SIG50 .50 BMG Rifle – First Photo!

The Firearm Blog is first on the ‘net with a photo of Sig Sauer upcoming SIG50 rifle.

The Stock. Adjustable cheek and spacers to adjust length of pull
Four baffle muzzlebrake

It has a 5 round magazine, full length rail, bipod, adjustable stock, fluted 29″ barrel. The MRSP is $8,999.

Steve Johnson

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  • snmp

    Tha’s look like McMillan TAC®-50 with the McMillan Mc50 Night Vision Mount (Rail)



  • Vrt

    It’s very ugly. Why its not in black?

  • John

    Reminds me of a TAC-50

  • G

    SIG50 looks like a rebranded McMillan TAC-50 with a slightly different stock.

  • Mason

    It looks pink. Maybe not pink, but perhaps a light salmon.
    Maybe it’s an off-cream. Definetly not tan or beige.
    Doesn’t need to be black. Could be a nice green.

  • Will W

    The stocks are identical actually. The only difference I tell between them is the full size rail and slightly reworked magwell. This is total BS. Sig Saurs can’t spend the R&D to make their own rifle?

  • counsel

    I thought they were going for the cheytac look…

  • Marc

    Designed and made in Exeter no doubt. That action is nowhere near Eckernfoerde’s technical standards.

  • Idaho

    I don’t know very much about .50 cal. rifles, can anyone tell me what the purpose of the threaded bolt is?

  • Rob

    I find it sexy looking to be honest

  • J.T.

    Wow, a rebranded Tac 50 with a (slightly) different stock. How original.

  • Mr Maigo

    What an odd grip angle

  • Joe Schmoe

    @ Idaho-

    I believe that the threaded bolt was to help in arctic conditions (against sticking) and mud.

    To be honest, I have no idea how effective it is considering that very few bolts are designed with threads.

  • D.V.

    To the threaded bolt question. These days its more an aesthetic feature, but the idea is that in really cold weather conditions the threading will reduce the chance that the bolt will freeze closed if for any reason moisture gets in the breach.

  • subase

    Threaded bolt? Decrease friction and weight? The barrel is fluted too.
    Looks like a light design, is 26 pounds light?
    And Sig Sauer is pimping it’s name to the highest bidder, as usual.

  • Mister-T

    Not original, but not unexpected. Armement industry goes OEM / rebranding too.

  • Rob

    firearms industry is so known for copying each other haha I dont mind, if it gets me something just as good and look like what I wanted, for 1/2 the price I’m all for it


    looks like white chocolate rifle. Mmmm

  • Brian

    NOT – I will not spend 9K on a bolt gun! Guess I’m doomed to chocolate .50s

  • For that kind of money I’d rather have one of the auto loaders out there, or perhaps a Chey-tac.

  • Underwhelmed

    Would the grooving on the bolt help with cooling ? Just like with the barrel fluting ? The rifle doesn’t really offer much for the price tag. The Steyr 50 cal looks much better.

  • anonymous

    Idaho, that is called fluting and the purpose of it is to reduce the friction as D.V said. And I second it looks like a tac-50.

  • Very nice. And more so expensive. Don’t see how it’s so unique from any of the other similar weapons. I do like the desert coating tho.

  • Kristopher

    The fluting is a way to deal with sand and grit in the action.

    As for the color, Coyote Brown is so 2009. Pink would be an improvement.

  • Tuulos

    Sorry to correct you Steve but the first one seems to be a Finnish gun magazine called Rekyyli on their Facebook page. But you’re the first with proper images which more than makes up for your slowness. 😉

    • Tuulos, NOPE! I just check the time and date stamps – I had it first by two hours. I think they got the image of my blog.

      ( This blog has a screwed up time and date stamp that is displayed, but my blogging program keeps a log of the actual time and date)

  • Airrider

    Why’s it look like it’s in Mountbatten Pink?

  • Ryno

    Isn’t it “sig sauer”, not “sig saur”?

    • Ryno, type, fixed, thanks.

  • After that I need a cigarette.

  • John C

    The grip looks very similar to the P250’s grip

  • inyourserver

    It is a Mc-Sig…FACT! I know…..1st hand.
    Reciever changed slightly to preserve…Founding Brand.

    It Shoots…If you do!