Galil Ace Rifle

Israel Weapon industries (IWI) has introduced a new line of Galil rifles and carbines. The Ace rifle comes in three flavors. The 2x series (21,22 and 23 – the model number differentiate between barrel lengths) are chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the 3x (31 and 32) series is chambered in 7.62x39mm and the 3x series (52 and 53) is chambered in 7.62mm NATO)

Galil Ace 31
Galil Ace 31

The Ace line improves upon three areas of the original Galil: ergonomics, optics and accuracy. Ergonomics is improved with a modern-style pistol grip and adjustable M4-style stock. Accuracy is improved by using the Galil Sniper trigger instead of the standard rifle/carbine trigger. Multiple picatinny rails have been included to make the system optics ready.

Galil Ace 52

The rifles use the standard Galil magazines. The 7.62x39mm and 5.56mm NATO have 35 round capacity and the 7.62mm NATO has 25 round capacity.

This video shows a variety of Ace rifles being stress tested …

I snot think that a civilian version of this rifle will ever be made but in time the consumer AK accessory industry is sure to start producing handguards, pistol grips and stocks for dressing up a AK-clone as an Galil Ace.

Steve Johnson

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  • Wow, I thought the Galil was as good as dead. I’m happy to see them make a come back.

  • subase

    Come on, they obviously made this weapon intending it for export to the u.s.a. This is like everyones wish list of what they wanted on the Galil.

  • watthefuk

    Is that me or that GALIL ACE 31 have a magpul cheekraiser?

  • Burst

    Probably a locally grown copy of the magpul.

    That forearm looks comfortable. Nice to see someone getting away from the quadrail handgrinder configuration.

  • Vak

    Looks like a nice take on the “21th century AK” theme.

    That demo video is absolutely horrible though.

  • SpudGun

    I know that the Galil is just an AK clone and that just like the AK-200, it’s just been duded up with rails and accessories but…it sure is one nice looking AK clone.

    This has peaked my interest a great deal. Would love to hear some reports about accuracy.

  • Alex B

    I have love hate relationship with the Galil but this new ones look very improved over the old model.
    Those are a bitch assemble in armorer level.

    But i still hate those magazines….and the polymer ones are even worse.

  • shibby

    Ok IWI, now you make us wait 2 years then put a $3000 price tag on it.

  • Brad

    Is it just me or did that damn thing not even move at the end on full auto?!? Looks fun.

  • Redchrome

    I love the left-side charging handle with built-in dust cover.

    Also good to note that the 5.56 version at least has a last-shot bolt hold open feature in the magazine. I’m also going to guess that it uses Galil/Golani magazines, which look to be a heck of a lot better designed than AR mags (reinforced feed lips, constant-curve geometry).

    Max Popenker says the 7.62×39 version uses AK mags tho, which inherently don’t have a bolt hold open feature.

  • Jusuchin (Military otaku)

    “I snot think that a civilian version of this rifle will ever be made but in time the consumer AK accessory industry is sure to start producing handguards, pistol grips and stocks for dressing up a AK-clone as an Galil Ace.”

    Spellcheck on ‘snot’…

  • Alan


  • I just *love* the supposed “sand tests” done in almost every video of this sort. I really don’t think the test could have been optimized any more to NOT test the weapon’s ability to function in a sandy environment. How about a few pneumatic vibrators placed on the sand receptacle to help the sand find it’s way into places it shouldn’t be (simulating vibration during carry, in a vehicle, or even in storage)? How about doing BOTH sides of the rifle? Getting a little sand in the ejection port (which likely never saw any due to the gentle way the rifle was placed in the sand with the port down) would make a hell of a statement. How about wind blown “fines” while firing? The test rig wouldn’t be all that difficult to make.

    Then again, I’m pretty sure there’s a damned good reason I’m not designing test methods for firearms. Just like most industries, they want tests that show the product looking good and not tests which are designed to find out when it fails…and I only really care about the latter.

  • Will

    Now this I like.

  • The only way we would get a Galil in this country is if they made it with a thumbhole stock,10 round magazine, and pinned flash hider.

  • Tylermar

    Import please ace 31 looks awsome

  • mr lorenco _(republic of kosovo)

    steve the 7.62×39 mm magazines are the same as on the ak47/akm
    theyre not 35 rounders as you are saying

  • El Duderino

    Not hard to fire up manufacturing in the US if demand is high enough. All those European designs made locally come to mind. You could import a few pieces too. I have stayed away from Galils as the preban rifles are pretty much “don’t shoot me, I’m collectible” and the Century rifles are low quality — I’d love to own one somewhere in the middle.

  • Sean

    I would buy one of those.

  • Frank

    Is that lower made of polymer?

  • JoeSoCool

    With a proprietary mag, it’s dead on the water. With a AR15/M16/M4/Everyoneelse mag, I’d buy one.

  • zincorium

    @frank- there’s no ‘lower’ on a Galil, technically speaking. The one-piece receiver on Galils is milled steel, these are probably the same. The polymer is most likely screwed/bolted onto that, although I find it interesting that it stretches all the way to the hand guard.

  • subase

    That retro funky typeface straight out of Word 97 for the video tells you everything you need to know about the video.

    From the video the lower doesn’t look polymer it looks metal. The grip is polymer though. It’s just the paint which gives it a plastic look.

  • Redchrome

    A magazine that’s not broken by design (unlike the AR15) makes me want to buy one. 😉

    If you ever get a chance to look at a Golani mag, do so. They’re pretty darned sturdy things. Not quite like an AK mag, but pretty close, and they have a bolt hold open feature.

    Backwards compatibility is great up to a point; but it sometimes substantially hinders progress towards better designs.

  • Pete Sheppard

    I hate to say it, but +1 to JoeSoCool’s comment. AR parts rule, including mags. Anyway, my gripe with the Galil 5.56 mag is the additional length (height) for five more rounds.

  • Notice that they also moved the charging handle to the left side, with what looks like a spring-loaded cover to cover the track…any word on whether the charging handle reciprocates or not?

  • WeaponBuilder

    DO WANT!!!


    LOVE the new front handguard. Appears to have rails beneath it, but they’re set much closer to the barrel, and allow a more ‘seamless’ transition from the bottom grip covers to the side grip covers – which likely are removable for accessories, IR Laser/Illuminators, etc.

    Admittedly, I started drooling on the shorty 223 video footage!

  • Redchrome

    The charging handle does reciprocate. Look at the video.

  • me

    Well, Hopefully this doesnt ding brass like some of the Galil’s I have shot. Puts a crimp in my reloading.

  • FreedomFighter

    I think it’ll work just fine, I’ve had a galil for almost a year now, and while it does ding-up some brass it still shoots just fine. With all the bells n whistles tho its quite heavy. I want an ACE, and all I would put on it is an optic, either micro red-dot or something halo. BTW if ne one wants to know and if i might of missed someone else post this, TAPCO makes a damn fine poly mag in 30rds for .223. has em for 14 bucks a mag. They’re pretty darn sturddy and have great followers in em. Dont knock em till u try em.

  • FreedomFighter

    Also did anyone happend to notice if the stock folded or not? WOuld prefer a folding stock.

  • Dee


    TAPCO AK Mags are OK, but they don’t do so well when subjugated to shock. Fine for range time and plinking, but i wouldn’t depend my life on them. If you want a “bet your life” AK polymer Mag check out Bulgarian Circle 10 mags and US PALM AK30 mags. Those mags are AWESOME!

  • Adrian

    Well ,here in Colombia the Galil is the standard rifle of the militay and most armed forces of the state, and the Galil ACE is replacing the old model,so I can tell you as a ex military that the Galil is very rugged,never fails and very acurate,believe it or not,and combat proven, this ACE most tobe better if it wants to replace a true old ACE.

    • SgtUSMC

      Really? ask yourself why the IDF switched the Galil to a rifle for SUPPORT units if it is so accurate and rugged? tough “yes”, but the IDF front line and tactical units all used the M-4 carbine, and only now switched to the TAVOR series.

      I will not dismiss your deployment of the weapon in the field, or your familiarity, BUT I can probably produce an updated M-4/M-16 ( like the HK416/417) that can OUT PERFORM the ACE. All and all a nations military needs to use the weapon that best suits them. If the ACE is your “meal ticket”, stand by it…

      • Adrian

        Hello greetings from Colombia.
        Well M-16´s almost for free,it explains it all ,Now IWI wants produce the Tavor in the states so the IDF can get their Tavors almost for free too.
        BTW I think that pistons systems are far better than the direct gas systems,but if those rifle are M-16´s for free well I will get the M-16 platform.
        Here in Colombia we the ex and active military personel show Respect for USA armed forces.

  • scott

    the questions now are: where do i get mine? how much? when and where are they available at??? i already know what the ak’s are capable of doing and how beat up they can get and still work without missing a beat, so where are they????

  • Jim

    Wow! I would love for Santa to place one of the “52”s under my Christmas tree. Galil has always been a great upgrade from the standard AK-47 Chassis. I would really love to get my hands on one of these 7.62 NATO bad boys. You gotta love the FAL and the AR-10, but a NATO Galil!!! Yes Please! This was a wise decision for Peru.

  • Adrian

    I want you take a look at this:
    The Colombians have already bought the production rights to the Galil ACE and are mass producing the new rifle.They are talks of exports to different countries.

    The ‘surgery’ that took a pound of weight on the New Galil rifle

    The Colombian Military Industry modified and design a new rifle, it was adapted with new accessories.

    About 200 men from the Special Forces, who make the most important operations, will be responsible to prove, in a sort of ‘baptism of fire’, the new Galil rifle, the GALIL ACE.

    It is not a mere facelift. Although the design of the new rifle that is manufactured in Colombia for more than five years, has obvious differences with the old Israeli model, Colombian soldiers fighting in the jungles and mountains of the country will feel several differences.

    Most notably, the 450 grams lighter than the new rifle weighs: from 3 kilos and 750 grams to 3.3 kilos from the increased use of polymers (plastics) where before there was steel. But it also has a number of accessories that make it more accurate and versatile. In fact, compared with a sniper rifle.

    The Military Industry (Indumil) has already started mass production of the new Galil Ace. At year’s end, according to the Defense Ministry’s plans, the 300 thousand troops from the Armed Forces have gun again. Unlike the old-existing rifle begin to be cast en masse in the coming months, under strict official control, the new Galil has a range of accessories that give significant advantages in combat.

    You can use precision sights and flashlights, as well as grenade launchers. In addition, the stock can accommodate the size of the person who wears it. In dialogue with time, the manager of Indumil, Colonel Carlos Enrique Villarreal, said that Colombia, who bought the manufacturing rights to Israel, and is negotiating with other countries exporting the Galil Ace.…alil_7732324-1
    So I dont understand this post Its Perú or Colombia?

  • Here is the post to refer to about Peru. Peru is also about to be running the Galil ACE.

  • Sean Ingram

    Looks like it took the Israelis to improve and combine the best of the AR and the AK to give potential customers what they wanted; the knockdown and hitting power of the 7.62×39 combined with the accuracy of the AR. This rifle looks very promising but only time, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will tell how effective it is.

    I just hope that it’s more affordable on the civilian market than the FN-SCAR is.

  • Mateo

    The IMI GALIL is from israel, Colombia is now the only with the rigths to make it , so , in summer 2010, they made IMI GALIL ACE, that is this gun you are showing… its based on a gun from israel, but is totally Colombian…

  • AzSelectfire

    sweet I love galils here is a video of me shooting my full auto galil:

  • Mark Holcomb

    Do the following:
    *break open for cleaning like an AR-15
    *Use AR-15 mags and ammo
    *Use a fiber optic neon green front post sight.
    *make both front and rear pop up button folding sights that co-witness with a reflex sight like the depicted one
    *Make it under $750.00
    and I’ll buy one.

  • Miah

    Military Arms channel just put pictures up and announced that a pistol version with a folding brace and a rifle version of the 7.62×39 will be available for civilians in march!!!