Magpul Art of the Dynamic Shotgun

This new video from Magpul Dynamics looks great. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

'I don't use a pump to scare somebody. I use a pump to shoot somebody.'

[Hat Tip: Everyday No Day Off]

Steve Johnson

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  • Raymond

    I’ve been looking forward to Dynamic Shotgun work from when I saw the first Tactical Carbine DVD. Living in California, the carbine isn’t a practical option for me for general defense and use as I am limited to 10 rounds in the gun. I’m a long time shotgun shooter and I love the effects on my targets with shotgun slugs. Love it and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Insect Spray


  • SpudGun

    Gun porn at it’s finest! Nice to see a wide selection of boom sticks being used in the video including the Saiga 12.

    I’ve never purchased a Magpul DVD – mainly because I don’t have to jump out of a helicopter, do tactical reloads and tackle multiple assailants on my way to the supermarket – but are they worth getting from an enterainment / educational point of view?

  • Alex B

    Chris is one hell of shooter

  • iMick

    Man I miss my Remington 870 pump. Stupid dogooder governments 🙁

  • Jesse

    I tell you what they make a damn good trailer.

  • SoulTown

    I need to change my pants.

  • Kcoz

    Every time I watch one of these Magpul videos it makes me want to call in sick and go to the range instead.

  • Shootin’ BUddy

    They are using that goofy chicken wing thing that the gamers do with carbines!?!?

    I wonder how many times that hold binds a slide-action in class?

  • Steven

    Wow… I’m sold.

  • Bryan S

    Say what you want about magpul, but they know how to produce a video that is interesting to watch more than once. Too many other shooting videos or demos are just damn boring and horribly produced.

  • What “goofy chicken wing” thing are you referring to? I re-watched the entire video and I couldn’t find an example of chris or travis “chicken winging” their right arms.

  • greasyjohn

    Awesome, somebody was rockin’ the 1897 Trench Gun!

  • David

    The Old Spice Guy is totally bad ass.

  • Mark

    The “chicken wing” I think he is refering to is with the left hand. It’s a technique they picked up from competition shooters to be able to put more downward force and stability into the forward grip to counter muzzle climb (also how the AFG was developed). Works with a carbine..don’t see why it wouldn’t work with a shotgun..

  • Steven

    The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun is up and available in the Magpul store right now. You won’t see it on their main page, but it shows up in the store. Plus, they are offering a Blu-ray edition for an extra $10 ($49.95).

    Have at it gents! 😀

  • jdun1911

    I will said this, sales of whatever shotgun Christ and Travis use in the video will increase.

  • m4shooter

    There is no “chicken winging” going on in that video. Chicken wing refers to your dominant/primary/weapon arm’s elbow sticking way out to the side, instead of tucking it under.

    Elbow sticking out (and not by much) on your reaction arm is not a chicken wing, it’s trying to get your arm up in line with the axis of the bore for better weapon control.

  • Wes

    Looks cool. And informative too, of course. I’ve seen both their carbine videos, and they seemed a bit… redundant(?)… I don’t know if that’s the word I’m looking for. Not trying to say they are bad. Maybe I’m not advanced enough to appreciate some of what was in them, but I found myself reaching for the fast-forward button.

    Now the handgun vid, on the other hand. I’m more a rifle guy than a handgun guy, and that handgun vid is great. I learned things, and it was entertaining — maybe because I’m more a rifle guy than a handgun guy. 🙂 It deals a lot with concealed carry.

    Either this is just a great trailer, or this vid looks to be along the same info/entertainment line as the handgun vid. Looks good. And who doesn’t like shotguns?

  • Ich würde sollte lesen mit Ihnen hier. Was nicht eins I oft zu tun! I get Freude Studium a submit das kann Personen denken. Zusätzlich, vielen Dank für erlaubt mir comment !

  • JT

    Finally picked up a copy. I hadn’t had any formal training or in-depth study before. The techniques are logical and the instructors have good attitudes. It looks very high pressure. The Female shooter mysteriously disappears in parts of the high stress drills, which was strange when I noticed it and there was a time when she was about to sweep her gun and had to be corrected that kind of made me cringe, because that’s the stereotype. I’d like a video where men/women were more mixed, but other than that, good video and new techniques to try