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  • Nathaniel

    That’s a pretty terrible chart I must say. According to it, 7.92x57mm IS has case length equal to 7.62x51mm, and a case head and bullet diameter less than both the NATO cartridge and 7.62x39mm. The case head of 7.62x39mm on the chart dwarfs everything else except .50 BMG, and its caliber appears to be about .35″ using the .308 as a guideline. .300 Winchester Magnum and and .338 Lapua appear to be the same cartridge, and both appear to be about .25 caliber. .50 BMG also appears to be too small. To add insult to injury, the details of the case head dimensions, such as the groove depth and rim thickness, all appear as if they were created

    I’m not sure what the merit of this chart is supposed to be, but it does not do a very good job of showing the size of different cartridges compared to each other.

    This one is moar bettar:

  • Nathaniel

    *created by the same people who design fake cartridges for toy revolvers to be sold in dollar stores.