Steve Johnson

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  • Redchrome

    My dad made a miniature naval cannon of about .22 bore when he was younger & working in his father’s machine shop. Only problem is that the touchhole is too small for the fuse that he says is available these days. The fuse shown in the video looks about the right size tho.

  • SpudGun

    How does someone go about ordering one of these miniature cannons, as my friend Tooky in Arizona SuperMax Pennitentery said he’s very interested in acquiring one for…er, recreational purposes.

    • SpudGun, they are easy enough to make. just need a piece of bronze and a drill.

  • John Callahan

    I like how he fires it on a glass table right next to his computer…pretty neat though

  • zach

    I want to make and/or buy one of these!!

  • Red

    I would love to see a super slow mo of it firing and what ever it’s hitting

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    Impressive engineering. Obviously not in a hurry to quit smoking though. Wonder how many he went through whilst shooting that little video.