Tactical Short Barreled Shotgun

My guess is that this is one of the Chinese clones of the Remington 870. They make them with and without magazines. The stock is a Blackhawk Knoxx recoil-reducing stock. The magazine allows a shorter barrel without sacrificing ammunition capacity. I think a broomstick foregrip would be needed to pump the action.

The photo is from Caustic’s blog.

Steve Johnson

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  • Aurelien

    Looks a whole lot like the Valtro PM5 system (box mag on a shotgun).

  • Vak

    Don’t quote me on this one, but I think this is a Dominion Arms GRizzly Mag shotgun which is a canadian 870 clone (with some improvements).

    Nice laws those canadians have when it comes to barrel lenghts. It makes much more sense to prevent Bubba from sawing off his shotgun to conceal it than to force a law abiding gun enthusiast to pay a tax stamp for a SBS.

  • TGN

    It is a Dominion Arms Grizzly MAG Shotgun only available in Canada IIRC. Magazine has a 5 round capacity.

  • Jim

    You’ll shoot your fingertips off, kid.

  • Burst

    Assuming the Kushnapup is “how to do it right”, this might as well be
    “How not to.”

    all the noise, pain, and legality of a sawed-off with none of the handiness.

  • Shiz

    This reminds me of the Knoxx Sidewinder kit. They did make a 870 model, but I believe that it required permanent modification.

  • JonMac

    ’tis a ‘Dominion Arms’ (Chinese import as you say) ‘Grizzly MAG’ with 6.5″ barrel;


  • jdun1911

    I want a super shorty for quite some time but the price point is too high for a novelty.


  • HerbG

    Supposedly this gun is being made by Dlask Arms in Canada and they are using Remingtons as the basis. Here is their description of the gun and a link:

    “These are part of a large run we did of 8.5” barreled Remington 870’s. These were by and large at the request of backpackers and hunters, as well as anyone who spends a lot of time in bear country. These are a non-restricted item at this time. Any one with a PAL may purchase one of these beauties.”


  • G37

    Cool… a friend sent me this link today showing a pic of my old 870-Shorty. Yes, that was my old shotgun.

    The barrel was indeed made by DLASK ARMS up here in Canada. It is 6.5″ in length. The forearm is also a DLASK product (No longer being made).

    The Receiver was a Chinese “Grizzly” in order to get the detachable magazines (No one else to my knowledge makes an 870 with detachable mags). I had also swapped out as many of the original Chinese parts as possible with Remginton 870 parts, especially the trigger group.

    The Good:
    It was loud, flashy, light, sexy and held more than 2 shells.

    The Bad:
    The magazine fitment was quite poor and it would constantly bind when stripping off a shell. The short forearm would also twist and bind; I had mounted a grip, but the magazine and grip interfered as they were too close together.

    The Conclusion:
    I ended up stripping it down and selling it off in pieces. It was short lived and my attempt at creating a Canadian version of the Serbu super shorty since they are not allowed to be exported from the USA.

    Here’s a link of me shooting it before it was taken apart 😀