Firearms at the Palazzo Ducale di Venezia

It is officially Guns-In-Castles week at The Firearm Blog. YamaLink emailed in a photo he took last week of some very old pistols that are on display at the Palazzo Ducale di Venezia (the Palace of the Doge) in Venice, Italy.

(Click to expand the image)

Beautiful pieces.

[ Many thanks to YamaLink. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • You would love the Swedish palace “skokloster”. They have a room in one of the towers with over 20k old weapons. All of them made by masters of the trade. Open to the public btw.

    • Heintron, I would love to see that!

  • Ethan

    I love seeing these. St. Louis Art Museum has a small collection of a few things, and every time I go (it’s free), I always end up in the arms and armor section.

  • Chortles

    I’m sorry, but my reaction is oh-WOOOOOOW it’s the place from Assassin’s Creed II!

  • Very nice! It would be nice if Pedersoli or some other company brings out replicas of some of the more exotic designs.