S&W SD40 and NAA Mini-22LR review

Gun Holsters & Gear have published two gun reviews. The first is by Jay G. (of the MArooned blog). He reviews the North American Arms Mini-22LR.

I remember as a kid when I held a mini-revolver for the first time and wondering what it was useful for. I still don’t know 😉 Jay says

And that’s where it shines – it’s such a unique firearm that brings gunnies together, making it a great addition to any armory. You may not win any target competitions with it; you’re not going to win any IDPA matches; and it’s not recommended as a self-defense piece. But if you want something to catch people’s attention at the range; if you want something that will draw as many curious onlookers as a S&W 500 Magnum (only without the muzzle blast); or if you want something that few others are likely to have, this is a good choice for your armory.

The other review, by resident blogger Richard, is of the Smith & Wesson SD40.

Smith & Wesson has a real winner with the SD40. It is a very affordable pistol with excellent features and ergonomics, and 100% reliability. You can find a better pistol, or a cheaper pistol, but I don’t think you can find a better pistol at this price.

S&W SD40

Steve Johnson

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  • tovicmcrookie

    you can always trust a smith and wesson any day, any time. With an SD40 you sure feel proud

  • Quintin

    Woud it be fair to call the SD-40 a third generation Sigma? I have a second generation gun, SW40VE. It’s a fine weapon. For some reason it has a bad reputation in certain gun forums.

  • Christian

    What gun is the SD40 on top of? There appears to be another gun underneath it…

    • Christian, oh true, that was not the best photo to embed, I did not notice the gun under it. It is a M&P 9

  • Vin

    The SD looks very similar to the M&P its superimposed over in that pic. If it performs like a M&P at that price, it’s a steal


    I really dont like that warning label going across it and also the really big name on the other side…

  • A friend of mine had one of those NAA Mini 22’s, 5 shots single action if I remember right, that looks like one of the newer ones with the ‘between cylinders’ safety notches, the originals did not have them and could only be safely carried with the hammer resting on a empty cylinder just like a SAA revolver.

    Do you have the belt buckle holder for it as well?

    Makes a nice summertime gun, if you can’t hide that thing you should give up trying concealed carry!

  • I have a NAA mini in .22 WMR. It’s probably my weapon most likely to used on a live target as it is ALWAYS in my pocket. It’s so tiny and unobtrusive in it’s little WRB holster… I won’t argue about the stopping power of a .22 Mag. I’ll only state that it’s a lot better than nothing.

    “…a S&W 500 Magnum (only without the muzzle blast)…”

    You ever fire a .22 WMR out of a sub 1′ barrel? 😛

  • 1′ = 1″ :-/