Benelli vs. Beretta … ?

Benelli and Beretta seem to be competing with each other to produce the lightest shotgun autoloading shotgun. Earlier this year Benelli introduced the Vinci, which they claimed was one of the lighest autoloading shotguns available. Beretta recently responded with the Beretta Xplor, which is even lighter than the Vinci.

Benelli now claim they have designed the lightest autoloader in the world and will unveil it at SHOT Show.

This competition would make sense if they were separate companies but since 2000 Benelli has been owned by Beretta.

Steve Johnson

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  • I’ve seen this artificial competition before. It generates buzz as the 2 struggle and people buy up the latest models and gets them press as they are each reviewed by blogs and mags. A ton of people have no idea who owns who and Beretta corporate wins all around.

  • Beretta owned a partial stake in Benelli long before they bought them out completely. Over the years, Beretta has owned large stakes in several gunmakers, including FN. GIAT bought out Beretta’s stake in FN prior to selling FN back to the Belgians. Following this, Beretta set out a big buying spree, which included Benelli, Franchi, Uberti, and Sako.

    • Daniel, interesting. I did not know that they once owned much of FN.

  • Bill Rushmore

    I am wondering if this is really a competitor for the Xplor at all. I am assuming that the “28” on the side is 28 guage. So I am thinking the Xplor will be goose killer but this will be an ultra-lite niche gun geared for people who can’t have or don’t want something heavy for the field?

    • Bill, well spotted. I missed that 28.

  • Dave

    Light is good, but I wish Beretta and Benelli would get into a race to make the most *affordable* autoloader.

  • Matt Groom

    Benelli Vs. Beretta? Isn’t that like Ford vs. Mercury?This whole thing is silly, though. Who want’s a lighter shotgun? Those things kick! That’s why everyone is carrying AR-15s now!

    I doubt any of these Beretta-corporation offerings will be lighter than an Armalite AR-9. That thing had an Aluminum barrel!

  • Carl

    So, at what point does the recoil get too violent when you are constantly making the guns lighter?

    Also, won’t a lighter gun decrease the muzzle velocity?

  • Vitor

    Both guns have recoil reducing systems.

  • MichaelD

    Doesn’t really sound all that different from the internal horsepower wars GM had back in the ’60s between Chevy, Olds, and Pontiac. Why shouldn’t divisions of the same company try to top each other? Competition improves the breed, after all.

  • Charles Williams

    I agree with Dave. I like the Beretta xplor but he walk out price is almost $1700. Be nice to get one around $1000.

  • Aaron

    What’s the best autoloader for the price? Not sure I could afford a beretta or benelli at this time but something in the price range of 600-800 dollars if possible.

  • Ben N

    I own Beretta’s and Benelli’s (A400 Xplor Unico 12ga 28″ barrel Kick-off stock and a Benelli M4 w/collapsible stock (killer) and a new M2 Field with 24″ barrel for 3 Gun competition)).

    A good friend has the Vinci and it’s a great shotgun be the Xplor is the best auto loading shotgun you can buy. It shoots smoother than anything out there, follow-up shots are easy and its built like a…Beretta (or Benelli). Yes, you pay more for the Italians but they’re worth it in the long run.

  • fRANK gOSS

    As a collector starting with Belgium Browning, then Citori , then Benelli and now in Beretta’s, then best trap gun was the Perozzi Mx8 bought for $2800 sold for $5000 now its up to $7000. Browning made some money.
    Any good shotgun will go up in value, since the latest and greatest now cost $1700 for a field grade. I would stick to real wood stocks and forearm.

    Shoot a good Beretta or Benelli hold it for many years and you will get your money back and enjoy it. You can have your cake and eat it!

    Good shooting and pratice, practice, practice!

  • Sam Suggs

    it depends on the gun shotguns shouldent be to light so in this case I dont like either weapon