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  • Jon

    There is unlimited amount of guns I want to have. Shame I have a limited budget. Looks really good.

  • Police confiscates Slingshots, in Zerope!
    Sigh! ๐Ÿ™

  • Tyler

    They should make this in 5.7x28mm.

  • zincorium

    Looks extremely fun to shoot. .22 magnum isn’t as cheap as LR, but it’s quite a bit less than 4.6.

    I’d still like to see a version with the fixed stock they had on the SMG.

  • Martin (M)

    Something about that picture kept nagging at me until I figured out what that thing looked like. A COTS aluminum electronic box. You know, something I’d use to build a power supply, inverter, or such. Is this the newest trend in firearms? This ‘cobbled together’ look started with the excessive use of rails, and everything just looks like a bunch of ribbed/railed bits stuck together. It reminds me of Legos or Erector bits. Maybe chunks of old aluminum storm window frames. Right around the corner is finned barrel sleeves (which might not be a bad idea). Extruded metal madness, I tell you. It looks cheap, and not in a good way.

  • AnointedSword

    Did someone say, “mp7!” Looks interesting… Will have to buff the heck out of the feed ramp, but hey!:) I will keep an eye out for it.

  • subase

    The second picture looks so hilarious, in a good way.

  • Harry

    Looks great. Just wonder if the PMR-30 will ever get into “full” production. The guns are still scarce and it makes me wonder if Kel-Tec has the wherewithal to bring the RMR-30 to market in a manner that satisfies its customers.

  • Dakota

    All I want now is a vertical grip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Todd

    Is that a reciprocating charging handle? If so I think the model is going to have a sore digit. ๐Ÿ™

    @Jon: The nice thing about Kel-Tec is that they make firearms that are easy on those of us with limited budgets. There aren’t any $4000 1911’s in my future but I see a PRM-30, RMR-30 sitting next to my Sub2k 9mm and still having $3200 left over. Thanks Kel-Tec! Merry Christmas everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • john

    i want it!

  • John C

    I like that its more than just a long barreled PMR – they actually put a different receiver and and a cocking handle on it.

  • Komrad

    Finally, a pistol-carbine that doesn’t look like they just threw a stock on the pistol grip and gave it 10″ extra on the barrel. It looks really cool, I’ll have to get one.
    any news on the msrp?

  • I wish the Sub-2000 was more like this RMR 30.

  • Slim934


  • El Duderino

    Subase — I have seen a lot of Oleg’s work on the KTOG forum and yes, he doesn’t exactly use tough guys for his shots! Sort of an anti-H&K approach.

    Kel-Tec has definitely gone for a unique look that’s not for everyone. If you’re into blued steel, oil-rubbed hand-checkered walnut, and polished stainless, you’re going to be a bit disappointed! I personally like the “LEGO” look and the couple Kel-Tecs I have are definitely the best value in guns today. I would love a PMR-30/RMR-30 combo for sure!

    For the gun historians, yes this is a similar deal to the Grendel P-30 and R-31 of the ’90s, but “product improved” which is good since the originals needed plenty of it.

  • cd

    Is it just me or in the first picture, his fingers look awfully close to the reciprocating charging handle?

  • Bill Lester

    Hey KT, how about getting the bugs worked out in PMR-30 production before starting something new?

  • CinSC

    the MSRP is $415 but they’re going for around $450 on Gunbroker.

    It looks like fun. I want one, but I’ll wait until supply catches up with demand.

  • Sean

    So when do stores start taking orders?

  • Nathaniel

    This would be just the thing for a trunk gun or apartment defense gun if they’d put it in 9mm/.40/.45/10mm (anything but .22 WMR, really). .22 WMR is a lovely plinking caliber, but that basic platform has all kinds of growing room for other roles that .22 WMR isn’t appropriate for.

  • The charging handles does not reciprocate on firing. The trigger is very nice. The gun is light and fractionally muzzle-heavy, so it will stay put on firing.

    • Oleg, thanks for the info.

  • Peter

    If they chambered it in 7.62×25 they would sell every one that they could ever make AND keep in line with their goal of affordable, efficient firearms. As is, it looks to be a great trunk gun, but not something I would use as my go-to gun.

  • Ray

    You know what would make this look quite nice? A UMP style fixed stock, SBR’d down to 11.5″ with a nice can. This would be a very very nice rifle indeed.

  • mike

    This would be awesome suppressed.

  • Stew Padasso

    Now I must have one!

  • DJ

    I heard you’re pretty gangster. I’m pretty gangster myself. Hahahaha!


    Please dont pose and smile like that at the range.

  • AJ187

    Maybe not as practical as a Self Defense gun like the 5.7 but this is defiantly a squirrel slayer. Put a eotech on that and you got something to gloat about.

  • powerdrill

    The second photo is idiotic.

  • Matt

    It’s a funny thing. We often find ourselves having a look at video game weapons, and questioning whether or not guns will ever evolve to look like how some of those guns look.

    Well here we have more evolution of the firearm.

    There are a lot of you who disagree with this style. But to the people, Kel-Tec does not care. For Kel-Tec will likely sell these by the truckload.

    Look at the PMR 30. Already a dose of futuristic styling, and they all have bids on them.

    Give me a tweak, please. Give me a 17HMR instead of a 22WMR, and I’ll buy an RMR even quicker.


    eh, I wouldnt call it futuristic, I’d call it modern. Rails are the “in” style apparently.

  • John

    It took me over four months to get my PMR-30. It was very well worth the wait. It’s the sweetest gun with the best triger pull I’ve ever seen straight out of the box. I can’t wait to get a RMR-30 rifle.

  • JB aka Pitt

    I have only purchased one KT product in my life, but I swear if they bring this out, I will buy 3 of them. Me, wifey and son. I can see these things doing everything from plinking, to HD sub-carbine to a GHB/trunk gun.

    30rds is great, 40 to 50rd stick mags would be fantastic. Kel-Tec and CCI will be getting a lot of my money, soon.

  • Arcticwarfare

    Whats the MSRP going to be on this? If its under $600 I will buy without even thinking. Just an optic and a vertical grip and Iยดm in love ๐Ÿ˜‰