DS Arms new FAL pistol and SBR

    DS Arms, not wanting be to outdone by their AR-making counterparts, will be selling a Short Barred Rifle (SRB) and pistol version of the FN FAL. They feature a barrel about 8″ long (+/- one inch, I forget the exact length).

    SRB (top) and Pistol (bottom)

    The pistol is essentially the SBR with the stock replaced with a sling attachment. I forgot to ask, but I think they will have made it hard for a regular stock to be attached (the BATFE can be fussy about this).

    SBR with para-style stock in folded position.

    The SBR pictured above is actually a full auto model; it is in effect a 7.62x51mm Personal Defense Weapon!

    DSA were not able to give me pricing for the pistol or SBR and as of now no pricing is on their website.

    Steve Johnson

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