Remington launches website to address CNBC allegations

CNBC’s upcoming expose entitled Remington Under Fire will accuse Remington of selling unsafe rifles.

Remington has launched Remington700.TV, a website dedicated to giving Remington’s side of the story. It includes trial footage of expert witness testimony not shown in the CNBC trailers (and probably not in the show itself) that tell a very different story to what is inferred by CNBC.

My fellow bloggers at Defense Review, and The Truth About Guns have all blogged about this in the past 24 hours.

[ Full Disclosure: Remington’s parent company advertises on this blog. ]

[ Many thanks to Brandon for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Kyle Huff

    Looks like the video shows a hang-fire, then the dude screws with the bolt handle and it goes bang. Not super surprising, but annoying nonetheless.

  • yamalink

    Remington is hitting this hard. Google AdWords for a myriad of search topics (even if I typed in Mossberg SA-20, for example) brings up the TV site. Good for Remington!

  • yamalink

    I made a mistake. I was searching for a Remington 870 Youth, and that’s when the Google AdWord shows up. Not when I searched for the Mossy. Apologies.

  • jaekelopterus

    Although the malfunctions are not a big deal, neither is the NBC news story. HEY, FREEDOM GROUP. YOU CAN STOP TRYING TO OUTSPEND NBC NOW. Use that ad-buy money to, I dunno, give me a better deal on your products.

  • Michael

    I have owned numerous model 700s since the early 1980ss up to present, all brand new 700s, and have not once experienced any of the allegations that have been expressed, or rather, said to expose some sort of safety cover up by Remington. I think Remington produces one of the highest quality production rifles in the world, hands down! this load of crap from the media is just that. When the attack comes from one of the most well known liberal media sources out there, you can be pretty sure every effort has been made to embellish an issue that may have happened a few times over the years of producing countless rifles. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Remington hasn’t made a mistake or two, now and then, but, it would have to be a pretty large number of rifles with quality control problems for me to not have been ever exposed to one. If one wants to see continuous and on going quality control that results in constant recalls, take a good look at Browning.

  • elkbuster

    I have been around two well maintained Remington 700 that have had this problem in the last 5 years. One being last week deer hunting. Lucky for every one around, proper gun safety was being adhered to. I feel that there is a real issue. When adults with years of gun handling experience (including special forces) have guns going off when the safety is applied there is an issue. If you have one of these guns spend the $20 bucks and have the modification done.

  • Sulu762

    Yes I own several 700s and they shoot great. However, the company is so arrogant to establish a website saying that the media, the “expert” witness, the inventor, and their own internal documents, are lying about the problem.

    They have their head so far up, that they can’t recognize reality and only can understand the lawyers who are in the same place as their heads!