Review of Winchester PDX1 .410 ammunition

Caleb has reviewed the Winchester PDX1 self-defense ammunition for the Taurus Judge revolver …

The PDX1 round was pretty obviously designed for the Judge, as there are already decent buckshot and slug loads out there for .410 shotguns. This round uses three “defense disks” which are backed by 12 BB-sized shot pellets.

Steve Johnson

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  • Well, perhaps someone will find something that works better. Maybe just the discs and drop the BBs?

  • jaekelopterus

    That little bit of birdshot’s not going to make much of a difference. Why not just go with slugs?

  • Michael Iliescu

    I do not know what the quality of the Winchester primer wads in 2010 when this blog was started, but the winchester ammo I purchase in January 2012 has a “heavy primer” and it did not fire with my S&W Governor revolver. The rate was dry firing at a ratio 1 out of 5!!!! I think that the name PDX1 Defender should be eliminated from the box. I am puzzled how we let a company like this sell this kind of cheap primer ammo. I called S&W and they told me that the heavy primer Winchester uses is the main reson this happened to me, because all the other ammo I used (ACO, 45 colt and the 410 made by other manufacturers had no issues at all). Shame Winchester, you lost a customer. I called the company left a message no follow up call!!!