Annie Oakley doing trick shots on film

I don’t think I have previously blogged this famous short film showing Annie Oakly doing tricks. The film was shot in Edison’s studio for the Edison Kinetoscope.

In the film her husband is throwing glass balls. When doing her shows the glass balls would be filled with colored power and features. This clip from the PBS documentary American Experience shows a recreation of these powered-filled glass balls being shot at.

[Hat Tip: Sean at Religiopolitical Talk]

Steve Johnson

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  • Tahoe

    So, a film of a woman shooting her husband’s…..yeah.

    I imagine either she’s using really light target loads, or her husband is deaf?

  • Bryan S

    Probably exibition loads.. lots of flash and smoke (but this was before smokeless was common) and some sort of dust that has enough oomph to pop balloons or the like, but not enough to hurt (severely) the other actors in a show. Same as some modern day guys who use fine shot loads.

    Not that i would put it past her to shoot better, but just saying.

  • arifonzie

    As a side note, the glass balls used for target practice back then are quite collectable and can go for many thousands of dollars for the rare ones.

    • arifonzie, thanks interesting