Berry’s Manufacturing tour

Brian Nelson, the youngest male gun blogger, has written about a tour he took of Berry’s Manufacturing in St. George, Utah.

After the bullets are meticulously cleaned and inspected, they are put into 55 gallon barrels and poured into a vat containing a cyanide and water rinse. Also inside the vat is a device to keep the bullets tumbling. The rinse is charged with electricity, and a copper ingot is inserted. The bullets are left to tumble overnight.

I always wondered how bullets were copper washed/plated (not to be confused with copper jacketing).

Steve Johnson

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  • mrw

    Good article. Read the comments, I especially like the one from his Mom.

  • jdun1911

    I spent a large amount of money on Berry bullets, mostly 9mm and .45ACP over the years. A lot of money.

  • We enjoyed walking Brian around the facility, some of the plant was off limits to cameras but he got to see it all.

    Jay R. Phillips
    Berry’s MFG