Racking a Glock slide with one hand

This video shows a USPSA shooter load a Glock 35 and rack the slide with just one hand. He uses the inertia of the slide to rack it. It is very impressive.

In slow motion.

The shooter claims that the Glock is stock standard and that their have been no modifications to recoil spring.

How long till we see this in an over-the-top action movie?

Many thanks to Advocate for the links and slow-mo video.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dom

    Wow. Big improvement over the catch-the-rear-sight-on-your-belt technique. I’m told my XDs are Glock clones so I wonder if they’ll work…probably helps if you’re using a 5″+ barrel so you have much more slide mass.

    In any case — finally, real shooting meets Hollywood shooting! I bet dollars to donuts Daniel Craig learns this move some time in 2010.

  • Jesse

    I can’t view the video at work so I can’t tell exactly how it’s being done but was told that one of the reasons Glock refused to make their slides smoother in the front is so you can snag them on furniture to rack the slide with one hand. The sub compacts are the only Glocks with a rounded nose on the slide for this reason. Of course that could have just been more internet ninja bullshit.

    • Jesse, they working fine here. He is using the slides inertia. He pushes the frame forward and the slide inertia holds it back.

  • Little more complex than that, Steve… he’s yanking the gun backwards as hard as he can, then as suddenly as possible punching the pistol straight forward.

    Since it’s a longslide the extra mass helps. I can’t foresee this working on many other pistols, *maybe* a 1911 with a soft recoil spring or a Beretta PX4 (they’re fairly lightly sprung).

    Could develop a little tungsten weight that rides a solid steel guide rod on the outside of the slide… wouldn’t affect slide mass during firing, but would allow this kind of “gunfu punch!” operation without as much force/speed required of the… uh… puncher.

    • DrStrangegun, ah, I did not notice that. Makes sense.

  • Just found another video of someone else doing the same thing … That’s really cool !


  • ericire12

    There are several vids of various people doing this on YouTube

  • Vak

    It could almost make dual wielding handguns a viable combat method, as it saves a lot of time on the reloading.

    Now to design a mag holder that would hold the mags for you so you can put them in more easily one handed…

  • I have never seen anyone in person do this with a stock glock. I tried it for about half an hour at home a while back with snap caps, and all I came away with was a sore elbow and shoulder.

  • Ty

    It looks like he catches the rear sight on his shirt. There is no possible way to cycle a stock handgun with arm momentum.

  • Doug

    Ty – I looked closer wondering the same..The slide starts moving back before it gets to his shirt.. it’s possible alright.. practice for form and fast twitch muscle development to get enough speed in the pull-back, stop, push-forward motions

  • another angle of the same video


    this would have been a perfect angle if the video was centered, but as it is, you can’t see really anything more.


  • yep, the first time he showed it to me in person i was like WHOA!

  • Carl

    I was under the impression that the long Glock slides are machined in order to match the mass of the standard versions.

    I can’t move my G17 slide back more than a couple of mm with this technique.

  • Claude

    That slide must have been modified. I have both a 5″ tactical XD in .45 and a PX4 and that *trick* does not work. Neither gun’s slide is that fluid.

  • Crotalus

    Ev’rybody loves gun fu fightiiiing…

  • Steve,
    Check out another impossible method in my newest blog post.

  • Matt Groom

    A Stock Glock my ass.

    I call bullshit on this one. I tried this with my Stock Glock 17L which should be heavier than a G35 and I couldn’t make this happen with One round and then NO ROUNDS in the magazine. Striker cocked, striker uncocked. Weight on the rail, naked rail. Lubed it up, no change. I couldn’t get the stock pistol to cycle far enough to cock the pistol without ANY magazine in it. You can hear it trying to unlock, but there’s no way they have stock springs in their guns. Period.

    I refuse to believe that these guys are so fast or simply so much stronger than I am that they are able to do this with lighter guns than mine that are bone stock with consistency. This is a magic trick, emphasis on trick.

    • Michael

      LOL just because you couldn’t do it doesn’t mean he couldn’t. And it is more involved than just the weight of the handgun. lol

    • Michael

      A physics class is your friend, lol. Oh no I couldn’t do it with my glock 17 so he couldn’t possibly do it with his glock 35, lol!

  • Juan

    I reviewed the video carefully and I have not seen the slide going all the way to the back. This is a trick and I think that it was a round already on the chamber. My humble opinion…

  • Mike’s Bro

    I live in Ga. I couldn’t tell which city or county this is supposed to be, but I will check it out.

  • Chuck

    Rob Romero demonstrates how he does this on several models of Glock.

  • Ian

    I just practiced that move for a few minutes with my stock G19 (no magazine inserted) and got it to move a little bit. It was taking a good deal of force. I think with some good practice that this is totally possible. It would be different with a loaded magazine a bit, but I think with enough force it can definitely be done on a stock pistol.

  • ShotgunKirk

    like to see that on my 1911 SA Operator …

    i have a friend who can barly rack it with both hands/
    my hand got cut real bad with a knife about about a month ago now a have a cast on hand and have been racking it like tom cruise does in Valkury but even that i have to pre cock the hammer to be smooth about it… so i really think there something is phishy about all this, either that or glocks have really light recoil springs. i’ve never known them to be THAT loose

    i say in the very least the only reason possible is glocks are pre cocked ….and many many hours of practice, bad ass for sure

  • Roper1911

    Its really easy to do this with a Hi-point, but that’s because the slide weighs a ton.

  • Ein

    I tried this today for the first time, I could do it about 90% of the time on both a Glock 17 and a Glock 22. I couldn’t do it with a Kimber 1911, a Beretta 92, or a Sig P226 though. If I dropped the hammer first, it was easy. Otherwise, I could barely get them to budget.

  • Gary

    this can be done, seen it with own glock. Austrian special forces guy did it. he did it a few times for me and did pick up a round. I was dumb founded, that was almost 20 years ago.

  • does it work with only Glocks? i think the recoil spring in my S&W M910 is too tough.