AAC Super-Cool Suppressed Rifle

    Yes, I did just use the word “Super-Cool” in a blog post title. I have run out of adjectives to describe this rifle. Let me just say that I could hardly put this gun down. I seriously contemplated grabbing it and doing a runner 😉

    Rachel with the rifle.

    The rifle is a Remington 700 chambered in .300 AAC BLK. It features the fancy new Remington folding RACS stock (Remington Arms Chassis System) and an integrally suppressed barrel. It oozes cool.

    The optic is sport is very nifty. It has a custom Leupold scope that features a custom front focal recticle ballistically matched to the subsonic .330 AAC BLK and the supersonic .300 AAC BLK.

    It is a concept gun. If it was produced in this configuration it would be very expensive. The components alone would add up to a lot of dollars.

    I just cannot express in words how cool this rifle was. It was AMAZING.

    Steve Johnson

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