Springfield XDm 3.8 Compact

This has got to be the most confusing gun launch launch since I started blogging. A couple of readers emailed me about the launch of the XDm 3.8 Compact but I thought this was the XDm 3.8 launched last year. Why was I confused? Because Springfield’s marketing referred to that pistol as “compact”. So just about every blogger and online gun store also called it “compact”. Alert TFB readers did note that it was too big to be a true compact. Now this new true compact comes out and I am one very confused blogger!

That aside, as far as being compact goes, this pistol really does fit the bill. It is a full inch shorter than the XDm 3.8 (the “old” compact).

Caliber 9mm
Capacity 13 (or 19 rounds with extended magazine)
Finish black
Barrel 3.8″
Overall Length 7″
Height 4.6″
Weight 27 oz
Front Sight dovetailed 3-dot
Rear Sight dovetailed
MSRP (Price) Unknown

More info about the pistol at Rob’s Personal Armament Blog.

[ Many thanks to John and Rob for pointing out that the pistol was out and Clayton for telling me that I did not, in fact, blog about it before ]

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  • Gregor

    Is there a cooperation between Walther and Springfield? The XDm looks pretty similar to the Walther PPS, just with an additional grip safety. Reminds me on the situation, when S&W sold the Walther P99 as a licensed SW99 in the States.

  • Woodroez

    No. Both being striker-fired, polymer-framed handguns means they do share some fundamentally similar aesthetics. Springfield actually doesn’t manufacture these guns, in fact; these are brought into the States by Springfield Armory from a Czech manufacturer.

    Feel bad for those fellas that were doing the custom “Minus” jobs that was featured in this blog not too long ago.

  • subase

    No the Walther PPS is much much lighter, smaller and thinner. Not even comparable.

  • Dom

    @Gregor … As far as I know there is not, but you are right about the similarities. I think it’s just the XD (taking cues from Glock) evolving into XD(m) (which might have taken some cues from P99) evolving into a compact.

    This is really what I was expecting for a sub-compact in this line. Really nice. Now, you can get 13 9mm capacity out of an XD-9 SC by using slightly modified XD-40 magazines. The relatively low 9mm caps of the XD line were just due to poor follower design. I wonder if the mags for this gun will fit into the XD? I never would carry my modded mags, though I never had problems with them feeding. I’d do it if it were manufactured that way, though.

  • dudester

    Amazing! You can shorten the grip on a plastic gun! I just figured it was impossible and that’s why they put that stupid XDM3.8 out with the full size grip. How many suckers got burnt on this one? The full size is a great gun and this one looks great too, it’s just that silly one in the middle that should go away and be forgotten about.

  • Here are a few more pics:


    The only problem I see is that it weighs in at a hefty 27 ounces

  • Adam A

    This should have been the first “compact” released. With the extended mag it’s the same gun they released last year.

  • Andy from West Haven

    And a month later it will be the .40 version. And a month or two later they will have a 3.8 .45. And a month later they will have a .45 3.8 compact.

    Don’t mind me. I’m just annoyed that they string these releases along when they don’t excite me whatsoever. But that’s my personal issue. I’m sure the “M”‘s are nice but they are a little heavier than their XD parents. And you can get 18 round Mec Gar mags for your standard XD 9mm’s so the M 9mm really only has a 1 round advantage.

    Again, I’m aware that there are “improvements” but I’m perfectly happy with my XD .45 w/thumb safety. If they eventually drop the XD in lieu of the XDm’s then that would be a sad day indeed. They’re ugly pistols but that’s the only negative thing I can say about them.

  • Kcoz

    When you say “one inch shorter” are you talking about the grip or the barrel?

  • Sturm44

    @Gregor: No, its probably just the styling cues. These are made in Croatia.

    It appears they are going for the short frame, mid length barrel market with this one. I have an XD sub-compact & it has the same capacity but only a 3″ barrel. Springfield’s marketing does need to get their act together & be consistent about naming their pistols!

  • ap

    Springfield polymer pistols will continue to remain irrelevant to serious users until they form an LE sales division and gain adoption by some agencies. It’s the S&W/Glock Show until then.

    On a side note, I wonder how much that slide weighs compared to a G26 or M&PC9? Looks like a lot more mass, to me.

  • derfel cadarn

    Now if they chambered it in a real caliber then they might certainly have something there.

  • Andy from West Haven

    @derfel cadarn

    A lot of people are in the ground since 1902 from that “fake” caliber.

    With today’s modern defensive loadings the 9 is more than fine. But don’t worry. The subject pistol will be in .40 before you know it.

  • Andy from West Haven


    Not everyone cares if their pistol is adopted by most cops. By your reasoning, everything other than Glock or the M&P is irrelevant to serious shooters.

    Anyway, Clint Smith likes the XD. His opinion is good enough for me.

  • Cymond

    Yeah, they should have released this instead of last year’s 3.8 sillyness. However, I think this is a direct response to all the criticism the previous 3.8 got. Everyone talked about the huge grip, so SA shortened it down like they should have the first time.

  • paco paco

    aw, it’s so cute! can’t wait until they release it in .45ACP.

  • snmp

    @ Woodroez The manufacturer ou the XD is croatian HS PRODUKT d.o.o. (IM Metal )

  • Alaskan

    Looks like competition for the “sub-compact/compact” Glocks.
    I’d take one in 9mm. Defensively,it’s better than nothing right?

  • Woodroez

    @ snmp Yep, you’re absolutely right. Had Czech Republic on my mind for a while since I’ve been looking at CZ’s line of handguns pretty hard for a while now.

  • Sean

    A shooting buddy of mine picked his up this afternoon. He shoots IPSC and IDPA with his full-size, and bought it to carry. We (him, and the other guys that shoot on Wednesday nights), put about 300 rounds thru it tonight. It is a nice shooter.

    At 10 yrds, I was shooting one hole groups. At 20 yards, the best shooter of all of was putting them into about a 2-3 inch group. I did slightly worse, as I can’t see the damn target at that range very well.

  • Stella

    I like XDs and I own two. They are great pistols at a good price and Springfield has stood behind the product. With that in mind, the way they roll out pistols is too diffuse and last year’s 3.8 XDm was beyond pointless.

    As for 9mm being the “europellet,” the argument is better recast as what one can shoot best and conceal comfortably. 9mm is remarkably easy to shoot and are small enough for grips that can accommodate most anyone. Many shooters jump to the .45 ACP or .40 S&W and can’t hit follow up shots with any regularity due to recoil; practice ammo is cost prohibitive.

    The one thing I dislike about my XDm is that the slide stop has been too short for some of the people I have let shoot it. The trigger reset on my standard XD-45c is on the long side out of the box. The XDm trigger is a big step in the right direction, but as others have mentioned, a modified XD trigger can be its equal or better.

    Regardless, more quality pistols at good prices is better for the American shooting public!

  • It’s dumb that they are now selling almost the exact gun as last year. They should have made it this way to begin with rather than have people buy last year’s version which wasn’t very good and now try to sell those same people the new version.

  • Larry

    Maybe they’re not selling to “those same people”. I’ve got an XD .45 and LOVE it. It’s the most accurate of all of the weapons my brothers and I shoot regularly… (Ruger .45, Glock 26, Bersa .380, et. al), and fool proof. I’ve been looking at XDm’s for a while now, and was waiting for the .45, but I need a CCW, and this looks like it fits the bill perfectly. Certainly more affordable than the Para Warthog…

  • Jay

    Jus wondering if the xdm 3.8 compact is any thinner than the regular xd subcompact? I stayed away from the subcompact because it was so beefy. I don’t see how people complain about the thickness of the glock subcompact and run out n buy a thicker pistol for a ccw. I do like the way the xd’s shoot and was considering the xdm compact as my next purchase. Hopefully someone can tell me if its thinner than the original xd sc

  • Kyle

    I bought the XDM .40 cal when i lived in Wisconsin but since then I moved to New Jersey and because of their amazing firearm laws here my clips are illegal because they hold 16 rounds. Does anyone know if there are clips available for the XDM .40 cal that holds less than 15 rounds?

  • robert

    just handled the new compact and I really like it. I trdex traded the original 9mm subcompact for a glock 26 cause it was too chunky. the new Compact is slimmer than both with a grip that fully supports the hand. if it weren’t for my advantage arms 22 kit for the g26 I would have bought it on the spot

  • Steve Murphy

    !!!!! Got an XDm 3.8 Compact .40 (11+1 and 16+1) on layaway as we speak, and I agree that this should have been the ORIGINAL 3.8, which I do have (in .40, so my mags don’t go to waste!) and honestly, it point’s more naturally for me, seems to recover faster between shot’s, and is just as accurate as the 4.5″ model, at least out to 25 yards, so the NEW 3.8 compact .40 is my next CHL pistol to replace/SUPPLEMENT my XD SC 9mm. I would have gone with the 9mm if it held more than my 13+1 XD compact, but decided on the .40 for 11+1 165 grn Gold-Dots out of a 4″ bbl that fits my Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe. I don’t like how MANY DIFFERENT MAGAZINE’s they have in reg and ‘California capacity(10+1!) for XD’s, XDm’s, I can only imagine how many XD-SC .40 9+1 rnd mags have been mistakenly purchased for the NEW compact?? Still, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • NewbieCCW

    I have a question for you XDm 3.8 owners out there.

    I am leaning towards a Springfiled XDm for my CCW. I have two questions that I would like feedback on.

    (1) I am trying to decide between the 9mm and the 40. I would prefer the 40, but my wife weighs 100 lbs (and was afraid of guns until I married her) and I like her to be comfortable shooting all of my guns. I think that in a sub compact 40 the recoil might be a bit much for her. Is there a big difference in recoil between the 40 ad the 9mm?

    (2) Overall I love the gun, but since I intend to use it as conceal and carry, is there anything thinner out there that is comprable that I should consider?

    (3) Best holster for a business suit professional that spends a good deal of time in some of the rougher parts of the city.

    • Newbie… I have the XDm 3.8 Compact in 9mm, if you haven’t already purchased your gun, take your wife to a range that rents guns (or find someone close to you that owns one) and let her shoot it, either in 9mm or .40cal. The recoil is not much different between them. Then Find an NRA Basic Pistol class (http://www.nrainstructors.org/searchcourse.aspx) and get her some basic training.
      or other guns that would be better? there are many guns out there that work well for concealed carry. The Springfield XD sub compact; Ruger SR9c; Walther PPS; Smith &Wesson M&P series; Sig Sauer P224;
      As for a Holster… a strong side Hip Holster or an inside the waistband holster, there are many designs out there, Galco makes good holsters as does Crossbreed

  • Tommy

    I like the 3.8 compact 40 cal ! You could carry it as a mid-size or compact with one of the two mags supplied. The flush one holds 11the extension mag holds 16 ! The gun is actually made very nice, especially the Black melonite finished one. Springfeild has had problems in the past with their stainless in both XD and XDM lines. Reports of the gun rusting if not coated with oil or inhibitor were coming in from across the country.
    Even gun dealers swayed folks to get the Melonite models which in actuality makes sense, it protects the metal ! It’s not like Glocks tennifer which I admit is the best finish second to none, but it’s running just about neck & neck. If you bang an XD accidently it may look as though you scratched it. However after you wipe it with a lightly oiled rag it dissapears. {The scratch does, not the finish !} I shot mine a few times and it is accurate as a S.O.B. ! I can get 2 inch groups with range ammo with this gun at 25 ft, good defensive ammo will only be tighter. Don’t knock it ‘Till you try it you might find yourself buying one. I like Glocks just as much as anybody, but you gotta admit they’re getting a lot of competittion from both Springfeild and S&W, especially S&W’s S&D and M&P lines. There are many police agencies that now use XD/XDM for their primary service weapon. The Tactical models are both allowed and employed by some Govt. Agencies that have adopted or allowed it.
    I said the same thing about Glocks when they first came out, “AAH Who Would Want a Pastic Pistol?” Looks like more folks buy poly guns more than metal framed today ! Samething is gonna go for the XD/XDM lines, in 10 years they will be the New Glock !

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