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  • “Glock 23 (the subcompact .40 S&W”

    No. The SUBcompact (baby) .40 Glock is the 27.

    23 is just compact.

    • gvass, thanks for the correction.

  • Kurt

    Steve, you’ve got a typo there – the G23 is the compact .40, not the subcompact (G27).

  • The model 23 is the compact Glock in .40S&W. The model 27 is the subcompact version.

  • Dave

    Hey, the Glock 23 isn’t sub-compact, it’s just compact (or their medium-size model). It’s the same size as the Glock 19.

    • Fixed the compact subcompact thing.

  • William

    I pesonally prefer GEN 3 frames I do not like interchangeable backstraps it just another thing to lose in a combat situation

  • carlos

    any idea of the price steve.

  • Any idea what is next to hit the streets after the 23?

    • Heath, I have no idea. I reckon that within a year most will be gen4.

  • Streaker

    Steve, with all the corrections offered on the 23/27 discrepancy, at least you know folks are reading this………….

    • Streaker, I had problems accessing the blog and so could not approve the comments so people did not know thats others had already posted a correction.