Savage Edge review

Jeff Quinn has written a review of the new Savage Edge rifle. He gets greats accuracy out of it using factory ammunition …

No groups measured in excess of the magical one-inch mark. I remember years ago when a typical hunting rifle took a lot of tuning and load development to shoot consistently under an inch at one hundred yards. Now, many rifles will do that well or better, if you are willing to spend the money for a quality rifle.

With a sample size of just one rifle, Jeff’s results do not mean that the Savage Edge is a sub-MOA rifle. I look forward to reading more reviews and seeing what accuracy others achieve with this very compelling rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • Anton

    The man should put some money into a better mic. The wind doesn’t make him very understandable.

    Seems like a nice budget for a budgeteer. I’ll have to see what those cost when they’re put on the Dutch market.

  • Jaekelopterus

    As much fun as Gunblast is to read, I wouldn’t call what Jeff Quinn writes “reviews,” so much as deep, wet kisses to firearm and optics manufactures. I’ve never read anything from him that was critical about anything but Hillary Clinton.

  • CinSC

    “I’ve never read anything from him that was critical about anything …”

    I think Jeff Quinn’s interests lie in reviewing guns he enjoys shooting, so that would be the reason for all the favorable write-ups.
    Another possibility is simply that there are plenty of very good offerings out there.
    There’s something quintessentially American about Jeff Quinn. I like his reviews, and I especially enjoy hearing him say “dandy little rahfle” in his Southern drawl. So, here’s to Gunblast!

    • I am also a fan of Jeff Quinn and Gun Blast. You should realize that Jeff may only be sent guns by the manufacturer that have passed a barrage of tests and are the best example of that particular model.

  • Don

    Wow! I put off doing my taxes another 2 min to watch this review. I should have just started my tax return.

    How about showing the targets and external ballistic conditions at the time when he shot these sub m.o.a. groups?

  • Rignerd

    Maybe Jeff thinks like i do: Guns and sex, the worst I’ve ever had was a lot of fun.

  • Jim

    I have to agree with Jaekelopertus. Quinn claims to not review anything but the best, but I think the volume of his reviews says otherwise. I think he probably just always puts out glowing reviews to ensure a steady stream of guns to play with.

    He also found the Chiappa 1911 22 to be magical, but others have found it to be a mess.

  • Kyle

    One thing that you will detect is that Jeff Quinn doesn’t give good reviews to crappy products. i.e. he does provide a wet kiss service, but it appears that he won’t publish positive reviews of garbage. This is pretty evident.

  • It’s great that companies are improving accuracy and reliability, but it’s actually getting hard to find a reasonably powered, inexpensive, safe rifle with iron sights.

  • Xstang

    Under an inch for like $300? Move over TC venture!

  • Freiheit

    I’d like to see this rifle reviewed by a rank amatuer that would be lucky to get sub-basketball sized groups. In other words, reviewed by me.

    Aim the review at the guy who is either just getting into shooting, or just getting good enough where a rifle capable of sub-MOA is worth spending on. Suggest optics to go with it too.

    I’m keeping an eye on this rifle. I want to move up from .22 and mil-surp rifles to something a little newer and better, but not ready to drop a lot of coin on a high end rifle.

  • I love me some Gunblast, but the politics on that site are beyond embarrassing. I don’t see why someone who has such a knowledge and openness to new firearms, optics and ammo would be so publicly pigeonholed politically. The far left and far right meet near the center, just as those less drastic of opinion do as well. To alienate half of your viewership with poorly written articles on politics, next to well thought out articles on machines that are as modern as all get out is just awful.

  • I was subscribed to Gunblast for a while. I really enjoyed his gun talk. But the politics just got to heavy. He didn’t seem capable of separating his technical firearm knowledge from his political leanings. Which is shame because he is an affable sort and knows a lot about firearms.

    • Tetsubo, it is a hard topic to separate. I know from experience!

  • Squidpuppy

    Me, I’m very happy Gunblast and Jeff Quinn are here on the Internet tubes, not only are his “review” clips typically about stuff I’m also interested in, but they’re entertaining, have great music, and they always help inform part of my buying decisions. Hat’s off to his efforts. As for politics, well, it’s American as apple pie, and so’s he; I can live with divergent opinions – in fact, I’d be worried if there weren’t any!

    As to the Savage, shoot, now I want one.

    BTW, I’m very happy The Firearm Blog is here too! Kudos & thanks.

  • I’m just now getting into guns (months away from first handgun purchase) and hadn’t considered a rifle yet…this makes it tons more accessible! Sweet.

  • Marsh

    Thanks for informing me of his politics page. I had never noticed it before. Having skimmed through it he seems to have a pretty smart head on his shoulders. I don’t know how you can be a leftist and still support gun ownership. The two are totally opposed to one another. It’s no secret that the left banned guns all throughout the Western world and that their sights are now set on America. And it’s widely known that right leaning political parties support self-defense and trust in the individual to own their firearms responsibly. Sorry if reality offends you.

  • Jim

    Marsh there is nothing opposed to gun ownership except being opposed to gun ownership. Steve, I know the site says “firearms not politics” but you sure do let through a lot of really political comments considering.

    • Jim, I do my best.

  • Roy Rapoport

    Really want to avoid politics here (though I’ll note, briefly, that I’m a well-armed liberal leftist).

    Having said that … @Freiheit, for what it’s worth, I think my second-ever rifle was my Savage 110FLP (left-handed), which at the time (maybe about 10 years or so ago?) was definitely around the $300 mark. I’ve used just milsurp ammo with it, and my first time at the range, with my Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x50mm, had a 5-shot group that was ABOUT an inch at 100 yds (can’t guarantee it wasn’t, say, 1.1 inch).

    So … I guess I don’t see what the big deal is — shouldn’t most rifles be at MOA or a little less? Have I just been really lucky with my Savage?


  • Andy in Connecticut

    I think some people gripe about the bias at Gunblast just because it gives them personal pleasure to do so.

    So what if he only reviews guns that he personally likes? It’s his website and this IS America.

    I love SIG pistols. He doesn’t review them because he’s a southpaw. Oh, wait. Let me gripe because he doesn’t review SIG’s.

  • Bill Lester

    If the Quinn Brothers’ politics offend you, don’t read the clearly marked section linking you to same.

    As for the notion that half the Gun Blast audience is alienated by their politics, I sincerely doubt it. Of the many gun owners I know, a very small percentage are Liberal in the modern sense. Most of them only own one or two hunting arms they inherited from someone else. They aren’t what I’d call serious gun people by any stretch. I can honestly say I know exactly one person who is truly a Liberal but owns firearms for personal defense. I can’t imagine my experience or acquaintances are unique.

    • Gentlemen, lets get back on topic. All comments must be related to the Edge rifle.

  • back on topic…

    I am not surprised by this performance from a Savage..there line of Stevens budget targeted rifles have been proven cheap tack drivers…

    and off topic..

    as for Jeff, yeah, he pretty much likes everything he reviews, and I would almost each and every product he does given the budget, he doesn’t review Hi-Points…I enjoy his site if for no other reason than some of the pics he takes of his reviewed pieces..

  • Squidpuppy

    Topic tangent…

    Why haven’t I heard more of Savage over the years? Back when I was still a starry-eyed youth, Savage was far more frequently referred to than I recall it being over the last ten-fifteen years, or so. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but this seems like a fine rifle.

    A fellow at work, during a recent discussion on our collections among like minded enthusiast colleagues, expressed some embarrassment at having a Savage, while the rest of us had been talking about our Rems, Brownings, Rugers, and Winchesters; I’m not actually sure why he should have felt that way.

    Any illumination on this?

  • Nate

    I bought this gun in .308 win and paired it with a Tasco SupeSniper SS 6×42. I’m an amateur, but I fired 1 MOA with this gun at 100yrds. Smooth action. Repeatable accuracy. Heavy but crisp trigger. Good weight with a decent scope. Attractive design. Mechanically simple, with a no-fuss magazine. Five shots with the chamber loaded. Excellent comb height. Fire’s Remington BTHP perfectly at 1 MOA. DO NOT LOAD MAGTECH ammo into this gun. Small chamber ( tight) will pinch the cartridge neck. Highly recommend this combo of gun and scope

  • brian

    I picked up an Edge in 30.06 2 weeks ago. Loved the weight & feel of the gun. Took it out last weekend and put 60 rounds of military M-1 ammo through it. I was pleasantly surprised to have it hit 5″ high dead center at 100 yards out of the box. Had it shooting 3/4 inch groups 2 1/2 inches high of center at 100 in short order. I had to do some fine tuning with the Barnes Bullets and brought the grouping down to a 1/2 in at 100 yards. Great shooting firearm.

    Now the down side. I sure would like an AccuTrigger on the gun as the trigger pull is a little heavy for my liking. The other problem was the magazine. When the gun was fired, the rear lip of the magazine would release causing the back of the mag to drop down preventing the bolt from picking up the last round. I called Savage about this. I got out “I have a problem with my Edge…………” and the customer service tech cut me off and stated “The magazine Right?” He took my name and address and said a new mag was on it’s way. Great Customer Service!

    I spoke with him a bit about the mag problem and he stated that the “Magazines Were Kinda Flimsy” and that Savage was currently working on resolving the problem. I haven’t received the new mag yet so I don’t know if I have the new design or if they sent me one like the problem child I already have.

    For the price though, it’s a very good firearm value and definitely should be considered when purchasing an entry level rifle

  • ding dong

    savage edge is awesome

  • Toby

    I picked up this rifle in .223 last week. Good luck finding one…they are going like hot cakes. I put an inexpensive simmons 3×9 scope on it, bore sighted it at the house and took it to my range. It was about 8 inches high at 100 yds. I brought it down to 2 in high at 100 and shot several 1/2 to 3/4 in groups of three with Russian silver bear ammo…I was very impressed. My 12 yr old son shot a couple of 2 in groups (second centerfire rifle he has ever shot). I finished up by shooting a full water bottle at 150 yds off hand…that was cool. The trigger is a little heavy, but crisp…no grit. I was shooting from a rest and had a couple of pulls. My point is…if I had a varmit vise the groups would have been precision, not bad for a rifle under $300 and cheap Russian ammo! I would recommend this rifle to anyone. My next purchase will be a .22-250 in the Edge or the Marlin XS7 (have one in .243…1/2 groups).

  • Arminius Panzerschmied

    As to Jeff’s way of doin’ reviews,,,it is refreshing to not be made to feel like he has to drench me in his knowledge as others seem to.
    Secondly,,,as to seperating guns an’ politics,,,you’d be advised to remember the times we live in.The erosion of our liberties began when people had MORE IMPORTANT things to deal with,,,or decided that NICE/GOOD people didn’t dirty themselves with politics,,,or copped the attitude””if it don’t affect me……””,you may not agree,,,or like the way he comes across,,,or what ever,,,but I doubt that you have come away without something to think on…………….You can’t enjoy guns,( or whatever),if you don’t have the liberty to do so.WE MUST BE ENGAGED!

    Gods peace,

  • Trent

    I recently bought the Savage Edge in 30-06 with a 3x9x40 Bushnell scope for $ 279 at Sports Authority. I am a rifle newbie, and was somewhat intimidated by a gun in this caliber. I was always told to buy as much gun as you could afford, but even with money tight I was leery of going too cheap. I originally looked at the Remington 770, and although it was reasonably priced, it felt like a cheap and very poorly made gun. I had read several reviews prior to buying the Edge and had heard generally good to great things. I mainly intended to use the gun for a couple of whitetail deer hunts at medium to close range and for occasional target shooting, so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money, but wanted a servicable rifle that shot tight groups and was reliable and safe. My impressions my first time at the range were very favorable, it took me about 10 rounds to get it sighted in properly, but within 15 rounds I was shoting 1 to 1 1/2″ groups at 100 yds. The scope is actually a very useable one for my purposes and a pleasant surprise. My only complaint was that the trigger was a bit heavy and had a little bit of creep. I replaced it with a Rifle Basix adjustable trigger (online at $ 85 shipped) set to about 2 lbs and my groups are now 1″ or better. LOVE this gun now. I am embarrassing other shooters with more expereience and guns that cost them 5-8 times what I paid. This gun is going to sell like hotcakes.

  • dmsbandit

    If you think the Edge is a good rifle, it must not take much to impress some people.

    Flimsy stocks, bastard design with no aftermarket support, terrible triggers, and generally cheapy made in everyway possible to meet a price point.

    The Marlin “X” guns sell for the same money and have much better ergonomics and a better design. For the same money as a Savage Edge/Axis you can get a Marlin and have a much better gun.

  • Curtis

    I picked one up in 7mm-08 knowing what it was stiff trigger an all. It turned out to be a fine gun for the money. I have a few other rifles so this was by no means a starter gun for me it is not as pretty or expensive as my other four rifles but that was not my intentions when i bought the gun i wanted something i wasnt afraid of dropping in the woods or letting my son borrow
    after taking it to the range and shooting 1/2″ groups i thought why would any body pay more for a meat gun. I know the trigger is stiff but if you shoot it enough and get use to it like any other rifle you get better with it. I reload so it may have helped