Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System (RSASS)

The Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System (RSASS) is a prototype 7.62x51mm rifle. It features a full length rail, uses Magpul 7.62mm magazines and has a left-side foldable charging handle. Nice! I stole these photos from the AAC Blog

I am a little surprised to see that they are not using the Magpul Massoud as the basis for their upcoming 7.62mm rifle.

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  • Alaskan

    something to be said for the SureFire muzzle break. It seems to be showing up in all kind of photos. Professional,Military and civilians.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Wow! Very nice.

    A couple of thoughts. If this is priced well it can do very well. Keep it closer to the LMT MWS than the REPR, lots of sales.

    I’m also in love with Remington’s handguards. Look at the prototypes from the Remington ACR, the MSR, GPC, and now RSASS. I like the way they’ve skeletonized them.

    Hopefully this will make its way to the civi market. Lot’s of new competition there in the past year (MWS, OBR, REPR, SCAR-H, SR-25EMC, etc…). Seems like the .308 AR is the new cat’s meow.

    As for not being based on the Masoud… Look at the ACR debacle. What company wants to go through that again.

  • wa_trigger

    Has anyone noticed it looks oddly similar to a JP Enterprises LRP-07 .308 Rifle?

    The handguard looks like a JP handguard, and the handguard on the Remington MSR also looks like a JP.

  • Tony Chow

    This looks like a JP Enterprises LPR-07H:

    The way the receivers are machined are typical JP.

  • Kyle

    Look at all the redesign work they had to do to the Masada/ACR to get it ready for mass production. It’s easier to take those learnings as well as go with components that you are tooled up for (Remington makes .308 ARs) instead of burning up years and years starting from scratch to please… nobody who matters. 🙂

  • knice

    The receiver looks a lot like a JP Enterprises CTR-02, especially with that handguard nut…

  • MrMaigo

    Why start with an unproven platform like the Massoud when you can use the AR10?

  • knice

    Correction: LRP-07 for .308

  • Ladyfox


    I’m sorry but that rifle looks like an M14 and AK had a baby that was hit with an ugly stick. *shudder* Oh well, looks like I’m back to loving on my Ishapore 2A 7.62×51 bolt until I can afford an M14.

  • jdun1911

    Did they bought the rights to the Masoud?

    • jdun1911, I don’t think they did.

  • Elektrobug

    That looks almost identical to the JP LRP-07.

  • leopard

    I didn’t know Remington bought licensing rights from Magpul for the Massoud. :S

    Or they didn’t, did they?

  • Magpul still owns all rights to the Massoud, Cerberus only acquired the Masada/ACR design. I think after the ACR crap-fest their holding it pretty close while they figure out where to go with it.

    I think the brake is actually an AAC brake too, since they’re also owned by Cerberus. Could be wrong though.

  • Knowitall

    That isn’t a Surefire. It’s an AAC 762SD brake mount.

  • charles222

    Weird mix of ACR/AR-15 there. I totally agree on the beauty of the rail system-never thought one of those would qualify as pleasing to the eye, but that is.

    Does the stock collapse/expand as well as fold?

  • Clairon

    More now on Remington Defense site :

    And indeed it’s developped together with JP Enterprises.


  • MPuckett

    Today I bought the newest edition of Tactical Weapons and it has an article on the RSASS. Recently, a company bought Remington, JP Enterprises, AAC and several other companies. This rifle is based off of the LRP-07 rifle, but has been significantly overhauled. Personally, this is a dead sexy sniper system. I would be overjoyed to use this in Afghanistan. The author says the RSASS can do sub MoA groups at 800 yards. With systems such as the M24/ Model 700 in use since Vietnam, I would be inclined to agree. So the RSASS is a collaboration between Remington, JP Enterprises and AAC. And I should point out that all three of these companies are well known in the community as having outstanding quality in all of there products.

  • harkem

    The receiver looks like American Spirit Arms .308 side charger. Hope it makes it to the public soon.

  • joshua decker

    how much does the rsass cost ..and is it available for purchase

  • mark wilfong

    this is a very nice rifle, id be willing to pay a good bit for it

  • cheeze

    ur all loozers