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  • SpudGun

    Dark city streets, film noir, black and white, dangerous criminals around every corner – Now I know where the inspiration for those S&W Bodyguard promos came from.

    In fact, it was so film noir, the kid should have been smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey and slapping dames.

    That was an awesome commercial, but you could never get away with that kind of advertising today.

    I liked the flip up iron sights and the 10 round magazine makes it California legal. πŸ™‚

  • Nick

    Isn’t that BG Otis from Mayberry? Looks like he was on the wagon and on the prowl.

  • Steve

    I had the late 60’s model. Not quite a fancy but I played with it for hours on end. Guess I was always destined to be a gun nut. Last Christmas all my nephews were playing with toy guns, so I found one for my daughter and said “you need this, go play with the boys”. For New Years we went shooting together. I think she is hooked too.

  • Rob

    Just checked eBay. One guy has bidding going on, currently at $55. Other guy has Buy It Now price of $425! :O

  • candurandu
  • candurandu
  • Jim

    It’s a shame cops got so antsy and made this sort of toy unproducable.

  • Erik

    “I would have given my right arm to have one of those when I was a kid.”

    I’d like to have one now! Much cheaper, lighter, shorter, easier to clean then my 1927A1.

  • Big Daddy

    I had one of those tommy guns and a bolt action Springfield. There was this program called Combat with Vic Morrow???? and he had a tommy gun so I had to have one. Then I got an actual working plastic M-14. It was great stuff, all I ever wanted to be was a soldier. That was until I became one and found out being a soldier at that time in the US Army was being more of a janitor.

  • Martin

    I just bought some cap guns for my daughters. They love ’em! Two minutes of lecture about eye and ear safety, and not a problem since.

    Ahh, the good old days.

  • DJ

    Haha, brought to you by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

  • Bk

    Cops are not antsy, we just don’t want to get shot at… Its no fun. Do you?

  • Rusty Ray

    I had a plastic FAL. Then things got all SciFi and I moved onto plastic blasters…..

    Cheers – Rusty

  • Jim

    “Cops are not antsy, we just don’t want to get shot at… Its no fun. Do you?”

    There was a day when a policeman wouldn’t assume a 12 year old with a gun was an armed criminal planning to shoot. Those days are gone, and that is to be lamented.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Another blast from the past. Both my brother and I had the thompsons and the snub nosed revolver. We didn’t get them in the set. I don’ t recall the holster having a snap.
    We also had the M-14 like Big Daddy mentioned. Ours were battery powered.
    The only complant I had about any of these weapons of childhood was the plastic construction. We played hard and the guns weren’t long term investments. Only the Snub Nosed Revolver survived long enough to be packed away.
    Thanks, this was fun to see.

  • Sven Weichbrodt