DS Arms new FAL pistol and SBR

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

DS Arms, not wanting be to outdone by their AR-making counterparts, will be selling a Short Barred Rifle (SRB) and pistol version of the FN FAL. They feature a barrel about 8″ long (+/- one inch, I forget the exact length).

SRB (top) and Pistol (bottom)

The pistol is essentially the SBR with the stock replaced with a sling attachment. I forgot to ask, but I think they will have made it hard for a regular stock to be attached (the BATFE can be fussy about this).

SBR with para-style stock in folded position.

The SBR pictured above is actually a full auto model; it is in effect a 7.62x51mm Personal Defense Weapon!

DSA were not able to give me pricing for the pistol or SBR and as of now no pricing is on their website.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sabre22 Sabre22 on Jan 30, 2010

    I call this Type of Weapon a Pifle IE a Pistol in a Rifle Cartridge

  • Redchrome Redchrome on Feb 01, 2010

    The use for something like this is to make a bigger flash and bang than anything your neighbors have.

    The only thing better I've seen is an "HK51K" with a 4" barrel. Just think of an MP5K built around a G3 reciever. 4" bbl - ~2.5" chamber = ~1.5" rifling = monster fireball. The Youtube videos show it actually blowing rings of fire.


    I want one for the novelty of it.

    It's also noteworthy that this may be a legal hunting gun in places that ban deer hunting with rifles, but allow shotguns and pistols.