XM25 being deployed.

Solider systems reports that the XM25 airburst semiautomatic grenade launcher is going to be deployed in Afghanistan

According to COL Tamilio, Program Manager for Soldier Weapons, last Friday the Army received an Operational Need Statement from the 101st Airborne Division currently serving in Afghanistan for a Battalion’s worth of XM25s. In November, the Army will initially field five developmental versions of the XM25 to be accompanied by a New Equipment Training Team as well as ample ammunition

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    The grenade is too small to be effective. Once you taken out the electronics, fuse, and powder you are left with a very small explosive device.

  • Alan

    Finally. Hope they get all the kinks worked out of it. Everything I’ve read about it, and the ‘Stan, says they’re made for each other. Long range, good optics, even longer AOE range, goes boom: MOUT (minus the M), natural defilade positions surrounding anyplace we put a base, lots of caves, lots of long range engagements, and things that need boomed.

    Hope it helps our guys out.

  • Lance

    I don’t know about the grenade size but is the electronic sighting system works then t needs to be battle tested. I thought it shoots 40mm grenades?

  • Peter

    @Lance: It fires 25mm grenades, but as the above stated, some of the space is already taken up by the electronics

  • Ivan

    God bless America. The onliest country carrying innovations in military. Tactical objective of grenade not so eliminate enemies, but forcing them to leave their cover. The power of explosion is really enough to do it.

  • MrMaigo

    Air burst is cheating. Also, they’ll just start keeping hostages in the room

  • Overload in CO

    The impenetrable earthen walls I’ve seen in pictures/video from Afghanistan seem to be everywhere. This might be just the trick to get at people behind them.

    I too wonder about the ‘legality’ of shooting someone you can’t see as they’re behind cover.

    Michael Yon linked to a video of the system today.

  • William C.

    About time. Here’s hoping the XM25 provides the edge to our soldiers long promised by the XM29, OICW, SABR and all of those programs.

  • jaekelopterus

    What our soldiers need is obviously more weapons that can indiscriminately kill an entire room of people at a time. Makes house searches a lot easier if the pieces you’re searching for are smaller.

  • SpudGun

    It’s always nice to have another string to your bow. I like the XM25 concept and could see it mixing in well with a large unit / platoon sized force.

    The airburst feature would be particular useful against dug in snipers on compound rooftops or bad guys hiding in irrigation ditches.

  • leopard

    LOL the “onliest.”

    I doubt this will take off though.

  • subase

    It doesn’t have to kill just be effective. One of these going off close to you will no doubt rupture your eardrum and maybe have a similar greater effect of a flashbang, which will put you out of the fight for the foreseeable future.

    A case of maiming and crippling the enemy not killing them.

  • Meltron

    Casualties are mostly obtained from crew served weapons rather than small arms, although they do play a large part in obtaining kills. The XM25 would useful in drawing out targets to be engaged rather than killing them outright.

  • Aof Dark

    What? Man, how long have they been playing with thing, since the OICW project?
    I have a lot of concerns with this weapon:
    It’s big, ant it’s cumbersome.
    Munition is expensive, and we have no data of what it is capable of doing.
    Munition has electronics that can fail. What if it decides to explode 1 meter after leaving the gun?
    The sight is incredibly big and expensive. It fails, and you end with a very expensive paperweight. Also, you need to replace batteries.
    The plus and minus buttons to select the distance for the round to explode are cumbersome. You have to lase your target (remember, you are being shot at), then add a meter of two, then fire. Every extra button you have to press while you are in combat and under pressure, is an extra opportunity for a mistake. Why not simply make the round explode, let’s say, 1.5 meters after the measured distance?

  • Nanban Jim

    Aof Dark: Read the article again. Your argument of “we have no data of what it is capable of doing” is invalid: This is a trial to GET that data.