An Exquisite, Beautiful and Steampunk-esque .50 BMG rifle

This is easily one of the most incredible rifles I have ever seen. This work of art was built by the late Jack Smith of Sudbury, Mass. in his home machine shop. It is built on a custom falling-block Farquharson-style action. Mr Smith must have been a careful man because in addition to the falling breech block he incorporated a howitzer-style side swinging breech block for added safety.

It features a rear tang sight and a Unertl 15X target scope mounted with custom-built aluminum rings. Because the gun is so big, the scope and iron sights are offset to left.

The forearm and pistol grip are made from cast bronze. The stock and side panels are French walnut. Note the lack of a muzzlebrake.

This rifle is being auctioned next month by James D. Julia (lot #1350). It is expected to sell for between $15,000-$25,000.

[Hat Tip: Max Popenker]

Steve Johnson

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  • Boomie

    Does this gun not have a muzzlebreak? As heavy as it might be I’d be scared to shoot it without one.

    • Boomie, no muzzle brake, I forgot to mention that

  • probe

    That is a fantastic piece of work…. are there any higher Res images anywhere??

  • 54Bravo

    I’ll be succinct and to the point…

    W-A-N-T !!!

  • Burst

    Simply Beautiful.

    I’m disappointed (but hardly surprised) that we never see firearms with this much character from major manufacturers.

  • Pete Sheppard

    It sounds like a “Lookee, no shootee” (well, maybe *once* :O ) rifle.

  • Ted

    Gotta admit, absolutely beautiful! Excellent work of art.

  • Ted N(not the Nuge)

    That is a work of art, simply beautiful!

  • Nadnerbus

    I guess they still do make quality stuff in America. Wow. What attention to detail. It would almost be a shame to shoot the thing.

    I could see that getting more than 25 grand with the right group of bidders.

  • Woodroez

    I’ll take one, and to settle my debt for it, here’s all my other guns, my car, both kidneys and my good eye.

  • Tom Stone

    This is a superb piece.

  • The American Single Shot Rifle Association website had an article some time ago about a company that offered falling block actions big enough to take the 50 BMG. But this bench made rifle looks particularly nice. Julia get some really nice guns whenever they put up an auction!

  • Sian

    Boomie, it probably weighs 30-40 pounds, that would do a lot to make up for the lack of a muzzle brake.

    Also it’s gorgeous.

  • West

    On a rifle like this is everything custom made down to the barrel, sights and individual trigger mechanism components?

  • Alan

    I am awed, and frightened at the same time.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship.


  • West

    Oh, and I bid $50 on the Mig-21.

  • Matt

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • who needs a muzzle brake, it’s just going to sit on the coffee table and look awesome.

    • hojo, it would need to be a very big coffee table 😉 But I agree, I could easily just sit in front of it and admire it for hours.

  • John C.

    Looks like you would get stabbed in the face by the rear sight when its folded.

  • That is exquisite. I’d love to see more of Mr. Smith’s work – truly fine gun pr0n. 😉

  • subase

    A muzzle brake is ungentlemanly due to the side blast and the dirt it kicks up.

  • Rodolfo

    Gorgeous gun.
    Dead-on steampunk reference.

  • LJK

    I do hope the buyer appreciates what he’s getting. I’d hate to see this on some Youtube clip being fired with some red-dot mounted on the top.

    Most likely going to a collector and never going to be fired, but there just might be someone with more money than sense.

  • This is one hell of an artistic gun porn piece! Lol Indeed I could just stare at it for hours without getting bored. Congrats to the maker.

  • subase

    Actually would have looked cooler if it wasn’t useless. But I guess that’s a form of attraction for rich people.

    • subase, why is it useless? He built it as a target rifle. It is 100% particle.

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    (It is truly a thing of beauty…)


  • Gary

    Also available — I don’t know where — there are images of the progressive making of this beast. A lot of the actual milling, boring, threading etc. A good deal of it performed on a CNC milling machine.

    If you are at all interested in the actual manufacturing process these are wonderful to look at.

    If someone who has seen them could post a link …?


  • nadda

    I think it is schuetzen-esque, not Steampunk-esque.

  • David/Sharpie

    Holy cow, that is one exquisite rifle, that looks amazing.

    I want.

  • 1911a145acp


  • 1911a145acp

    $25K seems like a bargain!!