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  • SpudGun

    ‘And as a result of not being able to shoot the Iver Johnson revolver, little Amy suffered several more years of abuse from her father…’ 😉

    Nice to see that even back then advertisers used fear to sell their products.

  • Dom

    I have one of these in .32 ACP. I have to say, I regard it as “cute.” I think it’s how “safety” here means a transfer bar, and “automatic” here means “ejects the shells for you.” Awwww.

  • Freak out any “Mother of prevention”, aka, an anti-gun egghead, with it…

  • Probably why they are out of business.

  • Jim

    Really makes you wonder whether common sense was invented in the 1940s.

  • Accidental discharge impossible because of the two thousand pound trigger pull.

  • Alan


    I understand that this was a different time, but really, REALLY, who thought that was a good idea? There is a big difference between not going off when dropped, and will not go off if Lil Suzy plays with it unsupervised at bedtime!

    How many people have been injured by “unloaded” guns being played with?

  • Lance

    I see the Brady campaign crapping there pants!!! LOL

  • Patrick

    That’s really funny, considering the Secret Service Special is known as the Suicide Special, I wonder how late during the span of the companies existence did this come out….

  • emdfl

    Actually the premise was that a child would not be able to compress the safety bar in the backstrap( that’s why this particular gendre of revolvers were called “lemon-squeezers) and pull the trigger. And as they didn’t have an exposed hammer, the gun couldn’t be hammer-cocked or dropped on the hammer either.

  • SoulTown


    Seconded. Brady campaign will probably photoshop this ad to make it look more contemporary, and boom! AWB2…

  • Heaven forfend that a company would market its safety features! Whining about this is like complaining about disc brakes. Whiners like this wrote the Califonia Assault gun law that bans, among other things, a heat shield that prevents you from accidently burning your hand when holding the fore-end.

  • Meh

    wow $6 😀