Mossberg JIC II

The original Mossberg JIC (Just In Case) cruiser shotgun comes with an airtight resealable PVC tube. The new JIC II, which will be sold alongside the original, comes in a soft case with shoulder strap. The 18.5″ Mossberg 500 shotgun is stored with the barrel and pistol grip removed. A tool is included in the pack to break it down and reassemble it.

This is not designed to be a when-things-go-bump-in-the-night gun, but rather a bug out bag. My recollection may be wrong, but I believe the pack has been designed to be compatible with Mossberg’s upcoming modular ASAP survival system.

Steve Johnson

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  • Carl

    If it is already stored disassembled, wouldn’t it make sense to also include a stock?

  • Tony

    “This is not designed to be a when-things-go-bump-in-the-night gun, but rather a bug out bag.”

    …Then why the hell does it not come with any kind of shoulder stock?!? This makes no sense at all.

  • Matt Groom

    Personally, I wonder why they haven’t adopted or developed a folding stock version, but good on Mossberg for thinking outside of the box.

  • If so, why not buy a Remington 870 that can be disassembled without tools and stored in a same sized bag? You then have the advantage of a shoulder stock.

  • El Duderino

    I have thought about doing this with my 500 with a Choate stock. Although I’d need a screwdriver + deep socket ratchet to get it back on. Maybe just take the barrel off…

  • Peter

    Just thinking about stock removal — if you could capture the socket and extension in the stock, you could install/remove the stock bolt through a slit in the recoil pad.

  • Maybe there’s no stock to save weight?

  • John

    Interesting concept, but its kind of pointlees. look at the picture, it only saves about 4 inches or so by disassembling it. why wouldnt they just make a folding stock version that fits in a backpack and its already assembled?

  • Dennis

    Since Tarus has the Judge, a .410 ga. pistol, why can’t we have a .12 ga. double barreled pistol? It won’t be a shotgun, only use shot shells.

  • TheWizard

    a 12Ga pistol would be a destructive device (DD) or any other weapon (AOW) depending on if it came from the factory with a buttstock or just a pistol grip according to the BATFE and would require a tax stamp and i stack of paperwork.

  • Dennis

    I guess a doubled barreled 12 ga. pistol would be silly and punishing on the person firing it as well as the bad guy. I would be easier I guess to carry a .44 Mag. revolver.

  • How can i order Jic ii bag? i want to deliver it inside USA/seatle)

  • Steve

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. This is not for your only firearm. I prefer the fact that it can be disassembled and carried on a backpack without lots of bulk. I also purchased subsonic shotshells to go along with it. I love the concept.
    I think the others are missing the point of the idea behind it.

  • chry300sler

    Waist of money. Get the Mod 500 combo. 1 gun that you can setup as a field gun or a JIC.

  • Perhaps critics are overlooking the JIC part of this gun. It’s not a sporting
    weapon, it’s a self-defense, home invasion weapon. JIC, of course, means Just In Case. I own one and I also own 17 other 12 guage shotguns–Browing, Berreta, Bernilli, Remington, The recoil on the JIC is quite managable without a stock. I’ve shot it from several positions: hip, boxer, and standard position for a gun with a stock — just don’t put it next to your cheek. I love it! It’s leaning against the wall beside my bed along with the Glock 10mm compensated on my night table, and my pit bull “eggs” at the foot of my bed. I sleep soundly.