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  • subase

    Should have called it the UZI Awesome!

    They now have a cool website up too.

    Strangely they don’t list the weight of this uzi, I wonder how much weight the lower polymer saves?

  • James.Denholm

    Ah, of course. The one thing the Micro UZI really, really didn’t need, but was always going to be fitted with anyway – rails.

  • SpudGun

    Are people still buying UZI smgs, I thought they went the way of the dinosaur?

    With all the fancy SBRs, PDWs and other TLAs (three letter acronyms) available on the market, in all sorts of exotic calibers and configurations, it makes me wonder who this sub-machine gun is aimed at.*

    *When I say ‘aimed at’ I don’t mean Palestinians, I mean, who will buy it

  • Alex B

    It’s suppose to save lots of weight, but not that much as the heavier part of the weapon is the bolt.

  • New prop for the Total Recall remake!

  • Sian

    Lots of nice little tweaks from the older micro-uzi. Necessary change of the cocking knob from the top to the left side for a rail, and the grip design looks a lot better. I see that the foregrip conceals a fourth rail, so you can mount your own grip there if you like.

    The big difference is the Uzi Pro fires from closed bolt. Will this along with the reduced mass make it run significantly hotter?

  • If it saves too much weight, it’ll destroy the best reason for the Uzi.

    I have one, semi-auto of course.

    I can fire all 32 shots pretty much as fast as I can pull the trigger and stay on target.
    I pretty much shoot a fist sized hole out of the target.
    Since it’s so heavy, it stays right on target.

    If they make it too light, that won’t be possible.
    You’ll reintroduce all the problems with staying on target that the Uzi solved.

  • Todd

    I wonder if the pistol version will come stateside. Looks nice. I had an original UZI years ago. It was brand new in the Styrofoam and was a nearly perfect specimen. It had all the accessories like the oil bottle, and box. Every time I see one at a gun show that is priced into the stratosphere (and that looks like crap in comparison to my UZI) I cry a little inside.

  • Spiff

    Wouldn’t a MAC 10 be cheaper (stamping and casting), simpler (few parts), easier to handle (just needs a strap), and more available?

  • Gungeek

    Consider it BOUGHT.

  • Will

    I don’t know what to think of this. On one hand, I’m intrigued, on the other, mortified. Kinda wish they had trimmed down the grip a little.

  • John C.

    Why do the Israelis always have those Meprolight Sights on their guns?

  • Mad Saint Jack

    I thought the Uzi Pro was a gun that used Glock mags, but it looks like I was thinking of the Para Micro Uzi.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    They just keep getting smaller.

  • Nick

    I may simply have played Halo too much, but I could totally go for one of those being imported as a handgun.

  • Gage

    Oh, I like. 🙂 Watch, and you’ll see this in quick service with the IDF.

  • Airrider

    You know, thinking about it that’s a really clever way to put a stable, non-moving foregrip in without losing the useful profile of a handgun-like weapon (holsterable, etc.) Quite neat.

  • Cameron

    Its sexy but how in hell do they want you to hold it?

  • Spiff

    The more I think about this pint sized Uzi, the more inclined I would be to have a Glock 18! Smaller, simpler, easier to carry…

  • alex b

    about the hold it’s either the “classic” one hand on the grip and the other on the hand-gaurds in front. Or one the grip and the other on the “trigger-guard” with a foregrip-like hold, the same way as the tavor.

    But not everybody will find this confortable. I personaly used the micro-uzi and the tavor with a tdi svg foregrip and i think that it will be a better option.(using it on my M4 as well)

    As far as the mepro21 on most israeli weapons it’s the most common army used red point sight but (new vers mepro-mor will be adopted soon). It a great extremly durable sight. But it’s weight and size are noticable compared to the other prodacts on the market.

  • Brandon

    It’s hideous and beautiful at the same time

  • Mactrekkie

    Just the thing a microgun should not have. Rails for sights! Flashlights, I understand, but why four rails!? But it is really cute, in a bulldog sort of way.

  • looks awsome! hows it work in the field test? where can i buy one ?

  • PLUS

    The IWI said that this is a close bolt SMG, but the original UZI/Mini-UZI is an open bolt design, isn’t it?

    How can it be transform to a close bolt?

  • MCRZ

    i dont like it. I prefer the classic stamped metal and open bolt design. It was carried by Secret Service, so why cant it just stay the same?