Playing with the XM25 airburst weapon

    Danger Room reporters got the opportunity to test the Army’s new airburst grenade launcher.

    This screen grab from a high-speed camera shows the round detonating just inside a window target. Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller, the head of PEO Soldier, told reporters that the $30,000 weapon had already been delivered to the Special Forces and they “going to be taking it downrange this summer.” said the following about the new weapon system ..

    Back when we spoke with Marine Commandant Gen. James Conway, we mentioned this gap and he said that from his perspective the XM-25 has great promise. Seems this is really a weapon Grunts could appreciate.

    When the snake eaters put the system through its paces in Afghanistan, we’ll truly see the effectiveness of the weapon and its durability. But in the end, it will surely be useful for Joes – and anyone else in the U.S. military – to have this precision, direct fire weapon that can eliminate threats from 700 meters.

    [ Many thanks to J.T. and Mik for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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