Remington Wins M24E1 Upgrade Competition

    Remington Defense has been awarded the contract to upgrade up to 3,600 of the Amry’s M24 Sniper Weapon Systems (SWS) to what will be classified as the M24E1.

    The Remington M24E1

    The M24E1 is a total conversion upgrade. The Army requires them to use the same receiver and trigger, but everything else will be replaced.

    The new M24E1 features:

    • Chambered in .300 Win. Mag.

    • New stock design. Fully adjustable. Features picatinny rails.

    • Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm Extended Range/Tactical (ER/T) M5 Locking Adjustment riflescope variable power scope with bullet-drop compensator for the .300 Win. Mag. cartridge and Horus H27 or H58 reticle in the front focal plane (magnifies with the image). This scope is Leupold’s premier Mark 4 scope.

    • Quick detach AAC muzzlebrake and suppressor.

    • Five round detachable magazine.

    • Corrosion resistant finish.

    This much needed upgrade brings the venerable M24 into the 21st century. The snipers are going to love it!

    Steve Johnson

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