Axe Guns


The below gun is a pretty cool looking modern recreation of an axe gun. The short gun barrel and short axe shaft make both weapons a lot less effective than they could be.

I suspect that the original axe guns were made more for decoration than for war. The armory at Castle Eltz in Germany has a couple of axe guns (scroll down) on display.

[Hat Tip: Reddit]

[ Many thanks to Abraham for emailing me the link. ]


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  • Canthros

    This idea makes me think of dwarves, for some reason.

  • mikee

    How well does the firing mechanism stand up to pounding the axe head against an enemy combatant’s head a few times, or chopping up some wood for the evening encampment’s fire?

  • dogon1013

    Looks like a very uncomfortable forward grip.

  • sean

    Do you need a SBR stamp for that bad boy? ;)

  • Don

    This kind of thing is very good for werewolf hunting, however not quite optimal for zombie hunting, and useless against vampires… then again no one weapon is good for all manner of potential attackers…


  • JonMac

    I’ve handled one of these, and I think they would have been more practical than you might imagine. Don’t forget flintlock pistols were best used at close/contact range, and a well-made axe-pistol would let you incapacitate one man right away, before you start swinging what is a very capable and hefty axe.

    CQB on-board ship makes a lot of otherwise impractical weapons worth having. Think boarding pikes, axes, the Nock volley gun etc!

  • http://n/a kenr

    Wow, it looks so cool and was probably such a bad idea. As someone pointed out, subjecting a gun to the repeated stress of striking someone with the axe head would probably shake something loose sooner rather than later. I kept thinking that the firing pin would come loose and cause a negligent discharge, before I realized that it was a flintlock. The only advantage that I can see is that the added weight of the axehead most likely gave the front of the barrel a little extra stability, and may have worked as a sort of mono-pod, before bi-pods were areound. Of course, given that it is a smoothbore weapon, I don’t think that the extra accuracy did it any good. Probably explains why there weren’t a large number of them produced. Still though, possibly the coolest-looking old weapon that I have seen in some time. This would look amazing mounted on a wood backboard on someone’s mantle.

    • Jacob

      Early guns (handgonne) had a fork or blade at the end of the barrel anyways, which during that era is when these type of weapons were actually used. Some guns like that are called hackbut, but almost all early handgonnes had this feature, it was used to brace the gun against an object, and most of the larger handgonnes had a monopod, these were original features to the european medieval handgonne. Additionally these firearms simply had a touch hole and were ignited with gun-cord, the real weapons of this type (though rare, used by nobility) were seemingly as usable and practical as the inherently troublesome early handgonne. Also I think that given that there are no moving parts on these early handheld firearms the wear to the weapon would be minimal as well as comparable to small handgonnes and hackbut’s which were used as melee weapons with the bracing spikes anyways.

  • zincorium

    It’d probably be very weird looking, but I don’t doubt that a more modern axe-bayonet type attachment could be made and utilized. All it lacks is a market.

    Personally, I’d want one of those in the black powder era for intimidation purposes if nothing else.

  • Arthur B. Burnett

    Greetings from Texas,
    As the weapon is black powder I don’t think SBR would apply. I would love to add this to the collection. I know the writers would go wild over it. Who makes it?

  • Jeff M

    That… is….. AWESOME!!! I so need an axe gun!!!!!!

  • Sportacus

    Awesome! Gigantic! I must buy somthing like this! COOL!

  • The RebelBroker

    A must have for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Nanban Jim

    > Do you need a SBR stamp for that bad boy?

    Wow, I think TFB has its own meme now. ;)

    • Steve

      Nanban, LOL