Remington Parlor Pistol

Nancy’s blog has an interesting article about the Remington Rider Parlor pistol.

The Remington-Rider Parlor is among the rarest and sought of all Remington handguns. This little single-shot percussion pistol has always been a bit of a conundrum. Little is known as to the reason for its manufacture and its demise while contemplated as possibly just unpopular for its discontinuation it can most assuredly be attributed in some part to Remington’s shift in priorities due to the start of the civil war.

I find the design of this little pistol very appealing.

Read more about it here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew

    Interestingly, since they rely on only the percussion cap for propulsion, these are classified as “non-firearms” in Canada and require no license to own and possess. On the other hand, reproductions cost $180 CAD.

  • Yes, Italian Davide Pedersoli makes excellent replica of this little pistol, sold as indoor practice gun.

  • Thanks for the shout out 🙂 The author of this particular post is one of our knowledgeable members, Silicon Soccer.

  • Derfel Cadarn

    Cool! Shooting in your living room,this would really have the lefties pissing their pants.

  • randy d.rider

    this was a distant kin that made this pistol’;am very proud to have him in my family tree