USMC multi-gun training at Quantico

Military Times has a very interesting article about the use of multi-gun competition-style training being used at the USMC base at Quantico.

Experts from Weapons Training Battalion at Marine Corps Base Quantico believe a new trend in shooting competition, termed multi-gun, could be key to better prepping Marines for combat. The battalion is looking to push this training far and wide across the Corps, to a base near you.

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Anton

    Dude, uh, your eye. :p

  • viper5552

    check out Sgt Grill’s left eye, is that one of those eye tattoos!

  • Burton

    I really don’t mean to sound unkind, but does anybody know what was wrong with that guy’s eye? I’ve seen people get bloody eyes from infections and blunt trauma, but they’ve never looked that bad. Just curious.

  • NikonMikon

    So is this sort of like 3-gun?

  • B

    I wonder if he has HUD and weapons smart-link in that cybereye of his.

  • Tony

    …In other news, the USMC calls something that started after WWII “a new trend”. :p

  • Sean Casey

    It looked as though Sgt. Gill of WTB had a glass or prosthetic left eye. I thought that was interesting. A million lifetimes ago, well 1989, I was a young Corporal working as a trainer with WTB Quantico assigned to the tire house, a house clearing scenario in a, you guessed it, house made of tires. Then it was exclusively training officer candidates the methods they might use to lead Marines in house to house fighting. The MP5 and MP5K variants were used exclusively, first with blank ammunition for a series of walk throughs, followed by very stringently controlled live fire.

    The Corps adapted well 235 years ago, good to see they are still adapting now to the ever changing face of combat ops. Oooh Rah!

  • ZomBkiller

    Glass eye?

  • Jamie

    I have shot matches with James many times , he is as interested in what he can do to help companions as his own score. James is always learning and teaching us all

  • Lance

    Looks so fun!!!

  • crikerman

    Just watch this guy shoot. What’s more amazing is he does it with a prosthetic leg, loss of hearing on one side and the loss of eyesite (hence the comments regarding the eye. This all received while serving overseas in the service of our country. We miss you in San Antonio, James! But, we know you are continuing to preserve our country’s freedom!

  • Nadnerbus

    If that’s a glass eye, he needs to get a refund.

    Funny, I didn’t even notice when I first watched the video.

    Didn’t the Corps hear? Civilians have no need for those kinds of weapons, therefore there’s nothing they can learn from civilian shooting.

    Seriously though, It’s good to see the military learning from the civilian world and vise versa. The old style military, where you did things the way they had always been done, and you got only the gear the government issued you, never seemed too efficient. The flexibility and innovation with gear, tactics, and weapons development between military and civilian markets is good to see.

  • El Duderino

    Dang I didn’t know Fleet Sergeant Ho was real!

    Go Mobile Infantry!

  • Kyle

    Nadnerbus, I think he shouldn’t get a refund. that glass eye is badass.

  • SoulTown

    Good for them. I really would like the see this going Corps-wide.

  • Arthur

    The eye is cool, is that guy a half-demon Lmao

    But forget the eye. I wan’t to say I’m really interestd in the Marine Corps, too bad I can’t join it…

  • Sturm44

    I love the menu boards on the inside of the shoot house! Adds realism.

  • jdun1911

    The military have been learning from civilian since the start of the Republic. Problem is that it take years/decades for it to trickle down to the grunts. However Spec Ops does get training from the private sector so they are mostly up todate.

    It should be interesting if the corp will adapt a secondary optic at 45 degree angle on their M16/M4. It is very popular in 3 gun match and that some troops are supporting that config in the sandbox from what I heard.

  • J.P. Jones

    Uh …. Dudes. He sort of left an eye and a leg behind; something about this little war(?) some guys seem to fighting for us? He is also one helluva of a shooter in IPSC as well.

  • Novashooter

    I have the pleasure of calling Sgt Gill a friend of mine. He is a great shooter both pistol and 3Gun. I am always striving to beat him in the matches we shoot. Funny thing is I have both my eyes and legs and still cannot whip him.

    Thanks James for your service to our country!!!