A Message from Y-Man (Our Resident Nigerian Shotgunner)

[ Y-Man, TFB’s resident Nigerian shotgunner, has written a series of articles about his quest to build the perfect shotgun. He has to fabricate many parts and ammunition himself because supplies of gun parts are so limited. I have had many people ask me to get in touch with him and find out if they can send him any spare parts or accessories. He responds below. ]

Many thanks guys, for the kind words and prayers on my last guest
post: Many, many thanks.

I assure you all that upon all the fears and concerns with the
upcoming elections in my country, I love my country very much, but if
need be I would gladly go someplace else: Alaska, Iceland or
Greenland would be nice (I fell in love with Iceland after reading Tom
Clancy’s Red Storm Rising.) I love cold, brrrrr!

I would love to go shooting with all y’all who offered: great! I am
actually saving up for a visit to the USA next year (I have travelled
quite a bit in Europe: I am an oil company worker…) You can all be
sure I am saving up a sh*tload of dollars to spend on ammo at your
ranges! I DEFINITELY will go back home with a sore shoulder and a
“sorer” trigger finger, but a BIG smile on my face! I can imagine the
guys at the airport smirking at me: “This one is loopy!”

Guys, I really appreciate the offers of sending stuff to me. I will do
some thinking about what “innocent” items I would love to have. It
can’t be more than a buckshot mould, a good smoothbore slug mold
(Lyman, maybe?) and the ATS Universal Shotgun sight.

Maybe when I come over to the USA, I can buy these: and carry them
“innocently” back. (In the past 2 years, a friend who’s from New
Orleans, but works in my country: has been able to bring some of the
things I have been able to get: the Bushnell scope, the B-Square
mount, the Hi-Viz turkey sights, some Tri-Mark lasers (green and red),
etc. The trick is to throw away the packaging, disassemble the
components and spread them all around checked-in baggage. Thats how we
have gotten some things in.

For the guys who worried about the rust in my bore: that was when I
left off for several months without oiling properly. That’s been
corrected now!

Guys, thanks for the offers: but sometimes: the fun is actually IN the
fabricating and modifying! (Can you imagine how boring the 80′s would
have been if MacGyver had a Walmart or other full hardware store right
inside EVERY shack he was locked up in, or EVERY pilot-less plane he
had to escape from had a full tool box with welding kit included?)

In that spirit: check out my fabricated “Ghost-ring” sights! I
realized I have a drilled and tapped receiver on my Mossberg 500A, so
I used some erector set stuff:

To get these bits …

To achieve this:

What do you guys think? Cheers.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • greasyjohn

    If that was an erector set then this is the best thing ever.

    • sharpie.david

      “I used some erector set stuff:”

      It was.

  • You can have a part made to order, they even have an online 3D tool for it, see emachineshop, here:


  • Maxim

    Hello Y-Man!

    Nice work! Only one advise – to paint by any mat color to prevent dlares.
    PS: I spent 2 years in Nigeria at 90th. Impressive country – I like it.

  • Komrad

    they look good, personally I would blue them or apply some bluing-like finish just to make them match the rest of the gun, but it’s not a necessary modification. Best of luck with you shotguns.

  • Stefan F

    If I’d known you were gonna do that I would have sent you a ghost ring sight.

  • Somedood

    These stories are great, but Y-Man really shouldn’t post about trying to obtain anything that might be ITAR controlled. As he gets into dedicated firearm parts, it may not just be Nigerian law he’s dealing with.

    • Somedood, I agree, but I don’t think the items he wants are ITAR controlled.

  • CY

    you are the greatest living person i have never met.

  • sumyunguy

    You are simply amazing yman, you and your people are in our prayers.

  • Burst

    At some point, I started liking his sights better than the factory versions.
    They match the heat shield nicely, and overall, the shotgun now looks a bit steampunk-ish.

  • Spiff

    What’s wrong about installing a slug barrel with rifle sights an’ trimming some metal off the heat vent shield around the rear sight…

  • Al T.

    Dude, you rock!

  • David Martin

    That is great. Too many people have forgotten the art of making do with what you have. The best of luck and keep safe.

  • jacob kenworthy


  • Erik

    yman, can you get any sort of airsoft style sights? Perhaps an airsoft replica rail? You may be able to mount something on there….

  • Pedro

    I have long been impressed with Y-Man’s ability to create gunny goodies from bits and pieces.
    Many of us have lost the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome, and it warms the cockles of my heart to see what can be done in the face of adversity.

    When they come for all the guns, people like Y-Man will there, creating and building, and shouting the old war cry : “Molon Labe”!

  • Al T.

    “ghetto” – WTF? I’ll assume you haven’t actually read yman’s posts.

    yman is a adaptive human being who flat inspires me. Unless you want to be stuck in Modor as he is, get in the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights or that new handgun of yours may be a piece of pipe with a rubber band and a nail firing pin instead of that shiny S&W.

  • AI T, Right on!

    If I was of a suspicious nature, I’d suspect some anti-gun folks were waiting to plant some unfortunate remarks, and see if they stick, as to portray all gun lovers as “racist”.

    Some backlash of a recent Electoral beating, I suppose…

    At the risk of sounding partial, Yman could learn some useful stuff from some e-books that’s out there,


    And why not have a hand at Aluminum Casting, for gun parts that won’t stand much stress, or temperature?
    Here’s a lot of info about it:

  • Chortles

    That third photo makes the rear sight look overly shiny… shouldn’t that be painted over due to the potential for reflection/”sun in the eye”?

  • James Taylor

    Is there any way to get in contact with this guy? I’m a young aspiring gun designer, and I would love to talk with him.