of course. Something survivable because I mean, really. I don’t want to die.

  • NJ

    Looks like something out of Star Wars!

  • The Vintorez is chambered for a larger diameter 9x39mm round with heavier bullets than the BLK round, which given the subsonic limitation for fully suppressed rifles makes more sense, and indeed was developed after heavier 7.62mm bullets for subsonic 7.62x39mm bullets were found to be inadequate.

    The Russian round is also available in steel cored AP loads which make it more effective against body armour in spite of the relatively low velocity.

  • Kerberos

    Looks almost like Boba Fett’s Blastech EE-3 rifle.

  • BIma86

    I agree with you.. it does look “SUPER-COOL” !! πŸ˜€
    looks like a starwars storm trooper blaster a bit πŸ˜›

  • Rabbity

    Can I have both?

  • AntiCitizenOne

    there were guns in that picture?

  • SpudGun

    Jebus Krispies Steve, you are one switched on Shot Show MoFo – a veritable Blogging Machine! Every time I log in, it’s an embarrassment of riches, thanks for all your hard work and bringing us all these treats.

    That rifle, is indeed, uber cool, I particularly like it’s ‘stealth’ bolt action, it’s almost invisible. (I’m assuming the bolt was removed so average bods couldn’t mess with it when handling).

    The chick holding it looks very interesting – The Girl With The Dragunov Tattoo?

  • Will

    What gun?

  • Don

    She’s really cute! Sweet ink! The rifle is cool too except I’m not digging what looks to be a hogue monogrip grafted onto it, it doesn’t seem to match the look.


  • Mart

    Sexy..and the rifle is nice looking too!

  • Bryan

    You could have one of those built by someone else if they don’t produce it.

  • Sian

    I bet you could have run off with them both. I’d give you about a 20% shot of making it out the door.

    Worth it.

  • Ladyfox

    That would probably be the ONLY way I’d ever buy a Remington 700. I hate to borrow a saying but, goddess, that looks like pure sexy to me. *drool*

  • JonMac

    Good lord, she’s lovely.

  • Tactician

    I now know what I wanna be when I grow up, an A.A.C. employee! “Friggin bad ass” would also have been a appropriate adjective. The more I read about the products and folks at this company the more I find to love…

  • Dakota

    I like the hottie and the firearm. πŸ˜‰

  • steven

    WOW! Fantastic find Steve. That is a practically a work of art. Yeah, it would cost a lot of dollars, but worth every d@mn penny.

    We know you got Rachael’s name Steve so the real question here is, did you get her number? ;D

  • dt

    But wait it dosen’t have a redot mounted on the side or a grip on the mag well to encourage improper but cool gunhandling. That ink is going to look like a big body bruise in about twenty years…..mmmmsexy!!

  • DJ

    Haha, Rachel looks like Baroness from GI Joe in this photo. The rifle looks like Hollywood prime time to me.

  • seeker_two

    Great idea….you grab the rifle….I’ll grab the girl…. πŸ˜‰

  • Komrad

    you know what looks even more like a stortrooper blaster? a Sterling smg. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH, get it. Cause the blasters were made from sterlings, oh never mind
    anyway, the rifle is interesting but does it have a detachable magazine? if not, it should. With the introduction of the .300 AAC, I see another way to breath life into Cooper’s scout rifle concept
    a suppressed rifle firing heavy bullets would be just as effective and still more versatile
    other question: and the .300AAC be loaded with lighter bullets to reach supersonic velocities?

  • Seth

    i looks like a handgun with a huge barrel and a stock

  • Will

    Kinda reminds me of the De Lisle carbine.

  • DaveP

    Watch out, folks… I think I see a wedding ring on that there left hand.
    Somebody’s awful lucky.

  • Stefan F

    Was there a gun in those pics?

  • thomas

    I forgot how nice that chasis looks. Does anyone know when Remington plans on releasing that?

  • RenΓ©

    I’m no expert on guns, but isn’t the scope mounted the wrong way?

  • paul

    Sure, it’s a cool rifle, but it’s not that original. It’s just an XM2010 with the silencer in the handguard. There wasn’t nearly this much love for the original.


  • NPB

    I think that remington has really hit a home run with this chassis system. The one thing that would really take this gun over the top would be if it could take AR mags, considering the 300 Blk chambering. That gun with a Surefire 60 hanging out of it would certainly be interesting.

    Additionally, they could make that gun with the AR magwell and offer it in all of the AR calibers.

    Failing that, I’m sure that there will be aftermarket people jumping up and down to make it happen.

  • Matt

    Everything about that picture is sexy.

  • AZRon

    A female with ink is about as sexy as a rifle that you can’t buy.

  • John H

    Yes, it does look a little “Star Wars-ish”, I made the same comment when it was finished being built.

    Yes it ins magazine fed

    Yes, 300BLK would make a great Scout cartridge, that is on my list of project guns in fact.

    Rachel is the complete package, beautiful and intelligent. Yes, that is a wedding ring

    This rifle was not generally shown to the public at the show as it is a concept rifle. There were other concept guns that were shown at the show, two of which will be coming to market in the second quarter of 2011.

    Love the Firearms Blog

  • John H

    Posted once, but it did not appear

    Yes, the rifle looks “Star Wars-ish”, I made the same comment when it was built. But if you know AAC, it’s a kinda Star Wars-ish Company. http://www.aacblog.com/?p=6942

    Yes it takes magazines, that is part of the system

    Yes, Rachel is the complete package. She is beautiful and intelligent . . . and yes, sadly, she is married.

    (I think 300BLK would make a great “Scout” type rifle, that is on my project list)

    By the way, we at AAC love the Firearms Blog

  • This rifle uses AI .223 10 round mags and feeds flawlessly. The sound signature is below a lot of mainstream .22 rimfire silencers. The sound is a bit like a subtle “ka-ching”, but the sound of the 220 grain SMK is anything BUT subtle.

    Aside from being smokin’ hot, and married, Rachel is a total sweetie and a pure pleasure to be booth-ridden with for a week of SHOT Show. Unlike the booth divas you find all over SHOT, Rachel knows the product line and can hold her own with customers as good as the rest of us.

    John Hollister is correct, the Firearm Blog is one of the first two blogs I check out every AM (the other is Autoblog, I’m a car nut).

  • Remington are going to sell a LOT of these in Europe where sound moderated rifles are recommended for hunting and getting aftermarket sound moderators is quite expensive. Sadly, we are not going to find it easy to own one of these over here in the States.

  • I find both to be a bit confusing.

    Adjustable folding stock, short barrel, and Remington ACR-type handguard on a bolt-action rifle? Fudd rifle turned mall-ninja rifle? Wouldn’t be what I’d build for most sniper missions, and I wouldn’t use a bolt-action rifle as a base for a door-kicking, room-clearing rifle. It just seems like the niche they’re trying to fill with this one is a very small one, or they just put all the features people want for an ACR and applied them to a Remington core product for the hell of it.

    Not sure I understand the combo of tats and nerdy glasses on Rachael either, although she’s definitely cute.

  • Etienne


    I think this rifle is designed more as a “What if?” than a practical weapon. As to the tats and glasses – nerds like tattoos (I’ve got a few myself) and those glasses are cute, so there you are.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind an interview with Ms. Rachael, so if you’ve got the time (and the inclination) that could be another great SHOT Show post.

  • I am working up two 1 in 8″ rotation 5.56mm S&W M&P AR-15 flattops with 20″ bull barrels to kill extremely wylee varments e.g. kayotes. Ammunition tuning will eventually start with 69 grain Federal Gold Medal and heavier followed by hand loading. Lot’s of questions but todays question is about AR-15 5.56mm center fire to 22 caliber rim-fire conversions (based on an insert with it’s own firing pin + mag, not a complete upper swap). Both rifles are being turned now for 1/2″-28 threads and I am installing one YHM flash hider on each rife that supports fast attach of a YHM sound suppressor (Phantom flavor TBD).

    Rifle #1 is being setup for extremely quick close quarters + extremely quick percision medium range (out to 150yards) shooting in full light, low light, and no light situations based on two types of no battery opticals (e.g. a small (but wanted a 42mm) fiber optic illuminated reflex mounted on the tube of an adjustable 1-5 x 24mm fiber optic illuminated scope) and a short range battery based NV reticule (in-line with the scope).

    Rifle #2 is being setup for quick close (only semi close) quarters + quick (not extremely) percision long range (out to 500 yards) shooting in full light , low light, and no light situations. Collabsible stock with cheak piece a must and possible mono-pole. Same reflex sight attached to scope tube but with something like a 5-20 x 50+ fiber optic illuminated scope and long range battery based NV reticule (again in-line with the scope). Varments being varments in really close quarters I would draw my trusty 1911 45caliber.

    What I am trying to do is establish a cheap traing aid on my AR-15 platform. Other than the weight of the ammo and magazine I am trying very hard to keep the rife in the same external configuration when plinking. Lots of people tell me no problem but when I talk to the suppressor vendor technicians they all declare possible stablization issues of the rimfire bullet damaging the suppressor because rim-fires barrels are typically twice as many rotations in an inch than my ARs. No, I’m not looking for a tack driver rim-fire out of my 1 in 8″ 20″ .223 barrel but I would think I would be OK if with the suppressor and training if the the rounds simply grouped. True? An approach might be to remove the suppressor, fire different types of relatively cheap 22 rim-fire and carefully inspect targets for keyholing and fliers, and dance a thankful jig raising my hands to heaven if the rounds consistantly group. Comments? If it could have been done the ARMY would have done it?

  • spudfiles

    videos up on the blog! http://www.aacblog.com/

  • Adam

    Probably sell well in New Zealand since Suppressors arnt even regulated there and quiet stuff is very popular for hunting, especially if it came out in something like the 458 Socom…. And why does the USA get all the smoking hot tigger happy chicks… Post some over our way please….

  • Huh, I haven’t seen that version of the AAC logo anywhere but on this rifle. It’s a nice piece of graphic design though.

  • JC

    Isn’t that Hoss from “Pawn Stars” in the Background?