RVTT Three-Dimensional Targets

The Israeli firm RVTT Reshef Technology has developed a range of 3D targets for military training.

From the press release …

The new 3D targets, RESHEF RVTT 3039, are realistic, visual 3D infantry targets for dry/live-fire training of military combat forces and police anti-terror special units, such as SWAT teams. The multi-spectral target, designed for day and night training, has passive thermal reflective capability and provides users with a realistic thermal picture. Radar and laser signatures can be provided as an option.

The RESHEF RVTT 3039 targets are positioned in the field training area, using various battlefield scenarios. The target’s unique features create a realistic atmosphere – a real battlefield look and feel – in all weather conditions.

I think LEO and civilians engaging in tactical-style training would enjoy using these target.

Steve Johnson

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  • Shambhala

    Is the target guy SMILING?
    I cant shoot someone who’s SMILING!1!!!1

  • Vak

    I could never shoot at such a target. I mean, it’s smiling at me !

  • IronKnight

    The US Army has used 3-D targets for years.

    When I went through Infantry training in Feb. 2001 we were shooting what we called Ivan’s, which was a solid green head and torso that had a red star painted on the forehead.

    Ivan’s were the roughly the same size (if the painted figure is proportional) and shape as the ones pictured above and seemed to be made out of .25″ thick plastic.

    I think the only time we shot those targets was on the moving targets range.

  • I wonder if someone is making something like this for training young hunters on proper shot placement on game animals. I know you can buy 3D targets, but not out of this kind of material.

    • David Reshef

      RVTT has on-the-shelf products but also produces on-demand items.
      Please contact us to get the full solution for your needs
      David Reshef, CEO

  • Rusgunnut1

    OPSGEAR already does this. I might find a link

  • Rusgunnut1
  • ComradeCole

    these sorta remind me of the rubbery foam targets that were used on the bayonet course when I went through Army basic. Actually I think the only difference is that these are colored and don’t have the Soviet Star on the helmet.

  • Some Guy


    I really DON’T want to be shooting at something that looks like a smiling human if I don’t have to >.<