Glock Gen4 Unveiled!

Ed’s Public Safety, a dealer that which calls itself “Georgia’s #1 GLOCK Dealer and GLOCK Law Enforcement Distributor”, has published photos of the Glock 22 Gen4. I am sure Glock’s PR people are pretty annoyed right about now!

Glock 22 Gen4
Gen4 Dual Recoil Spring. Note magazine has two cut-outs to accommodate swappable mag release.
How the backstrap attaches. Tool provided with gun. Backstraps are marked “M” (medium) and “L” (large).
The new RTF3 texture
Gen4 frame (Top) and 3rd Gen Frame (Bottom)

So just to summarize all the point about the Glock Gen4 …

  • Initially Glock 17 (9mm) and Glock 22 (.40 S&W) will be available. Compact models will follow later in 2010.
  • Features duel recoil spring which should increase reliability.
  • Features Swappable backstraps.
  • Magazine release swappable between left and right.
  • Old magazines still work, but only when mag release is on left side.
  • Gen4 slide is clearly marked as “Gen4″.
  • Retail price for G17 and G22 Gen4 is about $700 (actual prices will be lower than this).
  • Glock will cease sales of the 3rd Generation and RTF models.

[Hat Tip: Pistol Training]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • MGH

    Ho hum. Maybe now all the Glock fanboys that criticize the “improvements” that other polymer lines (XD, M&P, etc.) introduced will settle down.

  • ericire12

    I (a Glock fanboy) still wont buy one for anything close to that kind of premium. I would be willing to go up to around $550, but why should I pay a $100-$200 premium to fix a flaw in the original Glock design. I love Glocks, but if they want to sell more pistols then they need to introduce these improved models at a much more realistic price point. There is no value added if they are asking consumers to fork out an additional $200. I will also wait for atleast a good year or so to see if there are any bugs that need to be worked out with the functional changes that they have made.

  • Jim

    now, they need to add a grip safety..

  • Burt Gummer

    I hope Glock continues to offer their OD (“pea soup”) Green frame as an option.

  • Bobby

    I like it. I’ll keep my Gen 3 as a collecters item, like my Gen 2 and 1. I’ll buy a new one for sure though. As my go to pistol.

  • Perhaps I missed other it in other discussions, but when do they plan on releasing the full sized models? As a left handed shooter I like the new ambi feature on the Gen 4 !

  • Jeff

    I am looking forward to the replaceable backstraps. I loved them on the HK P2000 that I had (but sold it due to the trigger).

    Just one comment: on the last picture, isn’t the gen 3 frame on the left?

    • Jeff, you may be right. They remvoed the photo and uploaded a new one. I have updated with the new photo.

  • Raye Maynor

    Hi All,
    This is mine first time here and let me start by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    I’m a Glock owner but it’s not my favorite weapon by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sure the real “Glockies” know it but most of the wannabes keep telling me Glock doesn’t make a .45 Cal. Mine’s a Model 21, double-stack-14 rd. magazine, .45. I think what throws everyone is that it was a law enforcement only weapon. It is extremely accurate, and has never failed with approximately 7,000 rds. or so fired. It’s just so damned ugly and I don’t like not having a safety. I’m also not really into DA only pistols. I own probably somewhere between 35 and 40 .45’s, all different, but I keep going back to my Para-Ordinance P-14 or the P-14 for concealed carry.

  • Don

    We are currently selling them in the store, so I don’t know why Glock’s PR folks would be annoyed. If we didn’t post pictures and promote them you can bet the folks that are buying them would be and will be posting their own pictures.

    This is a great design by Glock. I have relatively small hands and this grip fits me perfect. The texture is also a home run. It gives a very positive grip but isn’t abrasive.

    Don Anderson
    Ed’s Public Safety

    • Don, not your fault for photographing it! Their fault for shipping it before the big SHOT Show launch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When it comes to internal parts is the only change the recoil spring?

  • aeronathan

    Still want to handle one before I pass judgment. Until then I’ll remain unconvinced that the backstraps will fix my issues with the glock grip…

  • Erin

    I was really worried on what they would do but it seems they didn’t dissapoint, the changes seem right, anything else would be a different gun, what they have done does make me want it. I just hope there’s no internal lock or anything like that. And I’m still rooting for a merge of compact with subcompact into one, that would make models 19, 23, 29, 30, 32 and 38 all have a 3.75 in barrel and a grip somewhere between compact and subcompact, say 13 rounds on the 19. of course that would get rid of the subcompacts.

  • Steve,

    I really enjoy reading your blog, and it is in the spirit gratitude, public service, Christmas, and taking your blog to the next level that I post this:

    The difference between duel:
    1. a prearranged combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, esp. to settle a private quarrel.

    and dual:
    1. of, pertaining to, or noting two.

    You always write “duel” when you mean “dual.”

    • Mike, thanks, I do always foget that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin

    Merging compact and subcompact would in fact be a great idea because it would allow models 29, 30 and 36 to have a more appropriate frame length.
    So it would be models 17, 22, 20, 21, 31 and 37 full size, and then Gen4 compact models would be 19, 23, 29, 30, 32, 38 and 36 all with a 3.75 in. barrels and a frame somwhere between the compacts and the subcompacts, that would allow for the interchangeable backstraps, say for example 13 rounds on the new Gen4 model 19. This would of course get rid of the subcompacts.

  • Derek Bond

    i guess i am not in the loop on these interchangeable backstraps. Th problem with the standard Glock frame is simply this: When the arm is extended with the wrist naturally straight, the barrel points qute high and it is necessary to cant one’s wrist down to bring the muzzle on target. Will these musical backstraps alleviate this problem or are we merely dealing with the large and smaller versions of the basic problem?

  • max

    hey guys,

    happy christmas to all of you!

    one question about the 4th gen: does the dual-spring system feature a steel guide rod? or is it still plastic?

    best regards from germany,


  • G21Guy

    I love my 7 Glocks and see them for what they are; a tremdously
    durable and reliable pistol at a great price. Having said that,
    does anyone know how, or if, Crimson Trace laser grips will
    be affected by the new Gen4 grips?

    I now have 3 S&W M&P pistols and CT did a great job on that
    platform, and I hope Glock can emmulate.

  • Paul

    I see no problem with Gen. 3 Glocks. All of mine work fine. That includes Glocks 26, 27, 19, 23, 32, and 17.

    Increase reliablity? What is there to increase?

    The backstrap is ok, but no biggie. Mine are fine.

    Extra $200. Hahahaha. Sure. Go ahead and try to charge it, all you will do is get a big run on Gen. 3 guns!

  • Carl

    Derek, the large angle of the Glock grip is not a problem, it’s a feature: Canting your wrist down lowers the bore axis towards your lower arm axis thus reducing torque from recoil and muzzle flip, permitting faster aimed shooting.

    I fully agree that a grip angle such as the 1911 is more naturally comfortable than the Glock. But a pistol is not a tool for achieving maximum comfort. Shoot more and chances are you’ll get used to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Derek Bond

    Why should one want to get used to a pistol that points up in the air when you naturally extend your arm…Anyone can adapt to compensate for design flaws but in a defensive weapon the disastrous hump that Glock is so fond of could cost your life. Why not just tweak the design ever so little to correct the flaw?.. The luger frame could serve as an example of the same basic style of frame yet one that points immediately where it should with a straight (natural) wrist.

  • UberPistolero

    What Derek said. You can force yourself to get used to anything. Why put effort in that, when you could chose an ergonomically correct grip and spend your efforts on something productive?

    I was expecting Glock would wise up and have the elimination of that extreme grip angle hump (which also makes the grip too large for many shooters) as an optional back-strap when they finally got around to the modern era – but apparently his ego would not allow that. I see little difference between the offered backstraps – why even bother?

  • jdun1911

    It is my belief that 98% of gun owners don’t know the proper way to hold a firearm. That’s why they complain about Glock and other similar gun with that kind of grip angle.

    You can’t fix bad technique with better engineer guns. The mental scars will built on top of each other and thus never improving, just more whining.

  • Jeff

    Hopefully, when someone gets their hands on one, we can get a circumference measurement of the different grip sizes.

  • Jeff

    FWIW, I have moved from SIGs to Glocks and really like the Glock grip angle. For me, it feels like I’m pointing more naturally. Just my 2 cents. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Carl

    Well, lets not confuse the issues. I agree that the hump on the bottom of the grip is weird and wouldn’t mind seeing it go. But the grip/wrist angle is a good thing that probably makes the pistol more effective.

    Why put effort into training? Why force yourself to get used to something that will make you more effective?

    The answers to these questions are self-evident, gentlemen.

    There are things that are more comfortable than shooting a pistol. But they won’t do the job that a pistol will. By shooting a pistol you are already sacrificing being comfortable for achieveing some sort of effect.

  • Derek Bond

    The bottom line is: Glocks simply point high unless you bend your wrist at an unnatural angle. Other pistols don’t. Glock should fix it…they won’t, hence the vast cottage industry of grip cobblers, some good some atrocious…A true pistolero wants his gun to be an extension of his arm. Jeff Cooper would agree were he still around…Enuf said.

  • BadShot

    Nice little evolutions, especially the texturing. The back strap swap outs will allow for a greater appeal to folks with larger or smaller hands, again offering a better market penetration. I’m wondering if we’ll be able to upgrade the Gen2 and 3 pistols to the new recoil spring system without issue and if so when can we get them! ๐Ÿ™‚ I might snag one of the 17’s or 26’s when they roll that out later this year. But then again, ha ha ha ha, maybe the Gen 3 prices will drop some more as folks “upgrade” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Derek, my question to you would be, if the Glock grip angle doesn’t work for you, why not go towards something like the XD/XDM? With the more 1911-ish ergonomics that would seem to be a more appropriate choice for your grip. I know I didn’t and don’t shoot well with the 21/22 or 30 because of the grip girth, but snagged a 19 on a whim and it’s supplanted my other carry gun simply because it is a more nature pointing weapon for me. I attribute that to my thumbs forward grip but I’ve never noticed the upwards cant that you’ve been taking issue with. Then again, my .45 poly gun is an XD specifically because of the grip ergonomics and trigger. Just sayin’

  • jdun1911


    I agree with you. The lack of investing in training by the vast majority of gun owners is unbelievable. They actually want their guns to shot for them.

    When I watch youtube videos and go to a public range (very rare these days), I notice almost all the shooters don’t know the proper way to hold a firearms.


    Glock has one of the best grip for handgun. The problem is that in order to take full advantage of it you need to understand how to hold a handgun properly. That only comes from training.

    The two most use handguns in high level completion are 1911 and Glocks. These two handguns combine make over 70% of the field. The two handguns that contractors take with them to the sandbox are 1911 and Glocks. If Glock is that bad and you can’t hit anything with it then why are these people using it in high level completions and risking their lives in the sandbox?

    One thing about backstrap. You won’t see them in the sandbox because it is another point of failure. Things break when you run gears hard. Backstrap are acceptable in the civilians world because gun owners don’t go to the range that much and they won’t exposed the guns to abuses.

  • Burt Gummer

    I’ve been shooting Glocks for 20 years. Whenever I pick up a 1911, I can’t see the front sight … the muzzle points too low. Maybe 1911s should correct their grip angles?

    The bottom line is: There is no such thing as “natural grip angle”, just what the individual has most time in training/shooting.

  • Jimon 25 Dec 2009 at 5:21 am
    now, they need to add a grip safety..


  • Sauli

    The grip angle of Glocks is wildly exaggerated.

    There’s a difference compared to a 1911, yes, but it’s quite small in the end and far from “unnatural”. The wrist has quite a bit of natural movement and it easily covers all the angles from a Luger to an Uzi.

    For someone who only ever shot a Glock, the 1911 grip angle will feel incorrect and they claim that the gun points down when they simply extend their arm. It’s just a matter of what you’re used to.

    A “natural” grip angle does not exist, except in the minds of people who can’t be bothered to learn new things. (Goes for those Glock-jockeys too, who claim that the Glock grip angle is the only correct one.)

  • BadShot

    Sauli, you’re right to a point. There are “technically” better ergonomics involved in the angle of the 1911 and it’s successors. This concept is derived from the common angle the human wrist has when at rest and you can also see this angle when you are shaking hands. This is an age old debate, yet what it comes down to is shoot what works and feels best for you.

    In my mind you should have primary weapons, especially if you carry a concealed pistol, that you train with on a consistent basis. While I encourage those I teach to shoot, shoot and then go buy more ammo and do it again, I also recommend that they not constrain themselves to just one platform for several reasons.

    First being, you never know what’s going to be available when you need it. It helps to have at least a functional knowledge of as many types as you can. Second is that you never know what might leap out at you as “the” one for you.

    The Glock is one of those that didn’t work for me for the longest time. I thought it was the grip angle for that same time. Then, out of the blue I shot a buddies G19 and the Angels sang and learning occurred. In the years it had been since I had last shot a Glock, my grip, stance and even my method of aiming had all evolved. Many of my preferences also changed and I pushed harder and harder in my practice and training. So now I find my G19 far preferable over my 1911 and even over my SIG’s or XD’s. While I’m still not a fan of wheel guns and ergonomics is one of the primary reasons.. I never turn down an opportunity to give one a try.

    It all absolutely comes to a matter of preference, so I encourage folks to keep checking out different weapons when the opportunity arises! You never know when that Ah-Ha moment might strike… well that and you get to shoot and shoot some more!

  • Ken

    Ill take my XD and my King Cobra thanks..

  • Jon B

    Are the internals the same?

  • Well I can tell you all this fellows. I have been working for Glock for over 26 years now and a lot the input we get off these forums is the blueprint for which we design our guns to. Don’t be to surprised when in the near future gen 5 comes out you will see some radical changes, we have incorporated some very cool stuff. Gen 5 will introduce the very first Glock with external hammer, interchangeable front and rear sights, quick release magazines, and my fav: inertia powered recoil management.
    More to cum fellows, stay tuned.
    GG Glock expert

  • J Fulkerson

    I’m the biggest Glock fan ever but I do not see this as being a significant improvement. Changing backstraps and modifying a recoil spring are not significant upgrades. The only takers will likely be departments already carrying Glocks that are looking to replace existing weapons.

    Glock makes great pistols but sadly has been out of the innovation business for many years.

  • MJ Thomas

    I handled the Gen4 today at Ed’s and can’t say I was really blown away by this. It’s not like the 17 or 22 were ever that big and required grip reduction. I thought the two stage recoil spring system was a bit cheesy as they were stamped metal. Something exciting to me would be a tactical/practical length .45 with the SF frame and RTF stipling. Everytime I go to the armorers course I mention this and it falls on deaf Austrian ears…

  • Carl

    The “generation upgrades” have never been “significant improvements”. More like fine tuning of and small additions to an already good design.

    Adding “significant upgrades” just for the hell of it is not a good thing. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

    I would liked to have seen total ambidextrous controls though, including slide catch. Not just a reversible mag release.

    Glock with external hammer; yes… good luck with that… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Big Ern

    Pure genius. The complaint of the Glock being too big for smaller/female hands is addressed by ADDING a backstrap to the grip. Hey, Glock, all the other companies make removable backstraps so you can add a SMALLER backstrap to REDUCE the size of the grip.

    Get an XD.

  • Agent

    How in the heck is a removable backstrap going to get “run hard in the sandbox” to the point of failure? What a joke. What are you going to do, hammer nails with them? LOL! If the backstrap falls off, the gun runs just fine without one. Same goes for the M&P. Same goes for the XD (which isn’t a serious tactical pistol to begin with, though.)

    Point of failure. Please. Get a grip.

  • jdun1911

    No it doesn’t run find. The backstrap fell off. You don’t see many guns with backstraps in the sandbox. It isn’t my opinion it is just facts.

    AR runs to the point of failure in Pat Roger civilians carbine class and many like it. Most carbine class last 2 to 3 days. It is no where near the level that you will see in the sandbox. There is a constant maintenance on all type of weapons and gears.

    Here are AR15 in the sandbox. Some of them very abused very damaged.

    Guns are tools.When it is heavily used, heavily abused it will fail. Like all tools they will wear out, it is not if it is when.

    The vast majority of contractors use 1911 and Glocks. No XD, no S&W M&P, no backstrap.

  • Carl

    They are adding *the feature* of changing the grip size. Not *adding to* the grip size. It goes without saying that the grip without backstraps will be smaller than it was on the previous version.

    I’m not entirely convinced it’ll be a change for the better though. I guess we’ll know in a couple of years or so…

    Why would the “operators in the sandbox” use 1911? It has grip sides that can fail just as much as a backstrap as far as I can tell. It also contains many more parts in general than a Glock.

  • Anthony

    to Glock Expert,

    Any word if the Gen 4 will be CA approved?

    I work in a gun store and every time one of the customers comes into the store and bad mouths a glock, all I have to say is name another gun manu. that passed all 5 tests.

    ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my humble opinion, Glock is the best pistol made bar none. 12 years of military and 8 years CA law enforcement, I have shot several brands of guns and I always go back to my Gen 1 Glock 22.

  • Anthony

    Why would Glock change perfection and go to a hammer.

  • Anthony,

    Have they submitted the Gen 4 to the CA DOJ for approval?

  • Ariel

    Glock should have introduced all these features for the SAME price as the current Glocks. They already have significant penetration and were the initial innovator in this area which gives them a huge market advantage that will likely not be exhausted in my lifetime.

  • JamesPMullin

    Get with it Gaston! Where is my Generation4 model 31??? The 357 Sig cartridge is not being neglected by Law Enforcement but civilians by comparision are in the dark.Everyone toting 40 cals should be using 357 Sigs instead. The 40 is a compromise round thar excels in neither high velocity nor big bore heavy bullet weight.The 40 was for the FBI agents who were made wimps by the 10mm auto cartridge.So where is the model 31 Gen4? Get one to Mahoney’s Johnson City TN,thanks Gaston. Jim

  • JamesPMullin

    PS. The Glock has been ridden over by trucks,will the backstraps weaken the design? Will the backstraps pop off under a trucks weight and collapse the pistol’s frame? Just wondering.

  • Leonardo

    A guy at my local range told me that Gen 4 may not get CA approval due to no round in chamber indicator and no magazine safety feature. Looking at the second to last picture above, it sure looks like there is a round indicator present. Anyone know what the status is with CA DOJ? Sure like to get one of these.

  • Carl

    Leonardo, those features are (as I understand it) the same on Gen 3 as on Gen 4. So it would seem quite unreasonable to disqualify the Gen 4 because of this. The Glock has never had a magazine disconnect, and the “loaded chamber indicator” (really just the extractor slightly reshaped) came with Gen 3 I believe.

    I’m not up to speed on CA regulations though.

  • Longrange

    Funny that people think a changeable backstrap for a Glock is bad and then they continue to tell everybody how fine battle weapon the M1911 is.

    If you didnยดt know it has had a changeable backstrap for 99 years.

    “Of my god, what if the backstrap of my Les Baer Premier II falls off ?”

    Get a grip.

  • anthony

    I called glock last week and was told that the gen 4 has already been submitted to Ca. the gen 3 was approved so I do not know why the gen 4 will not be

  • GunFu

    RE Grip angle

    Most often what people consider natural is simply what they are habituated to.

    As an instructor of mine once said…

    “Taking a shit in the woods is NATURAL. Wiping your ass is a trained response.” “At this point in your lives, hopefully most of you wouldn’t feel NATURAL walking around with shit on your ass.”

    For those of us who shoot from a Modern Isosceles the grip angle of the Glock is nearly optimal. This is because if you want to get the greatest performance from that stance you want minimal muscular tension at the wrist.

    For you non-Glock shooters, try this experiment… hold your right arm parallel to the floor with your palm facing to the left and your index finger extended (as if it was holding a handgun.) Now completely relax your wrist and note that your hand drops to a natural stopping point with the 3rd knuckle of your index finger in line with the bones of your forearm.

    This is the most ergonomically neutral (or natural) position of the wrist when the arm is extended. That is also quite nearly the angle of the Glock grip. I admit it took some getting used to (due to previous muscle memory) but the performance increase when shooting in this position is noticeable once you put some time in on the gun. I sure wouldn’t want Glock to “Fix” this angle.

  • As a firearms trainor for a metro PD glocks shooters give us the most problem especially officers with small mitts, they just can’t get their
    hands around the grip and of course they always want to carry the 22 or the 21 no matter how much we try and talk them out of it. Maybe the addition of the interchangeable bakstrap might help.

    I personally carry a Springfield MC operator and once the glock guys shoot it well I’ve converted 9 guys to a single action 1911, Oh yeah John Browning got it right.

  • Any Gun


    Bunch of crybabies !!!! And Excuses !!! HA…….Get out and shoot!!!
    And shoot alot !!!! The 1911’s and Glocks are the best guns..I win overall IPSC matches in either.I can make list of pro’s and con’s for both……..

    Grip angle ? Does that mean you dont use your sights?

    Safeties ? Glock is always the first gun that I see juniors start with!!!
    Why ? Because I can drop a loaded Glock , and it wont go
    BANG. Try that on a 1911……..

  • GlockApostle

    i too cried and whined about glock’s grip angle. one day i held my trusty bedside pistol pointing away from me with my eyes closed. much to my surprise, when i opened them i found i would have shot an attacker in the feet. my ‘natural’ wrist angle was pointing the gun way down. i can do this same test with my glock and my sights are nearly on target every time. the only “flaw” in the gen3 glock is sill no ambi mag release. that’s all they needed to fix.

    now what will i do with my cache of right-hand only mags…..

  • Carl

    Er… the gen 3 Glock has (or had) an ambidextrous mag release as an option. But it’s crap, so stay away from it. My magazine and half of the mag retaining parts fell out twice yesterday during a competition.

  • james keith morris jr.

    where do we need to send our glocks for any repairs, we had a great place in greensboro, n.c. at arrington, now that is gone. I have been told we would need to send this to texas, is this correct ? I have my own security company and I like things that work. You need to reconsider this, because it has turned into a problem. We need a service center close to home. Thanks, Keith

  • james keith morris jr.


  • jake

    All Glocks have a MSRP at or above $700 to the one worried about the price. I have never seen a Glock sell at full price, even at the highest of the retail outlets. New models tend to carry a premium at first but after demand will be the same as all other models.

    The G21 and G30 are 45 cal pistols, they were never LEO only guns. There were LEO only magazines for the G21, and 10 round mags for everyone else during the brady ban. After the ban expired the LEO only mags could be sold to anyone.


    My goodness – certainly a lot of hulabaloo over the Gen4 seems like. I’m not sure where some of the posters are getting info from, but I OWN a new Gen4 G17 and I can assure all of you a few things for a FACT. The new grip texture is a big improvement over the Gen3 and the RTF2 (okay that’s more of an opinion) – but it falls more in line with the grippiness of say the XDm series Springers to me. The backstraps are in fact designed to overlay the “standard” which is molded in. As someone noted, the “standard” backstrap is SMALLER than the grip setup on the Gen3 et al. The gun comes with a Med and Large backstrap that does indeed fit OVER the one molded into the frame and is held in place with a pin as indicated. If you put the Med backstrap on then you are pretty much at the original Gen2/Gen3 grip size. If you put the Large backstrap on, then you are pretty much at the G21 size. The mag release is most assuredly improved – both being larger and reversable for you lefties out there
    (very easy to do BTW). Pricing is definitely NOT a $200 premium as several folks have moaned about. Here in Georgia, I bought mine for $529 versus $489 for a Gen3 – but it comes with 3 mags instead of 2. All in all, I figure it was worth that much “premium”. Hope this clears up any confusion out there.

    Any other “improvements” are yet to come – this is definitely more of an evolutionary step than a radical redo.

    Stay safe.

  • Big-FED

    Had an opportunity to handle a Gen 4 at our shop a few days ago when the new Glock rep stopped by. My main observation is based on the 13+ years I have been involved with Texas Concealed Handgun Training. Our primary handgun is the Glock 19 which almost anyone can operate. We had a couple of Model 26’s, but stopped using them since many folks who wanted a “smaller” handgun found out they couldn’t operate the slide as readily as the Model 19. They just didn’t have the grip strength to grasp and retract the slide.

    This was my observation on the Gen 4. Even I had an issue with grabbing and cycling the slide and I ain’t no whimp! It is tougher to grasp and cycle, period. I forecast a drop in sales as this becomes a bigger issue, especially for persons with some of us older folks that are losing muscle tone.

  • newbie

    I’ll start by saying I’m no gun or shooting expert by any means. I would however like a glock to be my first pistol as I have only owned a shotgun to this point. I’m forced to stay with gen 3, used (pre 1999 glocks) b/c I live in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts and the Attorney General has said “no” to new glocks manufactured after 10/98.
    I have a couple questions about being left handed b/c I am. I’m wondering if it’s that big a deal to have the magazine release in the left side as with a gen 3? Do a lot of lefties own glocks?
    As I mentioned we’re not allowed to buy any new glocks in this state so I really have no choice. In a way I’m kind of glad b/c the gen 3 is proven and the gen 4 is not (ie: people talking about getting the bugs out).
    I am curious however about law enforcement officers who are left handed. Do left handed officers avoid gen 3 glocks b/c the magazine release is on the left? Just curious.

  • Carl

    newbie, the gen3 had an ambidextrous mag release as an option. So you might be able to find one of those.

    But be warned. People have had problems with them. Mine has broken during use, taking the gun out of action. This part is not up to Glock’s usual quality standards.

    If you can’t get the gen4 Glock you might want to look at brands that are fully ambidextrous as default. HK P30 or P2000 perhaps.

  • Scott Campbell

    I just bought the G 22 4th gen. This is the sweetest shooting handgun I have had in a long time. I have small hands, and love the new grips. I would recommend this handgun to anyone in the market for a really nice pistol at a very fair price, $ 529 + tax

  • Brian

    I compete in USPSA and IDPA with an STI and a glock 34. The only real problem I have had with the gen 3 glock 34 is that darn slide release! Right where there should be a thumb safety. The only thing I would add would be a thumb rest on the frame where a 1911 thumb safety should be.

  • Welland

    I have a Gen 4 G22 and wanted to get some additional Gen 4 mags for it, the ones with the double magazine-release notch. Various suppliers are advertising that they have Gen 4 mags available, but I just spoke with a sales supervisor at Glock this morning, and he says that the only Gen 4 mags they have produced are the ones shipped with the pistols, three per gun. No Gen 4 mags have been produced or sold to anyone, retail or wholesale, aside from the ones provided with the G22 itself. They do not even have a separate part number for G22 Gen 4 mags. Any dealer advertising these–unless they are being sold with the pistols themselves–is either confused or deliberately misleading the customer.

    At this point, Glock cannot give a date when these Gen 4 mags will be available, although they fully expect that they will be.

    Unfortunately, I did not ask if this also applies to the G17.

    Caveat emptor.

  • Maclauren

    My Glocks feel natural to me. It’s not going to fit “everyone” of course, but I like the angle and grip just fine. It fits my hand perfectly.

    I like the new grip and backstraps. I wouldn’t pay $200 for them though. I’m perfectly happy with the Glocks I own and would even go out on a limb and throw one of those conspiracy theories out there…

    Maybe this is a marketing ploy to get their Gen3 pistols bought up once they stop production? Then naturally in a year or so, the price goes down to norm?

    I carry my Glock 20 on all my hunting / fishing expeditions and it’s literally an extension of my arm. I simply love Glock and will be the first to admit I’m a big fan. That said however, I’m not the type of person that is brand name loyal… I just look for quality in whatever it is I own. If Glock was crap, I wouldn’t own several.

    Currently I have a 20, 23, 21, and 33

  • bass

    Hey all,

    I’m a new law enforcement officer and i’m about to purchase my first handgun. I’ve decided to purchase a G22 and I’m just stuck decideing whether I should buy the Gen 4 or the Gen 3. I’ve read through every post on this site and still cant decide. The only major difference I can tell between the Gen 4 and Gen 3 is the backstrap option, the texture, and the dual recoil springs. I have large hands so the size of the grip being to big is really no problem for me. So the biggest question in my mind is does the other recoil spring make a huge difference. I know with the additional spring, they should last longer, but more parts equals more problems. the simpler the better usaully. any advice would be helpfull.

  • Heath


    a friend of mine is a HP officer here in MO. They’re issued a 3rd Gen and there are enough complaints about the grip tearing up uniforms that they’re citing it as a reason to upgrade to the 4th Gen.

  • Mike

    To all,

    I am glad to know that so many people are as passionate about our right to own guns as I am.
    My 2 cents about Gen 4 Glocks……
    I own a 23 Gen 3 and love it!!! I probally will buy a Gen 4 because I am just simply a Glock fan. As for the “Natural” grip angle everyone keeps whining about, just shoot the Gun Mfg of your choice and support your “Brothers & Sisters” in arms. Let’s just focus on keeping our Right to Bear Arms and the right to choose. Aim straight, shoot alot, & be safe.

    God Bless You All !!!!!!

  • Apologize for my ignorance, but do any of the Glock models, of whatever generation, have magazine disconnects?

  • Carl

    James, no.

    Bass: As for gen3 or gen4; for a defensive weapon I’d stay with the 3rd gen for now. You never know what bugs might appear on a new design.

    As for the new recoil spring making the gen4 guns last longer: The gen3 lasts long enough for this to be a very theoretical issue.

    Make sure you get a vanilla version though. Stay away from the RTF frame and the ambi mag release.

  • glocknewb

    I just ordered a gen 4 glock 19 with factory night sights for $585 so I don’t know what their talking about when they say it’ll cost 700. I can’t wait to get it this Friday when it comes in. This will be my first pistol, and I’m excited to see what the difference in the grip is. I’ve held plenty of glocks, and they all feel big in the hand. The new generation seems to have a better grip. looking forward to it. I’ll post again when I get it.

  • Glock

    Did glock come out with more Gen 4’s i thought it was olny the 17 and 22 where did you find the 19 at?

  • firefighter299

    I just purchased a Gen.4 G22 last week. I paid $425 for it, new in the box including all the extras. I don’t know what some folks are talking about. $700., no way.

  • Carl

    $425, where?
    With discount or without?

  • Firefighter299

    Go online to the Glock website. Sign up for membership in the” Glock Sport Shooting Foundation. The cost for a one yearmembership is $35. Renewal is $25. Just joining is well worth the cost. Among other things you will be sent a plastic membership card. Locate a participating dealer in your area and tell him that you are a member of GSSF and give him your membership number and what you are interested in. That is it. You will get a very special rate just by being a member. I purchased my Gen 4 G22 at a gunshop and Glock dealer in Clinton Md. They cater to law enforcement, but they would also be glad to get your business I’m sure.

  • Kev

    I just picked my gen4 Glock 22 up, I like the “feel” of the new gen4 Glock22. A modern Tupperware “gunfighter’s” gun, she’s may not be the most sexy looking but she sure can stay in the mix. Check out the GSSF website and get a Glock deal. Be safe.

  • Today I was able to hold one of these. A buddy of mine is a MO state HP and they’re now swapping out their Gen 3’s for these new Gen 4’s. And for the first time in quite a while the MO state HP is having the badge number of the HP, the “MSHP” and a small version of their badge added to the slide. It wasn’t engraved so I assume it was added with a laser.

    Anyway, I much prefer the feel of the grip on this gen 4 over my gen 3. It’s not as rough and likely wouldn’t be as hard on my hands as the gen 3 after prolonged target practice. He had the medium grip installed on his pistol. Unfortunately I didn’t have my Glock with me to compare the feel.

    He is happy with it and was pretty excited to have have his badge number on his pistol. When they trade in their pistols again he intends to buy this one from the state.

  • Joe

    A thumb safety can get you killed. When drawing from a holster, from concealment, not having a safety to fight is a major plus. I understand that for people who do not train as intensively, and just buy it and stick it in a drawer or better yet a safe, a thumb safety is a good idea. For professionals, the only safety we need is our brain and our finger. If you honestly do not feel safety without a thumb safety, you are not training properly.

  • tsihcrana

    I’ve had nothing but problems with my Gen4 17. The captive dual recoil spring assembly seems to be poorly executed and the spring rate is much too high for 9×19. I did not encounter malfunctions until I purposefully decreased my grip strength (not exactly a limp wrist, either). This led to a FTF or a FTE every 3-4 rounds, using a range of 115, 124 and 147 gr ammunition.

    I have been unable to reproduce the same frequency of malfunction while using an even lesser amount of grip with the G26. The 26 keeps ticking while the Gen 4 chokes. Simply put, the spring rate seems to be overwhelming to standard pressure 9mm ammunition. Those of you running +P may have better luck.

    The new dual recoil spring system also caused reassembly problems and exhibited strange behavior during field stripping. Unlike the G26, the Gen 4 17’s inner recoil spring is not fully shrouded by a sleeve. The open two piece design of the Gen4 allows the outer spring to become trapped in the sleeve while it is compressed during reassembly which prevents the slide from locking on the frame.

    The Gen4 doesn’t really inspire much confidence for duty considerations. Aside from the pretty shabby captive recoil spring assembly though, it’s a pretty solid piece. Grip texture and mag release are nice upgrades. Too bad they had to “fix” the recoil spring. I’m sticking with Gen3 for now.

  • Law Enforcement

    The new Gen 4’s are now being made in .357 Sig. I just found out today on the GlockTalk forum thread here discussing the new Gen 4 31’s coming off the production line and apparently this blokes first 2,000 are going to LE agencies in Florida.

  • John

    Generation 4 Glock subcompacts need the receiver picatinny mount rail for the micro-battery laser points as well as the ambidextrous magazine release feature. interchangeable backstraps are not really necessar for subcompacts. awaiting the release of a subcompact Glock with all these features.

  • Ron

    I work at Academy Sport. We have for 540 I think. They may have gone down by now. Not really much difference IMO.

  • James Harper

    I pre-ordered a gen4 Glock23 in July 2010.As the 23 has yet to be released,is there a problem with the 23 model.

  • Justin

    I live in Stockbridge Ga. and I shop and know Ed personally at Ed’s Public Safety. Everything they do is complete straight up and down, I’m talking on my own behalf but I’m sure the pic’s of the G22gen4 would have been cleared by Glock so they are able to promote more (Glock that is). Did you have that Glock sent Lee R Ermey to do a two day clinic at the store? (Didn’t think so). Before you post something like that again all I’m saying is just to do little research and maybe, I don’t know……CALL THE STORE (lol), like I said these are really good people and Ed will just about break his back to find you what you want and at the best price as well.
    A loyal coustomer, (because they turned me into one)

  • Gil

    It’s okay if they will cease the sale of glock gen 3, as long as the parts of gen 4 will be compatible with the gen 3….

  • Tommy

    I just purchased a Glock 21 Gen 4 and Glock 17 Gen 4 and all initaial problem have been resolved. Both pistols operate fine and fieldstrip with no problems. The Gen 4’s feel a bit stiffer when fieldstripped but there are no hangups like some have stated before. The G-21 Gen 4 feels especially nice, better than the Gen 3 version ! The frame seems like it has a bit less of a slope angle in the grip which is actually a good thing. When I had a Gen 3 21 it just never felt quite right . The Gen 4, 21 feels awesome to hold, like an extension of your arm ! As for the 17 there’s no difference in grip angle, just texture feel. At first the slide looked like it was narrower to me but that’s because the frame on the Gen 4-17 is wider to compensate for the new recoil spring. It didn’t take long for Glock to work out the bugs in the new Gen 4 line. I think they have a good thing going with the new pistols. They will probably continue to have the two types of frame styles though to cater to the public’s different tastes. Only they will be updated to Gen 4 internal and operational parts. Some folks still prefer the smoother frame, and I don’t think Glock wants to lose those customers. I wonder what the Gen 5’s are going to look like 10 years from now ?

  • Jeremy

    I purchased a Gen4 Glock 22 two weeks ago. This is my first foray into Glock ownership and I must say, I am enjoying this pistol. I grew up with a Vietnam vet father. He and all his friends will never accept the premise that there is any other pistol to rely on aside from the 1911-A1 45. Because that mentality was so prevalent as a kid, I naturally grew to be a 1911 fan. I like the Glock tremendously. But if I had to throw one or the other into the South China Sea…..It would be the Glock. My dad had a great story about a similar situation, which is the only reason I stated it that way. Keep your heads down and your powder dry soldiers.

  • Robert

    Will Glock make a mofel 30 in Gen4?

  • Robert

    Will Glock make the model 30 in Gen4?