Remington Wins M24E1 Upgrade Competition

Remington Defense has been awarded the contract to upgrade up to 3,600 of the Amry’s M24 Sniper Weapon Systems (SWS) to what will be classified as the M24E1.

The Remington M24E1

The M24E1 is a total conversion upgrade. The Army requires them to use the same receiver and trigger, but everything else will be replaced.

The new M24E1 features:

  • Chambered in .300 Win. Mag.

  • New stock design. Fully adjustable. Features picatinny rails.

  • Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm Extended Range/Tactical (ER/T) M5 Locking Adjustment riflescope variable power scope with bullet-drop compensator for the .300 Win. Mag. cartridge and Horus H27 or H58 reticle in the front focal plane (magnifies with the image). This scope is Leupold’s premier Mark 4 scope.

  • Quick detach AAC muzzlebrake and suppressor.

  • Five round detachable magazine.

  • Corrosion resistant finish.

This much needed upgrade brings the venerable M24 into the 21st century. The snipers are going to love it!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Ha ! about friggin time! Its been so hard to find out more about this gun for the past few months… I hope a lot more info will pop up on the net after this. Such a great and modern looking upgrade.

  • drewogatory

    Holy cow, those Horus reticles are freaking crowded! That seems like quite alot of marks to count, it seems to me that the operator will still be guestimating windage and hold over unless they have a long long set up time. I’d love to try one, but unfortunately my budget won’t allow it. Anyone here with a first hand report?

  • SpudGun

    ‘The snipers are going to love it!’ – I can’t comment on that, but I’m pretty sure the civilian market is going to lap up a new chassis for the Remington 700.

    As usual, Remmy teases us with these new toys and then we have to wait and wonder if they’ll ever trickle down into the gun shops. Perhaps they’re taking marketing advice from HK?

  • gyrfalcon

    Why don’t they just buy PSG-1’s if they want to look all tacti-cool like the guy in Sniper?

    I completely agree with upgrading to .300WM but full length accessory rails, 5 axis adjustable stock, and all the other crap is dumb.

  • Jim

    Aside from being synthetic, is there really a big advantage of this rifle over a more stock model 700?

    • Jim, it is adjustable.

  • Alan

    ohhh papa liiiiiiiike….

  • Why bother keeping the trigger and receiver? Unless it’s the whole trigger assembly, then I could see keeping the receiver too.

    • HowToGetAGun, politics I think. This makes it an upgrade rather than the acquisition of a new rifle. New weapons, I think, involve a lot of joint service consultation etc. (time wasting).

  • jdun1911

    The M24 is a Remington 700 with an option to go 300 WM in the future. Unlike the typical 700 in 308, the M24 has a long action instead of short so it could upgrade to 300WM if they wanted too.

    I have a Savage 110 FP in 300WM. The 300WM is a good long range cartridge but it does have drawbacks. First and foremost is barrel life. 1500 rounds or so before the barrel degrade to a noticeable point in accuracy. The cartridge will be very harsh on the body. It is after all a magnum. The 300wm is of course heavier than the 308.

    The 300WM is capable of launching a 250 grain at over 2700FPS and you can always downgrade it to the level of 308 to preserve barrel life.

  • Travis

    Those Horus reticles have been popular for years. In 2006 they were banned from the Army sniper competition, because they offer too much advantage. Since they, they are competition legal and guess with many of the winners are using? They are very fast. The spotter can call out the dope, “elev 30MOA, wind right 10MOA”, and the shooter does not have to turn a dial. Hold up and right, match the dope on the reticle grid and take the shot.

    It will require some retraining, as its a whole new system. But the reviews from competition, from the Sand Box, and from the ‘Stan are excellent.

  • TC

    I have to ask: Why not just new guns? If all they’re keeping are the receivers and triggers, wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to simply dial up all new weapons?

    Keep the old ones in inventory for possible later use (same way the M14 keeps coming back from the grave)?

  • Lance

    I like the addition of .300 Win mag, to the Snipers calibers of 7.62 NATO, and .50 BMG its a nice in-between round.

    Im surprised over the whole competition anyway I thought the M-110 was going to replace all the M-24s now I guess not. The Army is getting a BIGGER arsenal.

    I think the same over the Carbines maybe we are looking at a multiple weapon military now? Many militaries around the world do maybe we are heading there now?

  • Doug

    Anyone know how much the conversion is going to cost (either the whole contract or for each gun)?

  • Geoff Ross

    I am a bit confused here. The original M24 was in NATO 7.62 cal (308) correct?

    The 300 Win Mag is a longer cartridge and requires a longer action. How will they be able to re use the short 308 receiver?

    • Geoff, yes it was .308. They were forward thinking and purchased them with long actions in case they ever wanted to convert to .300 Win Mag.

  • Badger20x

    I believe the pictured rifle is the Remington MSR (Modular Sniper Rifle) which is their candidate for the PSR solicitation. Completely different, titanium action and modular in that it will accommodate .308, 300WM and .338LM.

  • John C.

    The Horus reticles are very interesting – I have never seen them before. I would imagine that, with enough training, they could be very useful. Also, is this the same thing as the Remington MSR that is convertible from .308 to .300 WM to .338 Lapua?

  • Lance

    Jdun I disagree I had a Ruger 77 mk2 for years no problems with barrel life.

  • Vitor

    It’s worthy remember that the .300 WM received an upgrade in the as the MK 248 MOD 1, a 220 grains bullet with a quite decent speed of 2859ft/s that give it a good extra punch.

  • jdun1911

    Old usnet post stated by Bart Bobbitt said that 300WM starts to degrade at 1100. The 1500 rounds was confirmed by Doctor. However acceptable accuracy is in the eye of the beholder, right?
    “for example a .300 Win. Mag. will last about
    1100 rounds of original accuracy when shot no faster than once per minute. But rapid fire will wear one out in only a few hundred shots.”
    “.300 Win Mag barrels have a short life span of approximately 1,500 rounds and sharp recoil.”

    Anyway the Army was going to turn those M24 into 300WM sooner or later. It was much later and some people thinks it never going to happen. I guess Afghanistan change that.

    One thing is for sure those Army snipers going to carry a heavier M24 rifle with better way to touch people from far away.

  • The current .300 WM US military sniper load (introduced about a year ago) is the MK 248 Mod 1. This features a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing fired at 2,850 fps, with an average chamber pressure of 68,100 fps. Fairly stiff. It is stated to be still doing over 1,500 fps at 1,000 yards.

  • Looks like Remington is playing “catch-up” to the Savage BAS (bolt action sniper) rifle. If anyone has M24E1, I say bring it on. My BSA will crush the m24 any day of the week.

  • Victor

    Awesome, cousin Itt wears multicam.

  • gyrfalcon

    “Anyone know how much the conversion is going to cost (either the whole contract or for each gun)?”….”Why bother keeping the trigger and receiver? Unless it’s the whole trigger assembly, then I could see keeping the receiver too.”

    If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Rob

    Sounds like the grunts are getting something along the lines of the Mk13 and lets hope the M24E1 follows suit and uses the AICS2 rather then the horrible Remington stock.

  • Matt

    That is one sexy rifle.

  • Greg

    Its about time we had an in between caliber instead of the regular unit snipers in the field only having the ability to see the target but not have the nice 50 cals to splatter them. Now of course when it comes to our Special Operations Units, they have the 5.56 SPR, 6.8, 6.5, 308, 300WM, 338LM, 338NM, 408CT, and 50 cal Barretts or TAC 50’s, pretty much every distance gap is covered for them, as it should be, they are the best Snipers in the world. But I am just glad we are finally giving our other brothers the cartridge to reach out farther in a land where that is paramount to engaging the enemy without compromising there spotter, themselves, or there unit.

    I agree that the stock is too technical, for me. I shoot 2 Custom M40A3’s with the Mcmillan A4 stock, inserts for LOP and integrated thumbwheel Cheekpiece, I have the same rifle setup for my 300WM (Rem700) and my 300 Norma Mag (BAT Repeater Action), BUT for my first rifle, my true teacher, my 308 on my 18th bday, its been an HS Tactical Stock (simple and no adjustments) Blueprinted SA REM 700 BDL setup, Krieger or Broughton with the 5R Barrel #7 contour 22″, always reamed by the AMU for the 175gr LR SMK Issue, 2lb trigger pull, Leupold Mark 4 M3 BDC 3.5-10 mildot; shot out 3 barrels only using factory match 175gr BHills SMK bought by the Lot, This is the only gun in my life that will always and I mean always shoot 1/4MOA or less at 100yard 5 shot groups in any temp or weather and will hold 1/2MOA easily at 600-800yards! so I mean do our snipers need all that stuff not really, but in a sense sometimes the mission calls in the night so where are u going to mount your PVS22 and PEQ15 or PEQ4 or whatever the night calls for!! its more of a I have it if my mission requires it stance that the military takes and for good reason!! but personally if I just wanted to spend a lot of money for something that looks and shoots ok, Id get an AI AWM in 338LM with a S&B PMII 5-25×56, to me thats a waste when for a couple thousand less you can build something that shoots soo much better, I will say the AI true Action and Chassis are the toughest by far I have ever tested in my life. If you ever get a chance shoot a group and then take it drop the gun off 3 stories right on the crown as many times as you like and then shoot it again, nothing changes!!!!!! Its truely amazing what goes into there reciever to chassis bond, I have never seen anything close to it!!!

  • Spiff

    Jim asked if the only difference between the previous model M24 and the “updated” model was a polymer stock versus a wooden stock…Probably not, an “update” normally means an “updated” cost! About 30 years ago the FBI wanted a standard counter sniping rifle and had a field trial with 5 rifles, among them was the Savage 110, Rem. 700, Win. 70…When the trials were over, the FBI chose the Rem 700, even thought the Savage 110 was more accurate, less expensive and would require very little in the way of “up grades”. On the other hand, the adopted Rem 700 was sent to Douglas for a Premium barrel, then to Timney for a Competition grade trigger, then to a stock maker for a complete fiberglass bedding job…some $2,000.00 later here comes the predecessor to the M24…I truly believe that an out of the box Savage or Steyr SSG will be as accurate, maybe more so, for a less cost…

  • cavscout78

    The M24 (U.S. Army) is a long action.

  • Perry

    Seems to me they could have just used the .338LM and got the same end
    result for a lot less R+D. the .338 is already in use, ammo is already
    in the system and it will do anything the .300WM will do plus is a effective
    anti-material system also. I fired a .338LM in a Barrett 98B and the
    unit impressed the hell out of me! great accuracy and no more recoil
    than a .300WM in a hunting rifle. I think the “not invented here”
    syndrome had something to do with that. Ronnie Barrett is a patriot
    and i bet he would cut the military a good deal if asked, IMHO.
    really nice scope though!

  • charles222

    There’s no way they could have adopted .338 lapua and gotten the same lack of expense; .338 is longer than .300WM and the M24 action wasn’t designed to be upgradeable to it.

    Also-regular infantry and cavalry scout snipers have Barretts; heck, they have them at company level for Stryker brigades.

  • DV

    Two years old, but theres a typo in the first paragraph.