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  • Samopal

    I think I’ll pass. When I lived in Canada I came into contact with a whole lot of Turkish firearms. Most of them were fine but the Turks seem to be cursed when it comes to building shotguns.

    Ever Turkish pump, auto, SxS, etc I ever had the pleasure of handling had major problems with reliability, function, finish, parts compatibility…you name it. The only SxS I’ve ever had malfunction on me was a Turkish 12ga I got from Marstar.

    Sad stuff…hopefully these are better quality.

  • I’m with Samopal, up here Turkish rifles and handguns seem to enjoy a good reputation, but the shotguns… In my observation, not so much. Maybe other people have had different experiences than us though. I’m not sure how they could make so many decent rifles and handguns and not handle shotguns well. Perhaps it’s just a few bad samples we’re hearing about and the people with decent ones just don’t talk about it.

  • Fred Johnson

    Wow! I’m not into defense style shotguns, but I love the looks of that one!

  • Cymond

    Looking at the link, they also make a plain model, synthetic stocked model, synthetic rifled slug gun, and top-folding stock model. I do enjoy seeing a practical shotgun with wood furniture. As for Turkish quality, Yman was quite happy to upgrade from his turkish shotgun to a Mossberg 500. The price needs to be low to compete with Mossberg and other domestic products.

  • G-man

    I have to agree with Cymond. The price needs to be like more than half the price of mossberg 500s and rem 870s to ever make it into my armory. It kinda looks like a savage or H&R shotgun…-G-man-

  • That was interesting to catch the comments on our shotgun in the site. Thanks for all comments in negative or positive way. We are not yet in US market and there are many re-newals on our shotgun models. Our website will be updated very soon… Thanks