TriStar Cobra Force shotgun

Guy Sagi has just blogged about an interesting shotgun. The TriStar Cobra Force incorporates a spring-loaded fore end to speed up cycling the action …

Enter the TriStar Cobra Force shotgun with a spring-loaded fore-end that, quite literally, assists a shooter in bringing the shotgun back into battery. According to Garrett Bader, of TriStar sporting Arms, “You can fire this gun almost as fast as a semi-auto.”

The gun, which is manufactured in Turkey by Armsan, comes with a formidable looking flash hider that can be replaced with Beretta/Benelli-style choke tubes. The receiver has a Picatinny rail already mounted, the fore-end has another rail, and up front a fiber-optic sight provides quick target acquisition in low light and operates well as a post in virtually no light.

It gets exhaustive testing in the January issue of Shooting Illustrated magazine that’s available on newsstands today, and there were some surprises uncovered, including its unusually crisp trigger with a consistent 5-pound let-off weight.

The idea makes sense to me. I look forward to reading the review in the magazine.

Steve Johnson

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  • leon_85

    Similar system is already used in Fabarm SDASS shotguns.

  • Blackwater

    Made in Turkey? No thanks.

  • Trust me on this, you guys don’t want anything to do with a Tristar shotgun. They have some of the worst quality control I’ve ever seen. I’ve handled their Viper autos and the Cobra pumps. They appear to be built on the exact same receiver almost like the pump models were an afterthought. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spring in their pump is the op spring from auto. Customers at work have had nothing but problems with them. I don’t think the Turkish manufacture is the problem, just look at the Stoeger Cougar and the Kimber Marias series to see what they can really do. It goes back to Tristar not caring/watching what their manufacturers are doing.

  • Gunsumer Reports recently completed a detailed review of the TriStar Cobra Force Pump Shotgun. You can see the review at the following link.