Jerry Miculek de-locked his competition gun

Steve_NEPhila noticed that Jerry Miculek, the famous speed shooter, has de-locked the S&W 627PC he uses for IRC Open Division competitions.

If you looks closely you can see that the locking flag has been removed from the mechanism.

If someone is good enough for Jerry it is probably good enough for the rest of us!

The S&W internal locks have irked shooters since they were introduced. The locks can engage under recoil rendering the gun useless. It may be an annoyance at the range but could be life threatening elsewhere.

Michael Bane experience this issue with a dangerous game backup gun

On the second round, the “flag” part of the locking system flew up and locked the gun up at almost a full cock.

I couldn’t unlock it; I couldn’t uncock it; I couldn’t get it to fire. It took me 20 minutes of working v….e….e….r….r….y gingerly with a screwdriver to get the lock to release enough to allow me to bring the 329 to full cock and subsequently unlock the cylinder and empty the gun.

I’d say this was NOT GOOD for a gun billed as a dangerous game back-up gun!

Jerry breaking records

[ Many thanks to Steve_NEPhila for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • greasyjohn

    *Rendering the gun USEless.

  • Don


    I have lock and non-lock SW .44 rem mags and shoot literally thousands of rounds per year ranging from light target loads to stout hunting/”experimental” loads and have never experienced a lock engaging. I can’t say I ever shot a .44 rapid fire however…


  • Maverick

    “The locks can engage under recoil rendering the gun unless”. I think you meant useless

  • v

    this is why i sold ALL my S&W firearms and will never return to the company for any reason…
    the failures have been so blatant that no one with any honesty can deny their existence …
    S&W has continued to pretend that problems don’t exist, i will continue to pretend that they do not exist…

  • Steve

    The lock is not a piece of safety equipment, as it does not make any firearms “safer.” I want Smith and Wesson to heed what the customers want, take the internal lock out of the fine weapons you produce and we would buy more!!!

    I do not carry any weapon for defense that has a “lock” built into it, and I will not.

  • 4Cammer

    S&W has saved me some big $$$$ by putting those stupid and ugly locks on their revolvers. Pass.

  • DoubtingThomas

    This video below may be useful to anyone (like me) who didn’t know exactly what this lock is.

    What year did S&W start adding the internal locks?

  • sheepdog

    …I will never own a lock model…and there are about six S&Ws I would love to buy…but for the lock…if they were to run a customer survey, they would be astonished to find how many sales they’re missing…

  • that hammer sure looks nice, i wonder who made it…… looks like team apex at it again!

  • jdun1911

    Integrated locks like the ones on S&W, Springfield Amory, etc are flaw designs. I’m surprise no one sue them of yet. They will engage at the wrong time and it has happen as posted in many firearms forums.

    Integrated locks as well as trigger locks are not a good way to keep your gun lock. If you going to lock your handgun go with a cable lock. This will prevent the insertion of the magazine and the gun will be out of battery, preventing it from firing.

  • David Weller

    I have a Taurus PT1911 that has the same problem, except the “safety feature” is a tiny hex bolt on the hammer, and it HAS locked up on me more than once. Taurus has offered to “fix” the looseness, but not remove it. I no longer recommend any Taurus firearm with this configuration — EXTREMELY unsafe for real-world situations!

  • Robert Allen

    I spent about two hours figuring out how to dis-assemble the “locking mecanisum” in my “JM 45 ACP, N frame S&W”. When I got it removed, I “JB Welded” the flag back into the frame so it’ll NEVER MOVE AGAIN!!! This closes up the opening that it occupises in the frame, preventing foreign matter from entering the action recesseses. I also filled the hole in the frame where the “KEY” was SUPPOSED to be used, with “JB WELD”. I’ve shot about 1500 rounds through the gun, “over half of them at my falling plate rack, double action rapid fire style” and have had NO LOCK UPS, OR OTHER TYPE OF PROBLEMS!!! When my friends look at this JM 45 and ask me what that grey dot above the cylinde release is, I just smile and say “That’s where a Lawyer used to live” LOL!!!! I also own a late model S & W- K-22, 10 shot stainless steel wheel gun that I performed the same “GUTTING JOB” on. Myself and my young son have “SHOT THE HELL OUT OF IT” for almost four years now, WITH NO ILL AFFECTS noticed!!! These DAMNED LOCKS can be gotten around guys, just use your common sense.