Beretta’s new Model 92A1 and 96A1 pistols

The 9mm Beretta 92FS and 96 have been updated for 2010. The new 92A1 and 96A1 feature

The .40 S&W Model 96A1
  • Higher capacity magazines (17 rounds for 92A1 and 12 rounds for 96A1). They are still compatible with older magazines.
  • Picatinny rail.
  • Rounded trigger guard.
  • Removable front sight.
  • Captive recoil assembly. Less chance of losing springs!
  • Recoil buffer (96A1 only).
Recoil assembly.

The A1 line does not replace the older models, but will be offered alongside them.

Steve Johnson

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  • JS

    I wonder why they went with the Rounded trigger guard? I prefer the other for two hand grip.

    • Josh

      Same here I like the squared off guard but it only comes in the m9 which i thought was way to expensive for almost the exact same weapon

  • Nice!

    FYI – your first line of text there says “91A1” instead of “92A1”

  • tom

    I wonder why on the rounded guard too. I guess I wonder mostly from the standpoint of what is the correct way to hold a combat pistol now?

    If it is such a good way to operate a pistol, then why are so many new designs not using the squared trigger guard. I have been working on it so much, hope I’m not wasting my time.

  • Lance

    This is a cilvilian model of the Marine Corps new M-9A1 only differnce is the trigger guard.

  • Whatever

    Maybe I am alone in this, but I’d buy a Beretta 92F that used a single stack magazine, had a steel frame, and was chambered in 45 ACP.

  • Carl

    The consensus among the pros these days seem to be that the support hand should be below the trigger guard.
    But it is always good to have the option of course. Maybe they think the rounded guard will help with carrying or holstering.

  • Cymond

    Lance, I think the M9-A1 still has the old style magazines, recoil assembly, and fixed front sight.

    I like the option to attach a light or laser, and was one factor that discouraged me from choosing the 92FS as my first centerfire handgun.

    I wonder if Beretta will modify the CX4 to take the new magazines. Shared magazines is one of the carbine’s selling points. I would feel sorry for anyone who buys a 92A1 and must use the 15 round magazines in order to maintain commonality with the CX4.

  • Pete Malloy

    The Trigger guard question from above could probably be answered as, the older squared style was made to rest on metal objects (military vehicles and equipment) as a shooting platform. It was also taught to wrap your finger around the trigger guard for added support.

    I’m not sure if any military handgun instructors still teach these techniques but I don’t think any police instructors advocate these shooting style.

    Neither are good techniques really.

  • It was my understanding, as Pete said, that the old style trigger guard was for resting the weapon against a solid object. Someone told me that it was meant for folks who wished to use a silencer and rest the gun up against something like a door jamb or whatever to make a clean shot, but that was niether here nor there. I personally think the rounded trigger guard looks good on this Beretta, and have no problems with it. I personally would not advocate putting a support finger in front of the trigger guard because, in my humble opinion, all fingers should be against the firing hand to provide grip and stability. Placing a finger in front of the trigger doesn’t make for the best grip.

  • Robert

    Questions about the new 92A1 and 96A1: Will they be manufactured in Italy? Is the magazine release reversable? Is there a reliable date when they will be available to purchase?

  • Weston

    On beretta’s website it says the a1’s will be available august 2010. I don’t know how long that’s been posted; I didn’t notice it when I was reading about them yesterday.

  • Richard

    I know I love the way this 96A1 fits in my hand. I have one and I am very happy with it.

  • TwistedCopper

    Finally they get the 96 right! Can’t wait to buy mine! I love the trigger guard that does not advocate bad habits, love the chrome lined barrel that does not tilt, love the Sa/Da, the safety, and now with a rail!

    On sale locally for $599 and I’m all over it. This is the perfect pistol in my eyes. Some will argue that 12 rounds in a .40 isn’t very competitive with other pistols available today, but as a civilian if I need more than 13 (12+1) rounds of .40 S&W then I am in a bigger mess than a pistol will get me out of anyhow 😉 Carry on! – TC

  • Chris

    I just bought this gun (96A1) today. The salesperson told me the rounded trigger guard was supposed to provide a little bit more room for shooters who wear gloves. Maybe this helps… I traded in my Glock 22 to offset the cost of this gun and I am glad I did (I have another Glock 22 for my duty gun). I hope to get some tritium night sights in the future as they are easily interchangeable. And yes the magazine release can be switched to left-handed. Beretta has definitely won me over.

  • Arthur

    Loved it! The rounded trigger guard makes it a LOT more beautiful!!! And as a response to “JS” (the first comment), you can still use the two hand grip. The only difference is that now it’s more smooth. I always thought that the squared trigger guard looked very nice in Glocks, but never in Berettas…

  • JS

    Arthur, thank you. I think I still prefer the squared trigger guard, so I might go with that model. I have huge hands, but I will try both in the store. Every gun in my collection is marked LEO or MIL ONLY so it will probably be the M9A1 for me, with some new 17rd mags, and the only thing I will be missing is the replaceable front sight.

  • Arthur

    Ok, JS, if you feel that’s better for you, enjoy it! Oh! And just a curiosity: I know this may sound dumb for you, but I don’t know, what did you mean when you said “Every gun in my collection is marked LEO or MIL ONLY”. I mean, what do LEO and MIL ONLY mean? Thanks.



  • John Schulz

    Response to to sureshot

    I think the plastic recoil assemby is CHEAP and comprimises the function and safety of the firearm. It bends while its installed which shows it can not hold up to the strain its under. I would not have purchased this firearm if I had know of these cheap parts installed. No body makes a steel replacement for this crappy componant, I have contected Beretta about this defect and my disgust.

  • Lance

    While my duty weapon has metal trigger and recoil rod. Ive seen other with newer beretta’s and they dont have much problem with plastic parts. I perfer metal but not too bad for cheaping the price either.

  • Ric

    I’m very very disapppointed with the way Beretta made the A96a1 spring assembly.
    The concept of it being as one piece is a great idea BUT using “cheap” plastic rod on a .40 caliber just don’t make sense.
    I already put 150 rounds on my new piece (got it 2/19/11) and when I clean it today, it’s already bent? I would be lucky to reach 4000 rounds with it.
    My Glock 19 (4th gen) uses “plastic rod” too BUT at least it’s RIGID.
    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement spring for A96A1?
    I’ve seen this guy that makes stainless rods but it’s not yet available for the A961.
    Ahhh..the life of a pistol lover….


    Thanks for the feed back. I should have looked a little closer before i bought it. I have a 92fs and just assumed they were the same. Checked out midway USA and they list a stainless replacment.

  • gabo

    have put 500 rounds through my 96A1 without a single problem. The weapon is comfortable, accurate and smooth. It’s a keeper.

  • newbie

    Ok what is everyone using for a holster on this 96A1 that isn’t leather?

  • Jared

    Just got a 96A1 about a week ago. Haven’t hit the range with it yet, but played with it enough. It’s my first handgun. I live in NYC, so it was a project getting one of these.
    A few questions I hope someone could answer:
    1. Anyone else get additional backstraps?
    2. What is that that blue cylinder tray that comes with the gun?

    Also, if anyone has pumped a few thousand through the gun, how did that plastic spring guide hold up? Is it worth me searching for a steel replacement from the get-go?

  • gabo

    Blue cylinder tray is to keep box from collapsing and damaging weapon. I had the same question. I have put probably 800 rounds through mine and the plastic guide seems fine.

  • tonymac

    Just picked up my 92a1, had to special order it thru Bass Pro shops.
    This weapon is the ultimate in handguns.
    I think the main reason for the plastic rod is weight.
    And I cannot believe Beretta would use a part that would not function.
    Also own a PX4 Storm and it also has a plastic rod.

  • Enkidu

    I replaced the plastic recoil rod in my 92 a1 with the older style metal rod and spring: so far it appears to be working fine: I called Beretta and asked them about this sustitution:
    They said not to do it:
    I asked why?
    They said it invalidated the warranty……

  • Enkidu

    Beretta would and has used parts that don’t function:
    My original 92fs had a plastic recoil rod with a standard spring:
    The plastic rod disintegrated after about 750 rounds.
    I called Beretta and complained; they sent me a metal rod for free:

    I have put more than 2,000 rounds thru this weapon; only other fix was to replace the recoil spring

  • jim t

    Has anyone been able to find a replacement sight for the 96A1? I am used to the truglo sights on my glocks, but truglo has not made sights for the 96A1. any suggestions would be helpful.

  • jim t

    two questions. Has anyone found a fiber optic front sight (red) for the 96A1 and who makes a holster for range wear? Thanks much

  • stein

    The plastic guide rod is a milspec change due to soldiers bending the metal guide rods through field abuse and making the weapons inoperable.

    Here endth the lesson.

  • tonymac

    Bought the 92 A1 and very happy I bought it.
    But, after only 100 rounds the trigger spring broke and I had to send it in.
    Like the 3 year warranty, now even more since this problem.
    I also own a PX4 Storm 9mm and after over 1000 rds no problems. The price is right also, $525.
    And used to own a 92 fs and after years of use never had a problem.
    If I was in law enforcement I would carry the Storm 45 mm.
    Any input ?

  • William

    Have had my 96A1 for a couple weeks. I looked at a lot of guns before purchasing this one as it is my first. I grew up shooting revolvers with dad and never got into the upkeep and ownership issues.
    I LOVE this gun. I like the aesthetics first of all, and after having put through 375 rounds in two sessions, it shoots like a dream. At 10 yards, I’m all over the 9 and 10 rings and even out to 25 yards, I can easily hit 8 out of 12 in the 8 ring. For the record, the gun shoots better than I aim, although with more practice that difference should narrow. My recoil spring rod was a little bent before I ever fired it. Having read all the comments on here and other blogs, I ignored that and so far so good. I was checking two different ammos, Remington NON bonded JHP 165 Golden Sabers and Winchester 155 Silvertip JHP. I had 3 feed jams on the Winchester and the weight is the issue for sure. But the 165s flew and loaded without issue (I will not be using the 165s though as I have seen some negative youtubes AFTER I purchased these). I am stepping up to some Winchester PDX1 180s and I might even try the PDX1 165s and am confident they will work well. I’ll let you know. My results for the 155 grain round suggest it is too light for the 96A1. The gun is easy to field strip even for a novice like me and I feel like I have made a great choice for my first pistol.

    • William

      Update, I have a 1000 rounds through my 96A1 now and this weapon is superb. It tears silver dollar holes at 7 yards, and 10 yards is just about as accurate. My failures to feeds in my previous post were definitely due to my limp wristing. I have progressive lens and I finally figured out that coincidentally every time I had one of the very few FTF, I was tilting my head back to bring the bottom of my glasses in focus which changed my stance and relaxed my shooting hand enough to cause the limp wrist. I have had 5 different ammos through it now, some JHP and cheaper ball, of Winchester and Remington brand. The gun eats everything and is really showing it’s stuff. Excellent weapon.

  • berettaFan

    Has anyone complaining about the plastic guiderod bothered to do a quick internet search? Steve Bedair (Bedair machine works) makes stainless guiderods (and has for quite some time now) for a very reasonable price (45 bucks shipped), but you have to send your factory guiderod/spring assembly to him. He offers them in a couple different styles and makes them for all kinds of different guns- if the plastic one bothers you that much, contact Steve and get a stainless one. Easy.

  • DS

    Does anyone know if the metal spring guide / recoil spring of the 92FS is interchangeable with the 96A1? I tried it and it fits, but do not want to attempt to fire the weapon without consulting others.

    • darkdestroyer

      Not unless you want to speed up wear and tear.