Springfield XDm 3.8 Compact

    This has got to be the most confusing gun launch launch since I started blogging. A couple of readers emailed me about the launch of the XDm 3.8 Compact but I thought this was the XDm 3.8 launched last year. Why was I confused? Because Springfield’s marketing referred to that pistol as “compact”. So just about every blogger and online gun store also called it “compact”. Alert TFB readers did note that it was too big to be a true compact. Now this new true compact comes out and I am one very confused blogger!

    That aside, as far as being compact goes, this pistol really does fit the bill. It is a full inch shorter than the XDm 3.8 (the “old” compact).

    Caliber 9mm
    Capacity 13 (or 19 rounds with extended magazine)
    Finish black
    Barrel 3.8″
    Overall Length 7″
    Height 4.6″
    Weight 27 oz
    Front Sight dovetailed 3-dot
    Rear Sight dovetailed
    MSRP (Price) Unknown

    More info about the pistol at Rob’s Personal Armament Blog.

    [ Many thanks to John and Rob for pointing out that the pistol was out and Clayton for telling me that I did not, in fact, blog about it before ]

    Steve Johnson

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