DS Arms new FAL pistol and SBR


DS Arms, not wanting be to outdone by their AR-making counterparts, will be selling a Short Barred Rifle (SRB) and pistol version of the FN FAL. They feature a barrel about 8″ long (+/- one inch, I forget the exact length).

SRB (top) and Pistol (bottom)

The pistol is essentially the SBR with the stock replaced with a sling attachment. I forgot to ask, but I think they will have made it hard for a regular stock to be attached (the BATFE can be fussy about this).

SBR with para-style stock in folded position.

The SBR pictured above is actually a full auto model; it is in effect a 7.62x51mm Personal Defense Weapon!

DSA were not able to give me pricing for the pistol or SBR and as of now no pricing is on their website.

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  • Lance

    I dont get the one w/o a buttstock kind of heavy and clumsy for a mechine pistol. But the SBR with the folder stock looks cool.

  • SpudGun

    Sheesh! What’s next? A Barrett M82 Pistol? As usual, I despair, etc.

    • http://www.thefirearmblog.com Steve

      Barett M82 pistol? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :)

  • Carl

    The “pistol” is presumably not full auto (ie not a machine pistol). And it’s not really a pistol at all, by any reasonable definition. I’m guessing they’re just calling it a pistol in order to comply with some stupid anti-gun laws.

    Anyway, there was a short version of the original FAL produced for the SAS if I recall. But I don’t think they used it very much. 7.62×51 is probably too noisy and weak with such a short barrel.

    A compact rifle should be made in bullpup layout. Anything else = FAIL.

    • http://www.thefirearmblog.com Steve

      Carl, its a pistol by ATF definition.

  • AP

    Anybody see the Shooting USA featuring DSA? Great episode. They shot all the new stuff, SBR’s, Auto, don’t think they had the pistol, though. Man, it made me a FAL believer, again. Venerable design, indeed. LOVE to have one in SBR!

  • Tahoe

    7.62 NATO full auto SBR with just a birdcage? 7.62 NATO [i]PISTOL[/i]? Come on, really? I guess these are toys for the guy that already has everything, and doesn’t shoot any of it much.

  • http://mynameisfoxtrot.com foxtrot

    why would anyone want a .308 in pistol form?

  • Pete

    Just the idea of a .308 “pistol” makes my teeth hurt!

  • Thomas

    hey guys what do you thing of a auto loading doubel barrel rifle.

    somthing that looks like it jumped out of district 9.

    the rifle that christofer used.

    just to get a two shot birst for the civilian market

    • AC

      That would still be legally considered a machine gun in the US.

      Maybe if you had two triggers. Maybe.

  • knice

    Is that a 30 round mag in the pistol?

  • http://www.1jma.dk Witmann

    SAS used at really cut down G3, like the HK 51 K, but found it to be somewhat … useless.

  • Carl

    Steve, yes, that’s what I said, more or less. :)
    Here are a couple of defining characteristics of a pistol if you ask me:
    *You can fire it accurately with one hand.
    *You can carry it in a holster.
    *Lacks a sling…

  • Big Daddy

    I see no practical nor tactical use for any of those weapons.

    If you got the cash, have some fun. I would not want to shoot a weapon firing a 7.62 NATO or .308 with such a short barrel and nothing more then a birdcage at the end. I don’t see that as being fun….but that’s me.

    I could imagine the fireball and noise coming out of the end of that barrel…LOL.

  • Sabre22

    I call this Type of Weapon a Pifle IE a Pistol in a Rifle Cartridge

  • Redchrome

    The use for something like this is to make a bigger flash and bang than anything your neighbors have.

    The only thing better I’ve seen is an “HK51K” with a 4″ barrel. Just think of an MP5K built around a G3 reciever. 4″ bbl – ~2.5″ chamber = ~1.5″ rifling = monster fireball. The Youtube videos show it actually blowing rings of fire.


    I want one for the novelty of it.

    It’s also noteworthy that this may be a legal hunting gun in places that ban deer hunting with rifles, but allow shotguns and pistols.