Weatherby PA-459 Home Defense Shotgun

Also coming from Weatherby in 2010 is the new PA-459 pump-action shotgun.

The first thing that struck me when I saw the above photo was how “Benelli” it looked. It looks like a Benelli Nova with a Benelli M4 style fixed stock. I really like the Benelli-style and hope we will not be seeing another lawsuit in the near future.

Style aside, functionally it is much the same as the Mossburg 500 SPX that was launched at the beginning of the year at a similar price-point. Weatherby will be marketing it as a self-defense shotgun, although it would make a decent slug hunting gun with the ghost sight removed and a red-dot or low-powered scope added.

Caliber 3″ 12 gauge
Capacity four 3″ rounds or five 2.75″ rounds
Finish blued
Stock Injection-molded. Includes recoil pad.
Barrel 19″ chrome lined barrel
Choke .810-inch-1mm extended and ported cylinder choke tube
Weight 6.5
Total Length 40″
Front Sight fiber optic
Rear Sight LPA ghost ring (mounted on picatinny rail and adjustable for windage and elevation)
Picatinny rails Top of receiver and on forend.
MSRP (Price) $469
Availability 2010

I think this is a very nice looking gun that I am willing to bet will be a very good seller.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    *cough, Mossberg, cough, not Mossburg, cough*

    I honestly thought you made a mistake and put a picture of a Benelli up on the site by accident.

    Aside from the cosmetics, is there anything new / exciting / innovative about this shotgun?

    Perhaps I should just be thankful that Weatherby haven’t copied Mossberg’s ‘interesting’ muzzle brakes.

    • SpudGun, LOL, I considered putting a Nova photo up for comparison, but decided it would lead to confusion.

      • Kyle

        I have a pa 459 20 gauge and the trigger is awful, way too stiff. Not bad for HD but really affects accuracy . Any ideas on how to lighten up the trigger pull? I’ve searched but no info.

  • prodromos

    I like theese shotguns . Invaluable at close range , and when you ged used to the recoil , you can shoot anything .

    But what i like more than any “Benelli look” shotgun , is my original Benelli M4.

    The price of this model looks good .
    What is the Benelli M4 price in US?

    Here (Greece) was like 1750€ (Χ1,5 $) and about a year ago they banned it .
    The reason is the tritium sights (i guess) . I am one of the lucky ones to allready own one .

  • Jammin

    I bought one of these about a month ago and it’s an awesome shotgun. Fun and great for the price. Anybody have any ideas on where to get a recoil reducing stock for this thing? None of the big names make one that will fit yet 🙁

  • Matt Dixon

    sure looks like a Charles Daly
    CD had a semi-auto version wonder if it will show up ?

  • Joe Darlington

    The Weatherby PA-459 has much better ergonomics than the Mossberg. The forend on the Weatherby is easier to reach, as it extends back toward the receiver just like the Benelli Nova. What sets it apart is the shorter (and much more reasonable) length of pull: 13.5 inches, as opposed to the impractical 14.5 inches seen on so many defense shotguns. Finally, the Weatherby has a Picatinny rail on the forend for the attachment of a good flashlight. (I’ve never owned a modern gun with a Picatinny rail. This will be my first.)

    Having owned a couple of Remington 870’s and a Mossberg 500, I can say that the Weatherby at least feels the best. I’ll find out in week how mine shoots when I take it out to the desert in a few weeks to blast some plastic bottles. God bless America and our Second Amendment.

  • giampingjack

    this gus is made by Veatherby? I think not, there are here (Italy) a identical gun that is manufactured by turkish companny Hatsan, the model Escort MP-A ,avaible in pump or semiauto variants

  • vikingscommand

    I am considering buying this shotgun, the feel, style, and wieght is great. But I am curious if this gun would be alright to use for target shooting and competion target shooting. Does anyone have and guesses?

  • fly_dmy

    @ “giampingjack”

    Yes it is a Weatherby, made in Turkey. They may make variants a well for the locals.

  • fly_dmy

    @ “giampingjack”

    Yes it is a Weatherby, made in Turkey. They may make variants as well for the locals.

  • KY1911

    Great looking gun and having checked one out at Sportsman’s Warehouse, it feels great too. The price is right ($360 retail) and you seem to get a lot for the money. I spoke with Weatherby directly this morning and at this time they do not offer an extended mag tube and are not aware of any after-market options. I also spoke with Nordic Components about options and they have none either. Finally, I have a call into Armsan in Turkey that actually makes the gun (this is a US version of their RS-X2)…but no response yet. So it would seem we’ll be wanting on the extended tube front – but it does have 5+1 in 2 3/4″ rounds.

    When I spoke with Weatherby they said it takes Beretta Optima Plus chokes…so perhaps a range of good options if people want to tighten the pattern.

  • Lee Bullington

    I purchased one with that at first I thought was in “camo” but after looking at the pattern closely, I noticed that they were “skulls” instead.
    Now that is a “bad ass” shotgun my friends!

  • john hayes

    I bought the PA 459 last week. Initially I loved the weatherby name and I figured the product would be good.

    The front sight came loose on the front of the barrel. I tried to tighten it and found the threads were buggered up. I broke two flat head tips trying to adjust the adjustment screw. So I wind up drilling it out and calling Weatherby.

    No aftermarket parts right now that I can find.
    The front sight and screw come together for 17.00 and are not available yet. I am first on the list to get one as they come in. No big problem. I take the sights off and use a red dot scope for now until the parts come in.

    I asked the lady at parts about another barrel. They are 211.00 each and are a restricted item. You must send the gun to Weatherby so they can check head clearance, then they give you an new barrel and your old one.
    Not a good thing at all. I can see 2 weeks to a month down time. Shipping to California round trip and the barrel plus labor equals another gun almost.

    I can imagine what happens if you buy a used barrel and install it yourself without having to check HEAD CLEARANCE.

    I can see a serious issue here up the road. I have interchanged barrels so much on the Mossberg and Remington. Never a problem. Thanks Weatherby. You made me realize how great it is to be able to help myself and have some thing ready in one day to two. Such as a barrel change over.

  • J.M. Kennedy

    Thinking about buying a PA459, does anyone have a comment on using S/B 00 12pellet buckshot. It seems I have read or heard that the S/B hulls were longer than standard, causeing feed problems in some repeaters .

  • Joe Darlington

    I own a PA-459. I like the generous forearm, the Picatinny rail on the front end of the forearm, and the slightly shorter length-of-pull, the excellent sights, and the overall quality. What I do NOT like is the trigger. It’s too high relative to the pistol grip and is better suited to a shotgun with a traditional stock and pistol grip. (I think I put more downward pressure on the trigger guard when I shoot the gun than I do backward pressure on the trigger!) Weatherby needs to replace the trigger housing group with a longer and wider trigger and trigger guard — maybe one which is situated lower and more in line with the pistol grip. The fit of their current stock feels like a bad after-market conversion.
    If you don’t believe me, check out Weatherby’s promotional YouTube video: At 0:53 seconds, observe how the speaker grips the shotgun and MISSES the trigger, instead planting the tip of his index finger on the bottom (vs. the front) of the trigger guard.

    • Deadeye-DK

      You must have some small hands if you think the trigger is to high. Im holding it as i write this and find absolutly nothing wrong to which you have described.

  • Timmy Adam

    I’m wanting to know if a Mossberg 500 stock wool fit on the sa459. They look similar, butI want to be safe before I purchase the firearm.
    Specifically, I have a mess tactical stock for the mossy

    • Timmy Adam

      Wow, lots of typos… Sorry. Mess is mesa.