Savage Edge review

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Jeff Quinn has written a review of the new Savage Edge rifle. He gets greats accuracy out of it using factory ammunition …

No groups measured in excess of the magical one-inch mark. I remember years ago when a typical hunting rifle took a lot of tuning and load development to shoot consistently under an inch at one hundred yards. Now, many rifles will do that well or better, if you are willing to spend the money for a quality rifle.

With a sample size of just one rifle, Jeff’s results do not mean that the Savage Edge is a sub-MOA rifle. I look forward to reading more reviews and seeing what accuracy others achieve with this very compelling rifle.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dmsbandit Dmsbandit on Jun 22, 2011

    If you think the Edge is a good rifle, it must not take much to impress some people.

    Flimsy stocks, bastard design with no aftermarket support, terrible triggers, and generally cheapy made in everyway possible to meet a price point.

    The Marlin "X" guns sell for the same money and have much better ergonomics and a better design. For the same money as a Savage Edge/Axis you can get a Marlin and have a much better gun.

  • Curtis Curtis on Aug 02, 2011

    I picked one up in 7mm-08 knowing what it was stiff trigger an all. It turned out to be a fine gun for the money. I have a few other rifles so this was by no means a starter gun for me it is not as pretty or expensive as my other four rifles but that was not my intentions when i bought the gun i wanted something i wasnt afraid of dropping in the woods or letting my son borrow
    after taking it to the range and shooting 1/2" groups i thought why would any body pay more for a meat gun. I know the trigger is stiff but if you shoot it enough and get use to it like any other rifle you get better with it. I reload so it may have helped