ATI’s new 12 gauge AR-15-patterned shotgun

Later this year American Tactical Imports will be importing a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun patterened after the AR-15. Note I said patterned I am not sure if it contains any AR-15 compatible parts.

UPDATE: Julio pointed out that it looks to Turkish ADAL Arms MKA 1919 shotgun.

Model MKA 1919
Operation Gas operated Semi-auto Shotgun
Caliber 12 gauge
Weight (Empty) 6.8 lbs
Barrel Length 18.5″
Magazine Capacity 5+1
Safety Manuel safety lever
Overall Length 37″

In other news, ATI have ceased importing their AR-15 .410 shotgun. They were having problems with the manufacturer (I am not sure exactly what kind of problems). They hope to be importing them again at a later date.

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  • Julio

    Looks like its this one (
    “The MKA 1919 mimics the M16 rifle in layout and placement of most controls. Because of extensive use of modern, high-strength plastics the MKA 1919 is light for its calibre and size. It uses a conventional gas-operated action with an annular gas piston, and a return spring mounted on a support tube below the barrel and concealed by over-size polymer hand-guards. The barrel is easily removed from the upper receiver, via a tilting locking piece inside the bolt, which engages with the barrel extension. The charging handle is attached to the bolt and projects on the right side of the receiver. The upper receiver is aluminium alloy, whilst the lower receiver, pistol grip and shoulder stock are impact-resistant polymer. The detachable magazine holds 5 rounds. The bolt stop, bolt-release button, manual safety, removable fore-sight and detachable carrying handle (mounted via an integral Picatinny rail) are as per the M16.”

    • Bret

      This is pretty amazing for what we come up with today

    • Bret

      I’m in 6th grade and I now a lot about firearms that’s amazing

  • Heintron

    Needs more rails. 😉

  • This is an interesting ‘find’-and I appreciate the work you are doing to bring us news of developments in the firearms world/market/industry.

  • Tux

    Can anyone think of a reason why the one on top seems to have the front sight on backwards?

  • Matt Groom

    Wowee-wow-wow! That’s neato!

    You will note that the top shotgun has it’s front sight mounted backwards. There probably aren’t too many of these in the world.

  • flatdarkmars

    The front sight base on the top gun in the photo is installed backwards. That has to win some sort of prize.

    Definitely few if any actual AR parts. Possibly the A2 rear sight assembly, and *maybe* some of the small parts in the fire control group. Maybe the magazine release button.

  • “Facepalm” for the black one’s front sight.

  • Jim

    I’m at a loss as to what this could do better than an autoloader shotgun of the traditional variety.

  • Sian

    I totally want to get this, put a RIS on it and mount an underbarrel shotgun.

  • El Duderino

    Please don’t send this info to the same folks that made the USAS-12 a NFA destructive device. Put a rail-mounted turkey call on that sucker to improve the “sporting purpose” case!

    With that said, nice competition for the Saiga 12g guns. Needs 20rnd drum 🙂

  • Jim

    i’d rather have a Saiga 12..

  • Martin

    Hey, the front sight on the top shotgun (the black one) is BACKWARDS!? Is it removable? It looks like it’s just clamped on. That can’t be accurate.

  • p1choco

    Looks pretty cool. I wonder how long it’s going to take before “tactical” mods come out for this.

  • El Duderino

    Yeah those front sights look to be screw-tightened onto the barrel. Good if you’d like to change to something else. Bad for accuracy — but this is no sniper platform!

  • gmanAZ

    Ditto on the Saiga. More accessories available…

  • Carl

    Jim, it’ll reload faster.
    I like box magzine shotguns. But it seems a bit silly to copy just the looks of another rifle when there probably isn’t any compatibility. Do your own thing instead.

  • Bora

    As a Turk living in Turkey I heartily approve of this. It’s nigh impossible to get a rifle here, absolutely negative on a semi-auto. This is the closest I’d ever get to owning an AR-15.

    Well there’s the T-14 too. It has a nice flattop version which came out recently. I’ll probably get both :p

    Is the stock on this thing molded together with the lower receiver? Looks sturdy but it would be WAY better if it could use the billions of AR stocks on the market. Same thing for the handguard.

  • BlitzkriegBob

    The reason for the AR styling is probably for ease of use as many shooters ar already comfortable with the platform. Even if it doesnt use many shared or common parts, the layout of fire controls, saftey lever, all scream “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. In all seriousness, to the military and law enforcement, this could be a huge asset in the sense that trainees could be trained on multiple weapons (shotgun and assault rifle) at the same time, cutting costs, and training times.

    If this does share fire control parts with AR-15s, lets see what happens when we swap in some burst or full auto parts and let this baby rip!

  • Carl

    But it isn’t really similar in operation. The AR charging handle is nowhere to be found. Instead there is a small handle on the bolt on the right side, similar to the Remington 1187, for example. And there is no forward assist.

    But if the AR look sells, go for it.

  • Carl
  • Brad

    How odd to place the gas system under the barrel instead of above!

    Kinda cool though.

  • RC

    The front sight on the Safir shotguns are removable and are held in place by a small allan head screw. I have ATI’s AT-14, a semi auto .410 upper and the front sight is plastic and removable. Plastic, not sure why, but removable because you have to remove it in order to slide the buffer/spring assembly off the barrel. It operates on a buffer system like the Browning A5’s and the like. Great upper though. I have put thousands of rounds through it and it functions very well.

  • This is the Akdal shotgun. ATI is their exclusive importer in the US. We’re still waiting for all the final import approvals from the ATF on this gun, they have had it since December! Sometimes, these things take time.

    We had one in on a temporary import for a show we recently did and used the opportunity to take it shooting this weekend. Talk about fun. It ate everything we gave it, Federal slug and shot, remmington slug, winchester, even ATI brand which is still somewhat developmental.

    This gun will be coming *fingers crossed w/ ATF* with standard remmington style chokes.

    So, I’ve been hounding ATF endlessly as this is taking longer than average. New estimated time frame is July now due to the import process and manufacturing schedule, but that’s never set in stone. Having been a firearm importer for a little while I have learned first hand that the only time I can give an accurate arrive date on a brand new products first shipment is when it’s arrived physically at the warehouse door.

  • dacoma

    if anytone could give me more info on how to aquire one please send it over
    sergeantdiessel [at]

  • mark

    talk to a rep today and they are still waiting on batf.

    msrp will look like $800

    it will accept a bullet button for California ar-15 style buyers buyers.

    still looking like later quarter of 2010 for sales

  • Rick Barker

    Having a shotgun for any person or persons (i.e. police) that has the design, handling and controls the same as the rifle is a real plus. Teaching and education can apply to either and failure to fire by the shooter is lessened.

    I myself, now retired, would like to see something like this with a a 30 inch barrel and counter recoil device built in the stock. I would also like removable choke tubes. and adjustable rib on the comb. A trap gun when mounted, must be mounted the same way everytime. Any time an adjustable feature is available it can be used to make the mount the same everytime.

    In order for a trap shooter to obtain a trap gun that is 99% fail proof, he/she has to be prepared to spend a minimum of $3000.00 and some go as high as 8000.00 for the average combo (single barrel and interchangble o/u. Too much an trap guns is spent on beatiful wood and name recongition.

    With an AR type platform and interchange features, it would be hard to convince the typical purist, but when comes to the shooting games, I would much rather WIN, than just stand around on the trap line with pretty gun that does not help my shooting.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, the ATF has not approved this firearm saying that it does not meet their ‘sporting purposes’ reg. Back to the drawing board with the manufacturer, hopefully we’ll have something for next year on this because it is soooo much fun to shoot.

  • chad

    That’s too bad, as a 3-gun shooter I would have loved to see some compitition against the siga. People are spending around $3000 to change the siga into an ar style gun Too bat batf doesn’t consider compitition shooting “sporting”

  • Our company is nominated as a sales agent for the territory of USA and Canada for the world famous T-14 (AT-14: The .410 AR-15 ), Upper receivers and other products manufactured by : Safir Arms Turkey WEB :

    Please feel free to contact us at E mail: on any sales or technical issue.

    Thanks/Dawood Qureshi

  • Zack

    How much

  • Jeff

    Were do I get 1

  • Safir Arms is setting up a manufacturing facility in Willingboro NJ. Building has been leased and infrastructure is in place. Waiting for ATF FFL. Inspection of premises has been carried out satisfactorily by ATF, FFL should be forthcoming. We shall market the gun for Safirarms as their sales agent in USA. we hope to be able to offer the gun and its accessories for sale by Jan-Feb 2011. T-14 will be imported from Turkey initially till manufacturing begins.
    In US, Safir will be manufacturing T 15 ( .223 cal. Semi auto model) and T 22 ( .22 rimfire model) in addition to T 14 and its uppers. 5.56 (.223) caliber AR 15 magazines of 10 and 20 rounds.

    We are taking projected requirements from the dealers at this time for T-14, Uppers and Magazines for delivery in March 2011. Safir Arms can be followed on Tweeter at Safirarms for latest updates or send us an e mail.

  • chris

    I wonder if the SSAR-15 bump fire stock would fit be able to be modified to fit this thing. just a thought.

  • Thadius

    I am sickened tha we can get a saiga (basically a 12 guage AK 47 with a 20 round drum, but not an AR15 based 5 shot 12 guage.. the BATF really needs to think things thorough beter.. could these be manufactured in the US to avoid the whole import thing and then we could have it??? Sokeone tell me what the Heck the dseal is?!?!? USAS 12 – DD, Saiga 12, OK, Streetsweeper – (basically a double action NOT semi) – DD.. what the heck is goingon here??? TELL ME!!! mastergunr

  • Update 2011

    Sadly, our deal with this manufacturer fell through. It took ATF so long to approve it that the manufacturer changed some stuff on the gun and got it licensed with a different importer, Russian American Armory. Ya win some, ya lose some. No hard feelings. Not sure if RAA has started getting them into the US yet, they had them at Shot Show though. I’m fairly certian they do the same kind of distribution we do, from them to wholesalers to dealers to the consumers. Anyway, if you like this gun (it is really fun to shoot) look up Russian American Armory and drop them a line, they should be able to take you from there.

  • Hmm, any possibility of these getting approved as NON-RESTRICTED in Canada?

  • JC

    If I lived in Canada I would shoot myself. Oh wait, you can’t do that there…

    • David/Sharpie

      What the hell are you talking about?

  • Sure you can. It’s the leading cause of death with a firearm. Probably get charged with various weapons related offences if you cock it up though.


    and forums:

    Safir T14 Classic S A weapon that is designed for lovers of hunting..

  • luke dees

    how much is it

    • R L MCKEE

      I read a brief article on this weapon a few days ago. It is available in “black” and MRSP is reported to be $699, add $100 for the “camo” version.
      Of intrest too is that this is imported from Turkey and because of U.S. laws. it will only have a 5 round magazine. However it was also reported “high cap mags” are being retrofitted and tested right now.

      • R L MCKEE

        WHOA!!! I have just finished reading this posting and will admit that I was off base! The firearm I was refering to is the RAAC Akdal MKA-1919 and NOT the ATI. Sorry if I mislead anyone….

  • Dr Ali

    avalabal in panjab pakistan

    • Dr Ali

      AoA i wante this gun

  • patriots are revolutionary

    Is there a barrel style mag available?

  • John

    what is the best 4-10 2.5 in shot gun shell to use in the AT-14?

  • Ole joe

    I have one. Cheaper than dirt shipped it to the local FFL. Ive shot 25 rounds of #4 bird shot thru it. It kicks ass