Magpul Massoud 7.62x51mm rifle

    The Massoud is a concept semi-automatic 7.62x51mm rifle by Magpul. It looks like it is s scaled up Magpul/Bushmaster Masada/ACR. The Massoud takes 7.62x51mm PMAGS.

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     Albums H90 Remov Shot2009  Magpul Massoud 01
    Remov holding Massoud

     Albums H90 Remov Shot2009  Magpul Massoud 02
    Photos Copyright Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV). Used with permission.

    It is presumably named after Ahmad Shah Massoud aka. Lion of Panjshir who was a pro-western Afghan who fought the Soviets. He was assassinated by suspected al-Qaeda agents two days before 9/11.

    Don’t expect to see this rifle at your local gun dealer anytime soon, if ever.

    Steve Johnson

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