Federal Adds Swift A-Frame to Vital-Shok Handgun Line

From the press release …

September 20, 2010 – Federal Premium® adds the Swift® A-Frame® to its Vital-Shok™ handgun hunting ammunition line. The proven A-Frame gives hunters another bullet option sure to hold up in a variety of big game hunting situations. On sale now.

Tough construction
Handgun hunters know the Swift A-Frame for its toughness. Its bonding process ensures the jacket and core will hold together to get great penetration and ideal weight retention. This translates to great stopping power on big game.

“The A-Frame is a great addition to our handgun hunting lineup,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “It has a reputation, and a proven track record, as a first-class bullet. It will give hunters another great option for their favorite handgun.”

The A-Frame gets controlled expansion on impact. And this bonded-lead hollow point will be available in popular handgun hunting calibers from .357 Mag to .500 S&W. On store shelves now.

Steve Johnson

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  • tom

    I used the new horniaty SST 338 ammo on a moose hunt. Very disapointing. Please do not use this bullit on a big game animal such as moose or griz. you may just injure the animal and if it is a bear you may be injered. It dose not penitrate as advertised and the company Honiaty just blows you off, I called them and that is what thay did.

  • Michael

    I’m a big fan of Hornady bullets, but only as a hand loader. I’ve been turned away from factory ammo for nearly 3 decades because it just doesn’t perform close to a properly hand loaded round! Although, I’ve taken Elk, lots of deer, antelope and other game using the Speer Hot Core line. I once shot a bull elk in 1987 with my .270 using a Speer 130 grain Hot Core boat tail and the bullet went straight up the spine, the only shot I had was from the butt, the bullet went through and followed every vertebrae from the tail to the base of the neck and kept its controlled expansion the entire time. When I recovered the bullet I cleaned all the bone from it and weighted it and it had retained 91% of its original weight! The elk never took one step. So when hunting I always use Speer to hand load with. I shoot Hornady when loading for my handgun or loading to punch paper with my high powered rifles because it is a lot less expensive.