WTS .50 BMG Pistol

This monster of a gun is manufactured by German firm WTS Waffentechnik in Suhl GmbH. While it is technically a pistol, it weights just about the same as the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle!

The action is of a single shot design which requires the bolt to be removed in order to load another round. Two large lugs keep the bolt in place.

Length of barrel 430 mm / 16.92″
Total length 615 mm / 24.21″
Weight 7.2 kg / 15.87 lbs.
Caliber .50 BMG
Action single shot bolt action with 2 lugs
Sight picatinny rail for scope
Ignition mechanism. striker (firing pin)
Trigger mechanism. multi-stage, adjustable
Safety grip safety
Muzzle brake two recoil-reducing chambers
Proof Suhl proofhouse

German gun magazine Visier are featuring the pistol in their December issue. This is a real gun, not a hoax!

Translation: “Giant Pistol”

Many thanks to Sven (Defense and Freedom) for emailing me the info about the pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • Freiheit

    Steve, I think you need a new “becausewecan” tag. 😀

    • Freiheit, true! I will add one.

  • Dave

    You know you’ve been playing World of Warcraft too long when you see “WTS” and immediately in your mind think “Want to Sell”.

    Man, that thing’s a monster though. It’d probably take a Murloc’s head clean off.

  • Matt Groom


    • Matt, LOL, its the name of the company.

  • Pete

    But do they make an IWB holster for it?

    Also, would that be an AOW per ATF’s creative interpretation of the front grip on the pistol? Or could is it just a really huge secondary trigger guard?

  • SpudGun

    I’m sure this pistol has a million practical uses…hmmm, ummm…wait, give me a second…

    …Got it! I might need to shoot down a helicopter inside a small room! Yeah, that’ll do.

    • SpudGun, LOL, just wait if the anti’s found out about it. A anti-aircraft gun that can fit in your pocket.

      “Are you just pleased to see me, or do you have an anti-aircraft gun in your pocket?”

  • Fred

    The AOW thing was actually my first though… which I think is hilarious since most people would think “why would you ever want that?” But no, mine’s “stupid ATF.”

  • Greetings from Texas,
    As to Pete’s question, it would be awkward but I can make a holster for anything. You would just need to leave the weapon with me for about a week for fitting. Also a box of cartridges for sizing the cartridge loops. Yeah, a week should do it.
    This looks like it would be all kinds of fun. Almost as much fun as it would hurt!

  • Coco

    Birdman Weapons Systems! FTW!

  • Wow.

    But single shot? I’d think that if you were hunting Dumptrucks (what else would you do with this?), you’d want a double barrel configuration or something ….

  • Don

    Is this purely a novelty item or was there some tactical motivation behind its design. Maybe disabling a vehicle at a checkpoint or something?


  • Simon_The_Brit

    Judging by the muzzle flash I think not only does it kill your target but cooks it as well.

  • Good post.

  • In basic design, this is really a throwback to the old Maadi-Griffin kits, which included plans for a pistol configuration. The Harris Desert Rhino pistol was much better looking, resembling an overgrown Remington XP100.

  • Woulda made Dirty Harry’s day, in his day. Not for Walt, tho. The M-1’s still the better “get off my lawn” gun.

  • Muzzle flash is roughly 70 cm long, and each 30 cm to the left and right.

  • Carl

    So, what is the definition of a pistol? I can’t think of anything else that has two grips labeled as such.

    Are there legal reasons why you would want to call such a thing a pistol?

  • Crabula

    Well, obviously it’s intended to be used as a backup weapon for really really big game hunters. lol.
    You know, like a howdah pistol for taking down charging elephants! 🙂
    Other than making all your friends jealous, that is the only thing that comes to mind.

    • Crabula, LOL, well put

  • AK™

    and to think,all your CCW friends are carry “tiny” guns like Glock 26s and 36s..

    Personally I’d love to own one of these “pistols”

  • Tengri

    Movie prop, I want one. Now!

  • crisara722

    some thing are just too stupid

  • MA

    hi, where can I buy WTS .50 BMG pistol?

  • Space Cowboy

    I might be interested in one, are they legal in the U.S., how much do they cost?

  • Paul DeSantis

    Better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have one. What if Barney Frank was driving a cement truck into your neighborhood? Do you see what I mean??

  • Jason

    Where do you buy these and how much are they?

  • danniboy

    i think its artillery for smurfs

  • patty parts

    Recoil would put your teeth through the back of your skull!